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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume IV, Issue 9
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
September 30, 1995
Lingerie Birthday Night!

Just look at all the people who showed up for Lingerie Night!!! That long- standing Midnight Insanity tradition of wearing as little as possible and flaunting it on stage. One couldn't ask for a nicer birthday present. Oh yes, that's right, tonight is *MY* birthday. The last time I had a birthday ON an actual Rocky- Saturday was waaaay back in 1989, my first year in Rocky. Tonight, I share this birthday weekend with TWO other cast members, newly returned Props person, "Jen" (who promises to show you 19-years worth of, well, Jen, tonight), and Scenic-Tech (and all around helpful-dude), Rio. All of us were born on September 30th. To be fair, we also celebrated birthdays for Leisa, John, Chris, Vicki and Jennifer this month.

Time Warp!

Midnight Insanity was not only turning clocks but flipping calendars. Decades passed between us as we rended Father Time to do our bidding. A largely successful "50's Night" transpired on September 9th, complete with poodle skirts, leather jackets, and a LOT of 50's Music. A short two weeks later we were treated to 80's night (wow, 30 years in 14 days!), featuring a special on-stage performance of, get this, "Johnny, are you Queer". Oddly
enough, no disco this time around, but that doesn't mean one won't happen in the future. Be afraid, be very afraid!

Time Warp Again!

This time, however, we're only flipping calendars by the year. Tonight we have the very special treat of having Lance play Dr. Frank-N-Furter for us. Lance has been performing with Midnight Insanity since before *my* time. He started as a Transylvanian as well as doing "Eddie". He later moved up the food chain to become one of the most loved Dr. Frank-N-Furters in Midnight Insanity history. Chris had to take a few weeks off and will be back soon so for tonight, enjoy a bit of the past from a man you've likely only ever heard about. As if that wasn't enough, there is a rumor that Julie may be playing Magenta with us sometime in the near future. Julie is well known for being a dead-ringer for Patricial Quinn, and is a favorite with audience members, all the way up to Sal Piro, head of the fan club. Look for her possible performance on October 14th!

Great Heavens!
It's now on Laser!

Yes, Dr. Scott, a laser capable of emitting a beam of pure anti-matter. That anti-matter is, of course, us. 20th Century

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Fox, you may have heard, is re-releasing Rocky on laserdisc for the 20th Anniversary, this month! This new laser- disc will feature a THX widescreen transfer, an audience participation supplementary audio track (featuring the World Famous, Midnight Insanity!; and the cast, "Sins of the Flesh", from the Nuart theatre in Santa Monica), restored scenes, alternate credits endings (don't get your hopes up, this is likely just "Superheroes"), theatrical trailers (YES!!!!!!), television spots, a special sing-a- long section, documentary footage, a special gold CD of the film soundtrack (hopefully with ALL the songs on it!), and a book on the RHPS phenomenon: "Creatures of the Night, 2" (see below). You're better off saving more than just pennies-- this package is only for the true Rocky fanatics coming in at a list price of $124.98!!! *Ouch!* Special thanks to field reporter, Diego.

Rocky Pulp

With the 20th Anniversary upon us, Rocky will start showing up in print in a multitude of places. The 15th Anniversary brought us "Creatures of the Night", a book by Sal Piro. It also brought us the 15th Anniversary Box set, a Rocky Horror comic book set and rumored a Rocky Horror Saturday morning cartoon (yeah, right!) For the 20th, thus far, we have found an article on Rocky in Entertainment Weekly (9/22/95, Issue #293, pg. 96-back cover), occasional Rocky television commercials, a special 20th Anniversary edition of the Rocky Horror trading cards, a new Rocky Horror "Karaoke" CD (it's cool!), and "Creatures of the Night 2". "Creatures . . . " is
a book series written by Sal Piro and it documents the Rocky phenomenon from our point of view. The casts, the costumes, the props and the shows. We are told that "Creatures 2" will have a special section dedicated to YOUR home cast, Midnight Insanity!!! In addition, VH-1 is presently interviewing the Berkeley cast, "Indecent Exposure" as many of the very long- standing cast members will be retiring in October. Watch VH-1 for the footage on Berkeley and make me a tape of it!!! Last, but not least, for all you mega-Rocky-I- hafta-have-EVERYTHING-fanatics, there is a veritable slew of new 20th Anniversary stuff available from "Stabur", whose catalog can be found on our Rocky Collectables table, in the lobby.

Closing Comments

We would also like to thank the Art Theatre management and staff for letting us perform here *every* week; 20th Century Fox for putting together a package worthy of Rocky's 20th Anniversary; KABC television for playing "Times Square" for us again (you DID tape it, didn't you???); Joe, our major-ultra-cool Denny's waiter who comes to our show *every* week!; Cara, for her months of faithful service. We'll miss you bounding through the room with all that energy. Best of luck in Santa Barbara.; Britt for being brave enough to take on the Rocky crowd at Seal Beach.; And, of course, all the people who make it their business to infiltrate the depths of Long Beach California and seek out the halls where they can sing, and dance once more to your dark refrains. Countdown to the 20th Anniversary is only 21 days!!!

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