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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume V, Issue 1
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
January 27, 1996
On Your Marks!

What a way to start the year!!! Well, before we get to that, what a way to end a year!!! We had a rip-roaring end-of-the-year show and we are always pleased to see so many faces (and half-naked bodies too). Many of which, showed up at Midnight Insanity's New Year's Eve party! Yes, we rocked in the new year, singing, dancing, eating, smoking, screaming and yes, even racing (well, sorta), up and down and around Beach Blvd., at TWO different hotels (Midnight Insanity was never one for confinement). Incriminating video footage is available . . . somewhere, but I suppose you'll need to know the right people to get at it. As if that wasn't enough, this first month of the new year has already packed a considerable whallop, for more than a few innocent, and not-so- innocent, people. Visiting long-distance cast members? Eighth Birthday Special Performance? The slaying of yet another television show? Midnight Insanity running around at all hours of the night in varied and multi-colored PJs while *eight* (yes, count `em, *eight* . . . hmmm, there's that number again) police cars with loaded weapons circled the neighborhood outside? If you've been with us for any significant portion of those eight years . . . surely by now you've come to expect nothing less. If you haven't, you'll learn . . . quickly.
Midnight Insanity the 8th

Zero score and seven days ago, Midnight Insanity brought forth it's Eighth Birthday celebration to this stage. It was a good solid turnout, and we were touched that so many of you could come and join us! Midnight Insanity put on another one of our famous, original, choreographed numbers . . . the longest one in our history (they say it's not the length that counts, but . . .), that provided an illustration of the possible aftermath of Rocky. Tell us you've never thought about it! Yes, this "sequel", if you will, was played to the tune of numerous soundtracks, combined in a package that exceeds your wildest imaginations. Can you say "Rocky Muppets"? This, too, is likely available on video, so if you missed it, well, there are only 51 weeks left before our NINTH birthday . . . January 18th, 1997.

Touch of Death

It happened again. It seems to be more than a habit of ours. The stage, the spotlight, the roar of the audience (yes, you), makes us naturals for the television camera and all sorts of media. However, we seem to have had a, shall we say, less than positive effect on the industry at large. It seems everywhere we go, we bring death and destruction, almost a path of pure dreck.

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The corpses left in our wake include "Request Video", Poorman's "Love-Lines" type television show, Channel 13's "The Stephanie Miller Show", and the most recent show was, "What's So Funny?" Yes, Fox came down and taped us AGAIN, for this brand-spanking new show, only it turns out that the damn show got *cancelled* before our episode was even broadcast!!! It wasn't always like this. Midnight Insanity once went to see a taping of Married with Children, and that show is damn near immortal these days! So, if you were looking for M.I. on TV again, that's what happened. And if it really is us, well, perhaps we ought to go swing by Rush Limbaugh, eh?

Pajama Party

Who says rookies aren't fun? Barely into cast, Steve (Frank from the Rookie show), held the first great party of the year, a Pajama party. We got dressed up in our nighties, grabbed our pillows and blankets, and followed the sidewalk chalk- drawings to Steve's house. We danced, we sang, we gossiped (yes, about you), dispelled deep, dark secrets, and took an all around break from reality. Unlike the other events listed in this paper, video footage of last night is NOT available, though there are rumors of still photography of incriminating events. Who knows? Maybe it'll land on the Web page. Oh yeah, the eight police cars? Lucky for us, they never did find us. But we did notice that they pulled over a single car into a nearby grocery store parking lot. The pulled out shotguns and ordered the passengers out of the car. We decided that it would be best NOT to stick around. Check your local newspapers for the details.
Surf's Up!

Surfing the `net? Driving the Information Superhighway? Midnight Insanity is out there, in many forms. There are quite a few Rocky-related Web pages out there, and Midnight Insanity has its own! The web page includes a cast profile (similar to a mug shot, but without the numbers), various cast bios, pictures from the 20th Anniversary Convention in L.A. (last year), and an archive of the Transylvanian Tymes (ooohh! ahhh!). As with most pages on the Web, ours is still under construction, but it's pretty snazzy just the same. The URL is http://www.liberty.com/home/scarface/ Check it out and let us know what you think!!! Also, various cast members can be found out on the newsgroups (alt.cult- movies.rocky-horror) and have access to Email. Sadly, one of our main Internet experts left us this month for a job with America On-Line, in *FLORIDA*. We wish the best of luck to Kasha and Jim.

Closing Comments

We would like to thank the Art Theatre management and staff for letting us perform here *every* week, and for putting up with our Eighth Birthday rehearsals; Everybody who put forth effort into the eighth birthday performance (including all you mourners). Joe, our ultra- cool waiter who comes to see us *every fucking week*, even if his Denny's was neon- ized; and as always, our sick, twisted, deviant and yes, extremely attractive audience who come to see us week after week. Don't miss our special Valentine's Day (Lingerie) Show, on February 10th!!!

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