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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume III, Issue 4
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
April 30, 1994
Yup, it's that time of the month . . . it's Lingerie Night once again and along with it, comes the next edition of the highly anticipated Transylvanian Tymes . . . well, maybe not, but I an dream, can't I? The Transylvanian Tymes is the cast monthly newsletter, giving you a slice of the life, of Midnight Insanity.

To begin, we'll start with Tacky Horror. Perhaps one of the oddest shows Midnight Insanity has ever performed, it featured your favorite stars in some rather unusual roles. It featured Jeff as Trixie, Daniel as Janet, Kristine as Riff-Raff, Bill as Columbia . . . and Leisa as Frank! It was a most enlightening show for us too as we learned firsthand, what our fellow castmembers go through in a night. I, personally, found out what happens when you wear heels all night long (owww!!) Still, it was a most challenging show and we hope you all enjoyed it.

Changing of the guard? We bade goodbye to Cari, one of our Transylvanians and a once-upon-a-time Janet (well, maybe twice). Never one to leave a void, Midnight Insanity added two new Transylvanians to the stage, Christine and Lynda. In addition, tonight we are once again joined by LaVar and Toby (Riff-Raff and Eddie), who have become semi-regular guests on our stage. As a special treat, we will also be joined by Kristine on stage tonight in her original role as Magenta, completing the other half of
the original gruesome twosome with Kristine and Leisa on stage as Magenta and Columbia . . . it's hard to describe, you have to see it. Last, and certainly not least (or extremely in the least, depending upon your point-of-view), we say goodbye to an unseen star of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, President Richard M. Nixon, who died last week. President Nixon's resignation speech can be heard in Brad and Janet's car as they drive toward Dr. Scott's house in the rain (just before "There's a Light"). So with that in mind, here's a trivia question: When is Rocky's Birthdate? The answer to that question *may* be on the back.

M.I.'s extracurricular activities . . . a group known as "The New Arkham Players" put on a play called "The Gospel According to Judas Iscariot". The play was written by a friend of the cast, Kathey S.B. and was directed by Victor (fall-guy). The play featured impressive performances from numerous past and present Midnight Insanity cast members including Richard, Axel and Leon (Pre-Show), Kevin (Frank), Dave and Paul (Rocky & Rocky) and Nycole (friend of the cast). Behind the scenes we had Elmo (Riff-Raff) and Cecilia (Props). The first performance was about a week ago at Upchruch-Brown booksellers in Laguna Beach, plus two more performances at Pepperdine University last Thursday and Friday (sorry, we didn't know the dates early enough to tell you). Future performances

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are presently unknown, if interested, please see Victor, Richard or Axel for more information.

In particularly bad form for anybody in Rocky, Kristine will shortly be opening her own business (What? You mean do something serious?) Her thrift/antique store called "EDBD" will be opening sometime in mid-May / early-June and will be located at 1509 El Camino Real in San Clemente. Prior to the store's opening, we will be throwing a rave . . . we'll let you know exactly when as soon as a date is set.

And now . . . a bit of history. As you've probably read in the programs, Shock Treatment will shortly be available on CD. What is Shock Treatment you might ask? Shock Treatment is the unofficial sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, penned by Richard O'Brien and released in 1981. Opinions of the film range from "It sucks" to "It's better than Rocky!" We strongly suggest you go and rent it and find out for yourselves. It is the "unofficial" sequel to Rocky in that it actually has very little to do with The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Commonly referred to as the "Further Adventures of Brad and Janet", the film features (from Rocky) Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn, Little Nell and Charles Gray. The soundtrack was written entirely by Richard O'Brien (just like RHPS) and has been out of print for many, many years. It is normally only available at Rocky Horror conventions or through the Fan Club. Shock Treatment on CD has been long anticipated by the Rocky community and hopefully it will be available soon. If you're looking for more Rocky-style music, Shock Treatment may be just what you're looking for!
Since we're on the subject of sequels, how about a Pre-quel? The "Inside Story" is an unofficial Pre-quel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It is not available on VHS, nor is there a soundtrack. In fact, it wasn't even written by Richard O'Brien. It is fascinating reading nonetheless and should available in the lobby along with various other Midnight Insanity memorabilia. The "Inside Story" was originally penned by Dori Hartley (big-time Rocky groupie from the 70's) and was published as part of an early Rocky fanzine called "The Transylvanian". The story was never finished until LaVar (tonight's Riff-Raff) picked it up recently and got permission to rework the existing storyline and finish the last few chapters. As unofficial as it is, it make for very interesting reading and answers a whole lot of questions about what happened before, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Next month: There are some preliminary plans for a "Welcome Home" party for Scotty E. (we cut his hair on our stage just before he entered the U.S. Army), who will be home on leave for a few weeks. For more information you should probably see Cecilia (Props). Also, Bill (that's me) and Byron (ex-M.I. cast member) will be taking off the weekend of May 14th to play in Pinathon `94 (yes, more pinball) in Northern California). While up there, we'll also be seeing the Rocky cast in Sacremento as well as visiting Lisa, the cast's long-distance groupie (and keeper of the only surviving Midnight Insanity. tattoo).

Oh yeah, Rocky's birthdate is Thursday, August 8th, 1974. This assumes that he was born before Midnight, keeping in mind that Time Warp starts at 9pm!
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