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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume VII, Issue 4
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
April 25, 1998
Warmth of the Sun

Finally, some warm, dry weather. Despite the fact that most of our regulars aren't fond of sunlight, we can still appreciate that it takes a bit of the chill off the evenings. Just wait till Summer!! Speaking of, in a few short days, it will be May, and that means all the good folks we lost to colleges around the nation, will be back!! Yes, that means Jorgo. Now's the time to practice out-yelling each other, `cause when Jorgo gets back, he'll be a tough act to beat. This, of course, also means we're down to about six weeks left in the high school semester, so we'll be expecting you all to drag your schoolmates down here, while you still can (Thanks, Nora and Andi!!!) Tonight, of course, is Lingerie Night, Midnight Insanity's monthly traditional show-of-the-skivvies. Next month we'll have not one, but TWO opportunities for you to take it all off, more in a bit...

New York Times

This month started with a bit of news from the East Coast. Direct satellite feed? Maybe, I think it was a cell-phone. Suffice it to say, while we were performing Tacky Horror on this coast (ask Bill if you wanna see the pictures), the 23rd Annual Rocky Horror Convention was taking place in New York City, New York!! Attendees included Little Nell (Columbia, from the movie), who is seven months pregnant (well, now, about eight!!) Congrats to Nell! Other highlights of the evening included Little Mark (once-upon-a-time Midnight Insanity Riff- Raff), who snagged the trophy for "Best Riff Raff" in the costume contest. Mark plans
to be in town around Memorial Day. In addition, our beloved Stephanie (off-on-the- East-Coast-going-to-school Transylvanian) snagged the "Best Transylvanian" award as the Midget Transylvanian, in the costume contest. And yes, you read that right, Stephanie will be returning to us from Boston, for a whoooole ten days at the end of May, before heading back to New York to work for MTV. She should also be here for the Memorial Day show (May 23rd), as well as May's Lingerie Night (May 30th).

Road Trip

Okay, so it's a bit early to be hyping up a road trip that won't take place for another five months or so, but the Las Vegas is putting on another convention on the weekend of October 9th and 10th, and we just can't wait!! We've got THREE special performances lined up for this convention (some were specifically requested), and we're looking for some Transylvanians, which are the backbone of just about any Midnight Insanity performance. Come see the cast after the show if you wanna party with MI out in Las Vegas!!

Pimp and Hooker Night

As we mentioned a bit earlier, Midnight Insanity will be giving you TWO opportunities to use a scrap or two of cloth as your attire for the evening. On May 16th, Midnight Insanity will be bringing back Pimp and Hooker Night!! This has been an outstanding favorite of special "theme" nights (though 60's night wasn't the least bit shabby!!), and May sounds like the perfect time for it. As we also previously

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mentioned, this is probably a perfect night to drag down those classmates of yours. It will give you lots of opportunities to embarrass them so that you can remind them about it in their yearbooks. :-)

Rookie Horror

Keeping with the theme of, well, "theme nights", we should probably mention that Rookie Horror (you know, that show where YOU, the AUDIENCE gets to perform on the Midnight Insanity stage for a night??), has been postponed. We need to fill in all the roles before we set a date. Let us know if you're interested at the table in the lobby, k?

Got Demented!!!!!

Welp, we did it! If you remember last month, Dr. Demento was going up for a one- week trial run on his old home, 97.1 FM (KLSX). Well, from what I'm told, the response was phenomenal, and Dr. Demento is baaaack!!! Now, in case you heard him that weekend and then lost him again, fear not. The Good Doctor has simply been moved up a bit, such that his show runs from 6pm to 8pm, instead of 8pm to 10pm. This is actually better, as it means his show won't clash with "The Simpsons" and "The X- Files". Remember also that being here in the Southland, we get to hear Dr. Demento LIVE, so call him up at (562) ODD-TUNE (562-633-8863), and request The Time Warp!!

Farewell to Topanga

It's been a fun 18 months or so, but time has taken it's toll on our tires. On Friday, May 8th, Midnight Insanity will be retiring from our show at the Topanga Theatre, in Woodland Hills. We gotta say that there's nothing quite like opening a new theatre, staking out your stage, marking off your elevator, and seeking out the perfect
spot for your Riff-Raff window. We were given the opportunity to open a theatre in a new city, and shown quite a bit of success. Still, it's an hour-long drive up-and-down the freeways of L.A., and it's become apparent that we can no longer sustain a full-fledged cast up there. So, it's with a heavy heart that we close up shop there. Topanga as a theatre, will continue to show Rocky, so if you're interested in inheriting a stage, come see us on the last night, and we'll do what we can.

Madness Reigns

In case we haven't mentioned it yet, "The Tim Curry Show" (starting this fall on the WB) has been renamed to "Madness Reigns". Fitting, no? The pilot episode has been ordered, and word on the street is it's being filmed on May 1st (yes, this Friday), at the Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank, CA. If you have connections, we suggest use them, and bring us along!!


If 3am is still a bit before your bedtime, you may wish to join Midnight Insanity at the Shorehouse Caf‚ in Seal Beach. They've been seating cast for a while now, and trust us enough to bring along a few friends. If you're interested in a bit of food and merriment, come see the cast after the show!!

Closing Comments

Midnight Insanity would like to thank the Art Theatre Management Management and crew, for allowing us to perform *every fucking week*; the Woodland Hills Management and crew, for the past 18 months; the Shorehouse Caf‚, for giving us a place to crash after the show; Bob, for all her work in line; and, of course, you, our loving and faithful audience, who come to see us, *every fucking week*!!!
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