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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume III, Issue 10
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
October 29, 1994
Haunting Halloween

Halloween, the one day of the year that they rest of the world dresses the way we do . . . only this time, it's "cool". Welcome to Midnight Insanity's Haunting Halloween Show!!! We're glad to see you all come down for our biggest show of the year and we *DO* have some surprises in store for you. Try not to get sick on all that candy . . .

Spirits of the Stage

This year, the month of October brought many of the Spirits of Midnight Insanity, past, back to our stage for a performance or two. Kristine has returned to the stage in the role of Magenta, once two weeks ago, and again, tonight. Natasha, gone a whole three weeks, returned to do Magenta for us last week. Also, Diana returned to us from her long absence and performed as "Kimi Wong", the front-center Transylvanian and former wife of Richard O' Brien, Leda and Carolee return from their departure after their roll-in-the- car last month. Travis, a former Riff-Raff and Transylvanian, showed up to grace us with the "Graveyard of Ships" tickets, the haunted Queen Mary excursion. In addition to the old faces, we've seen a number of new ones as well. Marty joins us as a new
Transylvanian, Mike gave us his debut performance as Rocky Horror last week, and Guenhwyvar Llewellyn Orfever joins us as our new Props Slave. We also got to see performances in the role of Magenta from Kym (Senior Transylvanian) and Shawna (Queen Prop-Tart) as well as performances from Cecilia (hi Scotty!) and Becky in the role of Trixie.


October Birthdays include Cecilia (Props, 10/4), Jan (audience, 10/5), Daniel (Frank, 10/12), Becky (Trixie, 10/14), Shannan & Shonna (former twin Trixies, 10/18), and Lisa (long-distance groupie, 10/20). November Birthdays include Roger (Manager, 11/4), Shawn (Tech, 11/4), Kristine (11/14) and Keturah (11/16). Spank away!


No, not Christmas hams, those aren't for another month or two. This was just to inform you that the New Arkham Players decided to put on two *more* performances of "Much Ado About Nothing" (featuring various past-and-present Midnight Insanity cast members) this past weekend. These were evening performances, again, at the Dana Point Plaza. No

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additional performances are presently scheduled but with this bunch, ya never know . . .

Star Watch

Barry Bostwick was seen in a Carol Burnett special last Monday, 10/24. The special was about (guess what?), Sex . . . in particular, Sex in films. Barry was also seen in Anacin commercials which may be in rotation again now that the flu season has descended upon us once again. Tim Curry has landed a "regular guest star" role on NBC's new space-TV (ie: Star Trek-like) show, "Earth 2". "Regular guest star"? Would that make him the equivalent of "Q"? We'll certainly keep you posted on upcoming details. Stars of our own stage, former twin Trixies Shannan and Shonna, plus present cast twins Mandi (Transylvanian) and Melissa (make-up) will be on the TV as guests on the Marylin Kagan show. The topic of the talk-show is "Twins who don't get along". The show is presently scheduled to air on November 7th at 9:00am (yikes!) on Channel 9 . . . though this could change, it already has at least once! Yay, TV-Land!

Vampires of the Night

As you should all be painfully aware, the "Interview with a Vampire", featuring Tom Cruise, is opening shortly. The opening night screening (Friday, November 11th), closest to 8pm, at whichever big Hollywood theatre it premieres at, has been unofficially designated "party night", and all Rocky fans are invited to attend. There will
be free buttons and other giveaways for those in line. The purpose of our journey is to finally "voice" our opinions of the movie, as only a Rocky audience can. Additional details should be in the program in upcoming weeks, or see either Bill (Brad) or Laura (LeStat T-shirts) for information.


Daniel will be departing for a few weeks as he pursues his musical interests, playing his guitar. We wish him luck and hope for a quick return. The San Dimas theatre closed down this month. Management can be a bitch sometimes which is why we love ours soooooo much!!! (hi guys!) Midnight Insanity has started issuing Trading Cards of various cast members. The pick is pretty much random so you're just gonna have to be here to find out who comes out next!

Special Thanks!

Midnight Insanity especially thanks The Art Theatre management and crew; Moonbean, for staying open late *just* for us; Raul Julia for his efforts in the two Addams Family movies; Steve and Debbie at Security Engineered Mach., for supplying us with confetti for the past year; Andrea, for tonight's trailer (you'll see); Bob, for that wonderful, inspiring and uplifting post-card (ya had to be there); and of course, the people who make it all worthwhile, our loving, devoted and sometimes psychotic audience, no matter what you look like on a week-to-week basis!!!

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