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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume V, Issue 9
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
September 28, 1996
Paradise Found

Greetings and welcome once again to the Art Theatre and the Rocky Horror Picture Show!!! Midnight Insanity, your performing cast, will be doing a special Encore Performance of our latest creation, "Transylvanian Paradise" . . . hope you like it. You might also note that the cover art of tonight's program is the joint work of our newest Transylvanian, Eric, and his friend, Sarah. Talk about starting when you're young! Tonight, of course, is also the traditional, standard, end-of-the-month Lingerie Night. We hope you dressed up for the occasion, since this is the last standard-anything sort of show, you'll see for a while. Read on . . .


While the mere appearance of one of us would send most "normal" people screaming for the hills, we *do* like to push the envelope a little, every now and again. The month of October has always found us doing odder things than usual. This month kicks off with "Tacky Horror" (Oct. 5th), the night when Midnight Insanity cast members switch off roles in a most unusual fashion. If you've never seen one, bend over and smack yourself one, and *be here* next week! Lest you get fed a crack of the whip by
Keturah . . . yes, she'll be Frank again! The following week is "Dead Celebrity Night" (Oct 12th), where you are encouraged to come dressed as your favorite dead Celebrity. Yes, we'll allow Elvis. Next up is "Weekend at Crim's" (Oct 19th) . . . which is essentially "Weekend at Bernies", with that Midnight Insanity touch. Our traditional Lingerie Night will also be "Time Warp" night (Oct 26th), and we encourage you to come dressed from your favorite decade (ie: 60s, 70s, 80s) . . . we'll be sure to tailor-fit some music for you!!! Last, we have "Trick or Treat" night (Oct 31), sorta. It'll be a trick *and* a treat, if we end up having a Halloween Show, which is at the moment, tentative. Stay tuned for more details.

Absent Friend

On September 7th, Labor Day weekend, we bid goodbye to our long-time Columbia, Leisa. After performing with us for six years, she has decided to move on. Shed no tears, it was a fun show, and a well deserved tribute to one of our longest- standing cast members. Although she'll not be performing with us, she *has* mentioned that she planned to stop by from time to time, so keep a sharp eye out for her. Some Rocky people never die, and we certainly hope she's one of them. Besides, who could forget all of you people?

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Which brings us to our new Columbia . . . Jamie is presently filling in the role of Columbia. She has been performing on a semi-regular basis up at the Montclair theatre, Friday nights (along with a number of other M.I. cast members). Also new to us are new Transylvanians Fozzie, who is braving the costume of the bald trannie (trust us, it ain't easy!) and Eric, who, as we mentioned, is already helping out with the programs!

Double Trouble

This past Tuesday, ABC showed "Spin City" at 9:30pm, featuring Barry Bostwick (what are you, drunk?), followed by "Relativity", featuring Cliff DeYoung. So apparently, *both* Brad Majors' have landed roles in the new fall lineup, and both on ABC. However, the "Relativity" broadcast was only a preview, it is moving to Saturdays. Oh, and if you don't know what "Shock Treatment" is, ask a cast member. We'll be sure to fill you in. On a semi-unrelated note, Tim Curry will be lending his voice to the likes of Disney once (actually twice) again. Tim will be providing a voice-over on "The Mighty Ducks", which will be broadcast Saturday mornings on ABC (hmmm, do you see a trend here?) In addition, Walt Disney World has come out with a new 25th Anniversary CD that features music from many contemporary artists (Barenaked Ladies?!), and some not-so-contemporary artists (Olivia Newton-John?!?!), as well as our own lovable Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Tim Curry, who will be singing "The Ballad of Davy Crockett".
Catch "22"

Mark your calendars and save your pennies. Midnight Insanity will be throwing the 22nd Annual Rocky Horror Convention, next year on the weekend of June 20th/June 21st. Confirmed guests include Sal Piro (President of the RHPS Fan Club), and numerous casts from around the country, as well as a cast who will be performing "Shock Treatment" for us (again, if you don't know . . . ); it should be a killer weekend, so plan for it now!!!

Midnight Munchies

After an exhausting night at Rocky, the place to be is Denny's. Our new Denny's is located in Los Alamitos, off of Katella. Take 7th Street back to the freeway, grab the 605 North to Katella (~1 mile), exit right, off of the freeway. Denny's will be on your right in about three blocks. All we ask is that you pay your bills, tip your waitresses.

Closing Comments

Midnight insanity would like to thank the Art Theatre Management and crew, for allowing us to perform here *every fucking week*; Happy Birthday to Steve, John, Leisa, Jen (lights), Rio and Bill; Congratulations to Pete and Mandi; more thanks to Joe, our ultra-cool Denny's Sunday-night waiter who even comes down to see our show; the crew at the new Los Alamitos Denny's, for the efforts they are about to put forth; and as always, our loving, faithful, Time-Warping-till- they-die, audience.
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