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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume IV, Issue 12
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
December 30, 1995
One Step Closer

This is it, a whole 24-hours away from the end of 1995, the year of Rocky's 20th, and the last show of the year. Yup, that's right, you didn't expect us to *perform* on New Year's Eve, did you? Well, okay, so we *did* do it last year, but things change. *This* year, we'll be ringing in the New Year with class and style. Hey, it's sometimes interesting to try new things!!! Midnight Insanity is hosting a New Year's Party at the Embassy Suites on Beach Blvd., near Knott's Berry Farm. Details should be available in the program.

Same Bat Time?

"Tune in next week for the next exciting adventure of . . ." Oddly enough, we come here *every* fucking week, and we have yet to see the next episode. Granted, *this* episode has a lot to offer, but did you ever wonder what happens next? Well, on January 20th (Midnight Insanity's 8th Birthday, mind you), we will be presenting our version of what might have happened. after the castle took off leaving five semi- charred bodies, dressed in lingerie, some alive, some dead, some crawling aimlessly on the face of the planet. It has a certain charm to it, no? Midnight Insanity will be performing this musical number on January 20th. Be here!!!
Party Hats!

Oh yes, we DID say Birthday. Midnight Insanity celebrates it's EIGHTH birthday on January 20th. Boy, talk about some old fogies! With this birthday, we bring our reign at the Art Theatre to FOUR years, which equals the time spent at the famed (and now defunct) Landmark Balboa Theatre in Newport Beach. In that time, we've seen so many cast members come and go, and far more virgins than one could count on even all of our fingers and toes (we tried). You can help us celebrate by doing Rocky with as much style as you can muster. Props, costumes, and even a virgin or two!

Same Bat Channel!

Yes, it happened again. On the night of nights, the Rookie Show, was pre-empted because Fox-TV wanted to come down and film us again. What for this time? Hasn't America had enough Transvestites pumped into their living rooms (boy Newt must be just screamin . . . )? Apparently not. Midnight Insanity will be featured on Fox-TV (again), this time, on a television show called "What's So Funny?", which follows "Married with Children", at 9:30pm on Sundays (Channel 11). The rumored broadcast date is January 21st, just in time for the Birthday show!!! How thoughtful of them to remember!!!

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Digital Bliss?

It's out! The long awaited 20th Anniversary Rocky Horror LaserDisc has apparently hit the streets. With a thud? Well, we're not entirely sure. Many have waited for this release for a long, long, long, long (well, you get the picture) time. This new 20th Anniversary LaserDisc (not to be confused with the 15th Anniversary release) boasts a THX widescreen transfer, plus other bonuses such as the Rocky Horror Trailer (it's cool, trust me!), "Super Heroes", and that long-lost song, "Once in a While" (yeah!), as well as your friendly, neighborhood cast, Midnight Insanity, on the "Audience Participation" soundtrack (with help from "Sins of the Flesh", the Nuart cast) Bliss? Maybe, maybe not. Our preliminary reports tell us that "Super Heroes" is NOT in the movie. It is added as an outtake, like "Once in a While". D'oh!!! At least both musical numbers are presented in the same format (THX widescreen) and can easily be spliced back into the movie, with the proper editing equipment. If you like Rocky the movie, just as a movie (as well as a Saturday Night ritual), then you *must* see "Once in a While", it is truly a work of art. On the other hand, the latest rumor tells us that the original mono soundtrack, supposedly included as an alternate audio track, is NOT the original mono soundtrack, but a mere combination of the two stereo tracks, blended into a single, monaural track. Bleah. Die-hard Rocky people yearn for the original mono soundtrack that Rocky was originally presented with, rather than the somewhat sloppily edited, if cleaner, digital version. Bet you didn't know that Magenta and Columbia laugh during Touch-a Touch-me, did you? Well, they used to . . .
Batting .401

This last month brought us to our 400th show. Hey, you gotta do something to fill eight years of time, right? As per tradition, we turned the show over to the audience for a night, a throwback to the old days of Rocky. They, of course, were promptly pre-empted, which I don't remember happening in the old days. So, with show #401, they went on. Our rookie cast put on a spectacular show, not to mention the whole week or two they had to prepare for it. Costumes were made, lines were learned, blocking was memorized. And through it all, a real old-fashioned Rocky show was put on, right down to the film stopping in the middle, and Frank's necklace breaking, sending pearls rolls all over the stage . . . oh, and Kat (Security) on stage as Riff-Raff. It was a sight to see.

Closing Comments

A long, and exciting year in Rocky. We would like to thank the Art Theatre management and staff for letting us perform here *every* week, four years running and nobody strangled; Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn, Barry Bostwick, Indecent Exposure, Sins of the Flesh, all the other casts from around the *world*, 20th Century Fox, and Sal Piro for all the efforts put into the 20th Anniversary. It was truly a blast. The entire Rookie cast, for giving us a taste of the old days, and perhaps a well deserved night off!!! Joe, our ultra-cool waiter who comes to see us *every fucking week*, even if his Denny's was neon-ized; and as always, our faithful, demented, loving audience, who have come to see us for *eight* fucking years

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