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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume IV, Issue 3
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
March 25, 1995

A darkness has fallen over our theatre . . . the inner walls and ceilings have lost their brightness and the expanse of the theatre is now hidden in the shadows of the theatre itself. Absolutely marvelous. We've heard that many changes are planned for our theatre in the near future, something that we have been looking forward to for the past three years that we have been performing here. We couldn't be more pleased with the new atmosphere, we hope you like it too!

The Midnight Hour is close
at hand...

Midnight Insanity's traditional Lingerie Night is here again. As it is our most popular special show, we're ecstatic to see you all dressed appropriately (and for those that are not . . . well, you may be by the end of the night). We'd like to congratulate Felix, who, last month, became the only male ever to win in the best- dressed Female category! Trust us, he earned it! Remember, Lingerie Night is the last Saturday of EVERY month! Come down and join us, wearing as little as possible, and own a piece of the spotlight on stage!
Creatures crawl in search of

St. Patricks day wasn't a day for green for many, instead a large number of Rocky regulars appeared at the birth of a new audience participation movie, "Interview with the Vampire". Anne Rice fans came out to have a little fun with the Hollywood nightmare than the favored book had become. The night was a considerable success and may be repeated in the future. Stay tuned for details . . .

Tacky Horror!!!

It's right around the corner, Midnight Insanity's "April Fools" show, "Tacky Horror". See your favorite cast members in roles you might only imagine. Cast members switch parts and do each others roles in the appropriate costumes. Last year's show included Daniel in the role of Janet and Bill in the role of Columbia. This year's "Tacky Horror" also brings with it a Transylvianian Special Performance . . . how's THAT for a switch? "Tacky Horror" is NEXT WEEK so don't miss it! Oh, and feel free to cross-dress yourself . . . just to be more "in" with the action!

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Who was THAT???

The month of March was a busy one on stage. We started the month with a Virgin performance from Kelly, in the role of Janet, and a return from Shawna, in the role of Magenta. We had a special guest performance from Daniel in the role of Frank, and were treated to a *very* special guest performance from Monique, in the role of Trixie. Monique comes to us from the cast, "Indecent Exposure", located in Berkeley California. We will be visiting them soon (read on). Next month proves to be just as interesting, including seeing both Diego and Kelly as Brad and Janet! Alas, with all good news, there always seems to be a little bad, we lost Brandi this month, she has moved on to other frontiers. We have several new Transylvanians in our boot-- . . . er, training camp . . . but there's still room on stage so if you're interested, see the cast!!!

The "Big" House

Last night marked yet another party down at the Dana Point "Big House". For those of you collecting the trading cards, you should have been there. In attendance to this party were more Midnight Insanity "Legends" than you could shake a stick at (and we tried, someone kept taking it); many have been out of Rocky for years . . . though you may have caught many of them on stage at last year's Balboa Reunion Show. Also featured was Richard and Axel's (our old "Crack" Pre- Show team) band . . . formerly known as "Chaos Theory", then later as "Closing . . .",
still later as "Stain", have picked a new name . . . they are now known as "Discission". For those of you keeping up on former cast members, we'll let you know that former Transylvanian and Fall-Guy, "Josh" will be joining the Navy soon. Wow!

Road Trip!!!

Almost, but not quite. Members from Midnight Insanity will be trekking off to Northern California. While most, if not all of us will be flying, some of you have expressed a desire to join us for the weekend's excursion. The weekend in question will be April 15th (Tax Day, Easter Weekend). There will most definately be a show here at the Art that weekend, so we realize it is a tough choice to make. If you are indeed interested in going, please see either Bill or Gabriel.

Special Thanks!!!

Midnight Insanity would like to thank the Art Theatre staff for letting us perform here *every* week, and, for the new atmosphere. The folks down at Seal Beach Denny's, and Joe, our major-ultra-cool Denny's waiter who comes to our show. Big John "Enforcer", for his years of service as Head of Security, as he begins his new career as a trucker (though he'll be back here and there so watch out!!); and of course, all of you, our faithful, loving, demented, "We Wanna Fuck the Virgins", living in Denny's till Dawn audience, who come down to our show *every fucking week*, to laugh, sing, dance, scream and Time Warp the night away!!
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