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The Transylvanian Tymes

Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"

Complete On-Line Archive!!!

Welcome to the Archives of "The Transylvanian Tymes", the official cast newspaper for "Midnight Insanity". If you don't know us by now ... well, you're about to...

The Transylvanian Tymes was published (mostly) on the last Saturday of every month, which just happened to be, coincidentally, our traditional "Lingerie Night", which is oddly enough, our biggest show of the month (yeah, go figure!)

I also produced a few "Special" issues, which were published in mid-January of 1994, 1995 and 1998. These were special "Midnight Insanity Birthday" issues, which you get at no extra charge!!!

These pages have been meticulously formatted, such that the Transylvanian Tymes Archive largely matches the actual printed paper versions, handed out at the theatre. HTML has it's limitations, so this is as good as it gets ... at least, for now.

The June 1994 issue is the only issue in this archive I didn't write (Leisa, our Columbia at the time, did). I was in China, and as much as I love you all, I ain't gonna lug a computer around on my vacation. There are three or four other issues from 1993 (or so) written by Mark B. (formerly one of our Riff-Raffs), and those may actually go on-line someday, if I'm really, really bored.

As of September 1998, the Transylvanian Tymes is officially on haitus. What that means is after almost five years of writing the TT, I'm taking a long-deserved break. To be fair, this doesn't necessarily mean that I'll *never* write another Transylvanian Tymes, just that I don't know if, or when, that will ever be. It's probably best to come to all our Lingerie Night shows, so if it *does* happen, you won't miss it. :-)

You may Email me at <ung@filenet.com>.

PS: My thanks to all the loyal readers over the years. It was truly you who I did it for. :-)

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