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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume V, Issue 6
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
June 29, 1996
World Famous

Welcome back once again to Midnight Insanity and The Rocky Horror Picture Show! It's great to be back, which is not to say that we didn't have a rockin' time at the Las Vegas Convention. Yes, we packed up, rode the highways and crammed entirely too many people into too few hotel rooms. And what for? Well, let's just say M.I. wanted to, once again, stake it's claim in the world of Rocky. It ain't easy being World Famous, you know!!! Our Special Performance was unlike anything we'd ever done before! "Transylvanian Paradise", an original song, authored primarily by Mark T. (Crim) and Steve (Phantom/Frank); and tirelessly edited by Allan Z. (Sound Man), was performed at the Las Vegas convention and earned the most impressive applause of the night, including a standing ovation. As if that weren't enough, Suzanne won the Best Transylvanian award in the costume contest! Now, not only did a Midnight insanity cast member win, but Midnight Insanity Transylvanians held all *top three* spots. The runner-up Transylvanians were Philip and Steve (as the Coolio Tranny). Now that we've told you all about it, don't you wish you had gone??? Lucky for you, we liked it so much we're going to perform it again, *tonight*, just for you! So you get to see this Special Performance, just for being our audience. Pretty cool, huh?
Feelin' Lucky?

Maybe "Gettin' Lucky" would be a more appropriate phrase. Yes, Midnight Insanity (primarily those Transylvanians again) felt and got quite lucky a few weekends ago out at the Vegas convention. Yes, at the after-convention parties, various members of Midnight insanity spent quite a few unaccounted hours with several other Rocky folks in some most unusual positions. They could probably dust some of those people for fingerprints! This may be at least partially responsible for the rise in the number of Transylvanians we've seen recently. Maybe there's something to those costume contests after all. Or maybe it was the inspired "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" performance put on by Diego and Tracy at the Friday night party. Hunt long and hard for the video footage, it's worth it!

Super Size

Back in the late 70s when Rocky was just starting out, many theatres would run Rocky not only on Saturday nights, but Friday, Thursdays . . . even Wednesday nights! Since those days it's been a long time since someone expanded a Rocky show. Well, with the summer upon us, Midnight Insanity will be "Super Sizing" your Rocky World by adding a new night, a new theatre

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and heck, a new county! The "Family Twin" theatre is in Cypress (Orange County!!!) at Ball & Walker. Our grand opening date is Friday, July 12th, which is only a two weeks away! We've got big plans for our opening night and we're *expecting* you to be there! Don't miss Show #1!

Goodbye, Farewell

Well, with most good news, you have to take a little bad news. We are sorry to report the demise of the "Cinema East" theatre in Nyack, New York. This theatre has been showing Rocky on a regular basis since May 27, 1978 (!!!). Their present cast, "Inside Insanity", took over performances at the theatre on October 31, 1992. Unfortunately, the shopping center around the theatre has been sold and Rocky Horror, is being canceled. We wish them farewell on their last night (tonight), and hope that they will soon find a replacement theatre.

Asshole in Space...

Yes, you have to say it with that really cool echo-y tone. What does it mean? Well, our favorite Asshole, Barry Bostwick, has been cast in an upcoming *eight* hour Showtime movie. It is called "LEXX" and is characterized as "Star Trek's Evil Twin". The filmmaker, Paul Donovan wants to "shock audiences with its bursts of futuristic sex, violence and general weirdness." Sounds perfect! Barry will be playing a character named "Thodin", a "he-man rebel leader". It is being filmed in Canada and produced in Germany (wouldn't have anything to do with those German interviews Barry gave in 1993, *would* it?) and also features the
likes of Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange). Don't get too anxious though, a tentative air-date is not yet known. The closest we have is "early 1997". More, when we know about it.

Fallen Angel

Yes, you're right. Kristine (our cast founder) *did* just depart the world of Rocky to join the heavens above. Some people just can't stay away (I know, I know, I should talk). While she can't perform every week, she'll be stopping by occasionally to performance with us, or just hang out. So if you haven't gotten your Kristine "fix" in a while, stay tuned, she'll be back, soon.

Closing Comments

Oh my . . . well, we'd like to thank everybody who took part in our latest achievement, "Transylvanian Paradise", and in particular, Stevie Wonder, Coolio and "Weird" Al Yankovic, for their successive versions which were the inspiration for our song; Jeff, for his many years of support as a Riff-Raff, Advisor and Pre-Show personality; Mandi, for her many years of support as a Transylvanian, Columbia, and Props person; Pete, for his guest performance; the Las Vegas cast for putting on the cool convention; Charley Brown and Madman Mike, for throwing the cool parties; that Crim dude who got drunk in the corner and rode the crib down to the lobby in the elevator . . . most entertaining!!!; Joe, our ultra-cool Denny's waiter who still comes down to see us *every fucking week*; and as always, our loving, faithful, and newly freed for the summer, home audience.

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