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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume IV, Issue 2
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
February 25, 1995
Lingerie Night!!!

It's that time again! Just when you were just recovering from our Special Valentine's Day Show, we come back with *another* Lingerie Night. Well, there are just some things you can't get enough of. Just a bit of trivia, Midnight Insanity has held the tradition of Lingerie Night for over TWO YEARS!!! That's a lot of . . . ummm, participants! Yeah, *participants* on our stage. We're absolutely delighted (in ways you may or may not want to know about) that you're all here and continue to strut your stuff on our stage on these very special nights dedicated to you, our audience . . . half naked.

The Valentine's Show

Midnight Insanity broke new ground *again* by producing not one, but TWO special Valentine's Day performances! We begin with Bill's first foray into stage direction and choreography, Tim Curry's "Baby Love". Ever since hearing that song for the first time, I though, "Wow, this would be neat for Frank to sing to his Rocky". Complete with Janet in her usual slut role (the Last Temptation of Rocky?), and a band of Motown Transylvanian backup singers (choreographed by Leisa). Before things can even cool off even a little, Leisa's
beautifully choreographed version of Little Nell's, "Fever", continued pumping right along. It was a very hot night indeed, and that doesn't even count our guest host, Sal Piro, President of the Rocky Horror National Fan Club and someone who has personally seen Rocky over 1500 times!!! After years of meeting up at conventions and television tapings, we were very happy to finally have him join us in our theatre and on our stage. Sal truly showed his years, er, decades of experience at doing Rocky Horror. It was a special treat indeed!!

Beverly Hills Con

Cupid wasn't the only one busy on Valentine's Day weekend . . . after putting on our own special show, we ventured right on up (some without sleeping) to Beverly Hills for a Sunday (?) Convention. As scary as Rocky people are in the daytime, it was quite a worthwhile affair. We were treated to many special performances from several other casts, as well as putting on our own special performances! It was a lot of fun to visit with our fellow cast members from in and around California. One of the casts is "Indecent Exposure", hailing all they way from Berkeley, California. Midnight Insanity is planning a cast road-trip, probably sometime in April to visit them. If you're interested, see the cast!!!!!

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20th Anniversary!!!

If you missed the Beverly Hills Mini- Con . . . well, too bad. Conventions aren't necessarily held in California and are rarely this close to home. All the more reason to prepare for the 20th Anniversary Convention. The last major convention was the 15th Anniversary Convention, "The Master's Affair", held in Beverly Hills on October 20th, 1990. It was an absolutely dazzling evening, complete with T-shirts, buttons, posters, 2000 audience members, and, of course, the STARS! That's right, Tim Curry, Richard O'Brien, Barry Bostwick, Patricia Quinn, Little Nell and Meatloaf were all in attendance. Many past and present cast members participated in the actual performance. As always, 20th Century Fox won't tell us a damn thing till the last second so we'll have to give you updates month to month (or week to week!) to let you know when to be ready for it. The 20th Anniversary to Rocky will be possibly the biggest Rocky gathering ever so start saving your pennies, you DON'T want to miss this!


Time to get out those paddles again, we went and did the real research this time and actually have birthday's for you!!! February Birthdays include Dave (Security, 2/1), and Crystal (Betty Monroe, 2/27). March Birthdays include: Alethea (Scenic Tech/Trannie, 3/10). Okay, so there aren't that many this month, it just gives you a chance to concentrate your wrath on the privileged few!
Midnight Variety?

Over the past few weeks, we've done some juggling on stage . . . just to keep you all on your toes. We began this month with Leisa and Diego in the roles of Brad and Janet, and have had Mandi in the role of Columbia. Kristine made a guest appearance for Pre-Show and tonight, she's doing another as Trixie. We lost Louise (Trannie), hopefully temporarily, but we've added Kelly (Trannie) and the return of Gabriel (Merchandising). Daniel also performed "Dueling Franks" with us at the Beverly Hills Convention. Not enough? Well, next week we'll have a virgin performance from Kelly in the role of Janet, Carolee will be giving us her virgin performance in the role of Trixie, and Shawna will be joining us on stage as Magenta sometime in the near future. AND, as a special treat, "Tacky Horror" is coming up! Yes, that's right, April 1, 1995, Midnight Insanity will present "Tacky Horror", your favorite performers, switching parts for a night.

Special Thanks!!!

Midnight Insanity would like to thank the Art Theatre staff for letting us perform here *every* week. The cool folks down at Seal Beach Denny's, and Joe, our ultra-cool Denny's waiter who comes to our show . . . and of course, all of you, our faithful, loving, demented, slightly-insane audience, who come down *every fucking week*, to see the show (or make use of the back row, as the case may be).
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