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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume VI, Issue 6
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
June 28, 1997
When Worlds Collide

Ka-Boom!!! In case you just came in, Midnight Insanity has been working, plotting, planning, rehearsing, and burning the candle at every end we could find, getting ready for Rocky Horror's 22nd Anniversary. Well, we DID IT!!! Last weekend marked the date of the convention, "The Light in the Darkness", and the WORLD was *definitely* here!!! We had Rocky folk in from all over, such as San Jose, Berkeley, Petaluma, Arizona, Indiana and New York!! We had Special Performances (I'm a Lumberjack and I'm OK!!!); Costume Contests; Sal Piro (President of the RHPS Fan Club) and his delightful array of hard-to-find Rocky footage); a *wedding* (think of it as an authentic Ralph and Betty); a full, live performance of "Shock Treatment (you know, that pseudo-sequel to Rocky Horror???); and an "All-Star" performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, featuring folks from all these other really cool casts. If you missed it, well, shame on you! You'll just have to live with the video (and you know how we feel about *that*!!!) We should also have convention T-shirts, programs, and various other paraphernalia, available in the lobby. As for the Special Performances . MI brought out our 20th Anniversary masterpiece, "The Time Warp Zone", as well as the more recent 21st Anniversary
favorite, "Transylvanian Paradise". We *may* put on one or more of these Special Performances on an alternate night, but we haven't chosen one yet, so you'll just have to be here for all of them (sneaky, aren't we?)

Naughty Bits

Okay, so *aside* from the really rad special performances and downright awesome costumes, we also had a raging 2- 3 day party at "The Inn at the Park" hotel in Anaheim. Talk about scaring the Disney folk!!! Suffice it to say, we didn't start any fires (that I know of, anyway), and we didn't break any beds (which is not to say that we didn't try). Actually, we didn't break any elevators, either, though one was already broken before we got there (we swear!!!) Despite that, few folks made it through the weekend 100% sober, and that alone, was worth the price of admission. Kudos to Mark T. for the use of his suite, to hold the party, as Security was busy chasing us all over the hotel, telling us to be quiet. I mean, geez, it was only like 4am! Who sleeps at *that* hour??? At any rate, we're told our friends had a wonderful time visiting us and appreciated the show we put on. We hope you did too! In case you're wondering, the *next* Rocky Horror Convention is set for April 1998, in New York City. Time to start dating stewardesses. :-)

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Fringe Benefits

Okay, so whether or not you got to see the convention, doesn't mean you don't get to reap some of the benefits. In planning for this convention, Midnight Insanity spent quite a bit of time upgrading one or two items in the show that *you* get to enjoy, every fucking week (yeah, yeah, so do we, but you get the idea). Anyway, these fun new toys include a fancy new throne (just *wait* till you see it!!!), an additional *thrust* on the stage (watch the rice- throwing, folks!!!), a couple of new lighting fixtures, and whole set of new floor show outfits!!! In case you're wondering, the begging that goes on after the show goes *directly* to fund these sorts of show upgrades, so be generous!!!

Tim Report

For all you Frankie-fans out there, here's the monthly "Tim" report. "Over the Top" has been picked up by ABC, *but*, it's presently being retooled. Supposedly, they are moving the locale from rural upstate New York to New York City. Ya gotta love Hollywood sometimes. Tim is also featured in the July issue of "Vanity Fair" magazine ... the one with Lady Di on the cover. Tim is also set to star in a new children's Sci-Fi feature film called "Doom Runners", presently being shot all the way out in Sydney, Australia. In this new show, Tim plays the evil (of course), "Dr. Kao". The show is scheduled to be broadcast by "Nickelodeon", early next year. And if that ain't enough, we're also told Tim is going to start work on a comedy to "remind people I can be funny". Over the Top? :-)
Rookie Horror

Ah yes, "Rookie Horror" ... well, we haven't set a date yet, but we will soon enough. If you're unfamiliar, "Rookie Horror" is when we give the show back to you, the audience, and give everyone a taste of the "early" days of Rocky Horror, with a bunch of people who are relatively new to the stage. Trust us, it's *really* cool. Just ask Diego. :-) Anyway, if you ever wanted to play a role on the Midnight Insanity stage, this would be your big chance. Remember to bring all your friends to see you perform, too!!! Details should be announced in the program, soon.

Shorehouse Caf‚

Unfortunately, the days of darkness have returned. Due to the behavior of various after-the-show guests, the Shorehouse Caf‚ will only be seating cast members. Sorry folks, it only takes one or two to screw it up for everybody else.

Closing Comments

Midnight insanity would like to thank the Art Theatre Management and crew, for allowing us to perform here *every fucking week*; the Management and crew of the Woodland Hills theatre (Topanga), same reason; anybody and everybody who put in effort towards the 22nd Anniversary ... we couldn't have done it without you all!; Denny's and Shorehouse Caf‚, for putting up with us at all hours of the night; and, of course, you, our loving and faithful audience, who refuse to let a week go by, without a "Time Warp" fix!!!
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