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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume III, Issue 11
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
November 26, 1994
Turkey Day!!

After a bountiful feast of food and long trips to visit relatives, it is time to properly give Thanks for a wonderful four- day weekend . . . and what better way to celebrate than to flip the big finger at icy Mr. Winter and parade around on stage in your slinkiest lingerie!!! This is our second to the last Lingerie Night of 1994, our last being none other than New Year's Eve, December 31, 1994. BE HERE EARLY!!! We plan on opening the doors at 11:15pm and doing a proper kick-off at Midnight!! You have been warned!!!

The 7-Year Itch

Come join us on Saturday, January 21st, 1995 as Midnight Insanity celebrates is SEVENTH year as a performing Rocky cast! We can't tell you what will happen, only that it will be an event NOT to be missed! Mark it in your calendars and be here on Midnight Insanity's 7th Birthday!!

Boob Tube

The month of October always provides Rocky with considerable amount of TV coverage. The FX Channel showed yet *another* version of Rocky Horror, with a
pseudo cast, props, etc. When will they learn that Rocky belongs right here in the Theatre!! Not to be outdone by corporate- types, Midnight Insanity made an appearance on the recently departed "The Love Channel", KDOC TV-version of "Love- Lines". If you didn't see it, well, bummer, since the show is dead ever since Poorman went naked on live TV. Just the same, we did the Time Warp and answered some really stupid questions . . . but hey, it's publicity!! Also, it appears America hasn't had enough of our twins as Mandi & Melissa and Shannan & Shonna go BACK to New York for yet another talk show about Twins who don't like each other. Details on showtimes will be forthcoming as soon as we get them.

Star Watch

Tim Curry continues his role as a "regular guest star" on NBC's new space-TV (ie: Star Trek-like) show, "Earth 2". The first few episodes seem to indicate that Tim will be in a fair number of episodes so you'd better start watching. The show airs on Sunday evenings on NBC. Susan Sarandon will be starring in a new movie, "Little Women", also featuring Winona Ryder and the little girl (whose name escapes me) who played Claudia in Anne Rice's, "Interview with the Vampire". "Little Women" should be out in theatres this winter.

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Rice Fans!

No, on Anne Rice fans, we mean those folks who've resurrected the tradition of starving out small countries and instead, pelting our audience with a whopping 20lb bag of rice! Please remember to throw the rice (and other props) towards the middle, NOT towards the stage and NOT back towards the equipment. AND, to the folks who snuck in the pancakes . . . we'll be watching you!!


Time stops for no-one, those of our companions of have aged in the month of November are: Roger (Manager, 11/4), Shawn (Tech, 11/4), Kristine (11/14), Keturah (Trannie, 11/16), Pete (Frank, 11/21), Leda (Senior Transylvanian, 11/21), Marty (Sound Tech., 11/22), Diego (Dr. Scott, 11/27), Andrea (audience, 11/1) and Robert (audience, 11/17). December folks are: Jen (Janet, 12/4), Mark (Phantom, 12/17), Allan (Spotlights, 12/18), Shannon (audience, 12/9) and Robyn (audience, 12/22). Whew!! And, as long as we're talking about time, we'd like to congratulate Jen on her 1-year Anniversary of playing the role of Janet Weiss.

The Gift of Giving

The holiday season is a time of giving and Midnight Insanity would like to make some needy people's lives a little brighter this holiday season. For the entire
month of December, Midnight Insanity will be holding a canned food drive. All you need to do is bring three cans to us and you will receive a free Emergency Kit. All donations will go to the American Red Cross. We thank you in advance for your generosity. Please also note that The Rocky Horror Picture Show will be closed on Saturday, December 24th, Christmas Eve.

Special Thanks!

Midnight Insanity especially thanks The Art Theatre management and crew, for without they, we'd be nothing; Bob Geldof and all the members of "Band-Aid" for putting forth their efforts and making a difference . . . here we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of their record, "Do They Know It's Christmas?", a song aimed at helping starving people in Africa; A graceful bow to "Beatrice", for her years of support . . . we will miss you; Daniel (ex-Frank), for his efforts in Midnight Insanity, we wish you luck in life; Dawn (ex-Janet), for thinking of us when emptying the office shredder (yay, confetti!!); Jen, for being my Janet for the past year, and still not getting the kiss right at the end of DJ :-) ; Little Mark for setting up our appearance on KDOC; Moonbean, for staying open late to give us the much needed caffeine rush after the show; Joe, our ultra-cool waiter at the Lincoln and Euclid Denny's; Lacy, for the . . . ummm, festivities; Carolee, for planning the festivities; and of course, you, the audience, who brave freezing winter weather to watch us freeze our butts off on stage . . . yeah, this is healthy.

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