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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume III, Issue 12
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
December 31, 1994
Closing the Door on `94!

It's the end of a long year, we hope you all enjoyed the holidays and got everything you wanted (within reason). 1994 began with the ride of our lives (we hope) in the form of an Act of God, the Jan 17th Earthquake. Tonight we will end it properly with an Act from Midnight Insanity. For the last time in 1994, Greetings and Welcome to the Last Rocky Horror Picture Show of `94!!! What a better way to celebrate the closing of the year than with our most popular tradition, Lingerie Night!!! We're glad to see you all here, come to party in the New Year as only Rocky Horror and Midnight Insanity can! Don't forget, right around the corner we have . . .

Seventh Heaven

Midnight Insanity celebrates its SEVENTH BIRTHDAY on Saturday, January 21st, 1995! We will be putting a very special performance as well as having a return (and farewell) performance from cast founder, Kristine (as Trixie, of course). We encourage you all to come down in traditional Rocky style so get dressed up as your favorite Rocky character and join us for Midnight Insanity's 7th Birthday Extravaganza!!! Only three weeks away!!!
Star Watch

For those of you looking for your favorite stars in other features, by now you should have seen "Little Women", featuring Winona Ryder (Heathers, Reality Bites), Kirsten Dunst (Interview with the Vampire) and our own Susan Sarandon (slut in every movie from here to . . . ) Sources tell us that Tim Curry will be in a new movie, "Congo", a Michael Crichton film (Jurassic Park), which opens this summer. Tim will also be doing the voice over in an animated film called, "Penguin in the Pebble" . . . we do not know his character name, only that he plays the villain (how odd!) Still more sources tell us that Little Nell's play, presumably, "You Should Be So Lucky", is getting great reviews. Our original information indicates that this play runs 10/19 - 11/20 at "Primary Stages" in New York. So, the play may either be over by now, extended due to good reviews, or perhaps they're not talking about the same play (nothing like a nice *solid* piece of news, huh)? You may also be interested to know that our twin twins (Shannan, Shonna, Mandi & Melissa) just keep showing up on one talk show after another. Unfortunately, all appear to have been aired by now . . . we'll let you know if someone else wants them to tell the same story again. Last, although they didn't get TV coverage this year, various members of

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Midnight Insanity braved the cold inclement weather to do the Traditional Doo-Dah parade in Pasadena last month.

Movin' On Up!

Midnight Insanity would like to welcome to the stage Ben, in the role of Rocky. Yes, he's performed before, but now he will be performing with us on a more regular basis. We would also like to introduce our two new Transylvanians, Louise and Steve. Wanna join cast? If you live at Denny's, have no life, can count to three *and*, you're interested in joining the institution, er, cast of Midnight Insanity, please see the cast after the show. We're always looking for a few good Transylvanians. Oh yeah, must be house- broken!


Just so you'll know who to spank (and who you missed), December Birthdays include: Jen (Janet, 12/4), Mark (Phantom, 12/17 -- he's 18!) and Allan (Spotlights, 12/18). January Birthdays include: Jeff (Pre-Show/Riff-Raff, 1/17) and Kym (Magenta, 1/23).

February Convention!

Rumor has it there will be a Pre- 20th (Anniversary to Rocky) Convention (actually, more of a get-together) in February. The convention is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, February 12th, 1995. Sal Piro is scheduled to make an appearance for
those of you dying to meet your Fan Club President. And if that wasn't enough . . . Your favorite cast, Midnight Insanity, will be performing yet another special performance there (such talent!) We fully encourage you to attend and get a taste of the rest of the world of Rocky Horror. Bev, at the merchandise table in the lobby has registration forms.

Special Thanks!

Midnight Insanity especially thanks The Art Theatre management and crew for putting up with us for another year (did we mention in a week it'll be THREE?); Moonbean, for staying open late to give us the much needed caffeine rush after the show; Joe & Krista, our ultra-cool staff at Denny's who come to our show; The Rebel Cast Alliance for putting on a really cool show at the Montclair theatre two Fridays ago; and all the audience members who've come to visit us in 1994 . . . especially those who brought VIRGINS!!!

Closing Comments

We hope you all had a great year with us here at Rocky. We look forward to seeing your faces next year (read: the B-day show). Take care, drive safely, DON'T drink and drive, Pretaynama, Visualize Whirled Peas.

"That proves you are unusual," returned the Scarecrow; "and I am convinced the only people worthy of consideration in this world are the unusual ones. For the common folks are like the leaves of a tree, and live and die unnoticed."

L. Frank Baum,
The Land of Oz

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