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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume V, Issue 10
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
October 26, 1996
Feelin' Groovy

Get into the Groove! Groove Radio 103.1, that is! Yes, tonight marks a first in Midnight Insanity (and possibly Rocky Horror) history! We have a *live remote* from Groove Radio 103.1, who have come down to broadcast for all the world (or, at least this part of Southern California), the sick and twisted, divine decadence that is, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, on Halloween; or, as best as radio can describe, anyway. In addition, they're bringing freebies so stock up on all the bumperstickers you can afford. But that's not all . . .

Time Warp Weekend!

It's that, er, Time, again, folks! Time Warp Weekend is upon is. That's when you get to make a deal with the devil, and exchange a few hours of sunlight, for an extra hour tonight! Great deal, huh? As age-old as this strange tradition is, it's always just a tad confusing. "Spring Forward, Fall Back", so this being the Fall, we gain an hour. 1:00am will occur twice (officially, you should set your watch back an hour at 2:00am . . . don't ask, we don't know), and you'll have a great excuse to tell your parents when you get home late. Oh, and TIME WARP tonight, up and down the aisles, down in front of the stage, or in your seats if you have to. Pelvic-thrust the night
away with Midnight Insanity! It's astounding . . .

Into the Woods

There's Gold in them thar Hills! That's right, gold shorts, gold sequins . . . and a golden opportunity. There's not too many things nearly as fun as opening a new theatre, and that's just what we did last Friday night, waaaaay out in Woodland Hills. Ask us why we did it? Ummm, `cause we're sick fucks, that's why. Seriously, if you've been keeping up on M.I. news, you know the cast has been on the lookout for a Friday night theatre. Well, we found one. Last night brought back memories of being a starting cast, without the glamorous props and well-rehearsed blocking that you see here *every fucking week*. Nope, this was more of an improv, and us making do with what we'd carried in on our backs. Special thanks go to Diego and Tracy, for going the extra mile and injuring themselves, in an attempt to produce a better show. Now *that's* commitment!!! A new theatre could not have come at a better time, with Halloween just around the corner; despite the stiff order of a *Triple*-shift next week of Thursday (Halloween, at the Art), Friday (Woodland Hills) and Saturday (Saturdays, as usual, at the Art!) So if you've ever wanted to see Midnight Insanity in a wholly different light (and we're not talking Tacky

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Horror here), come see the show at Woodland Hills. Take the 405 North, to the 101 West (towards Ventura), drive about 7 miles, exit Topanga Canyon Blvd., make a Right, go up about 1 mile, it's on the right- hand side at Topanga Canyon and Victory.

We'll Always have Paris

Woodland Hills not attractive enough? How about Paris? The following comes from a long-standing Long Beach regular who is presently staying in Paris: "If you don't mind paying $9 dollars to be the target of rice and water for two hours in a tiny theatre with NO cast, NO show and NO one yelling lines, than perhaps you should visit the theatre Studio Galande the next time you are in Paris. Each person was allowed a *maximum* of a kilo of rice (~2 pounds) and a liter of water." Vaguely reminds you of terror-in-the-aisles night, huh? For those journeying to France, bring armor, and lots of ammo . . .

A Few Good Trannys

It is with a heavy-hearted sigh that we bid goodbye to not one, not two, but *three*, of our particularly remarkable Transylvanians. Our first is Keturah, one of our longest-standing Translyvanians, and the best Frank-N-Furter for someone who's only played the part *twice*. Keturah is departing M.I. to pursue higher learning. Go Girl! Our next isn't really a departure. Suzanne has been a key member in our Transylvanian Squad for quite some time now, and plays the best-looking Pirate Tranny we've ever seen. Suzanne, however, will be transferring her skills to our Props
area (props/tech . . . the unsung heroes of Midnight Insanity), where she is greatly welcomed. Our last one is a particularly sad case. Perhaps our *newest* Transylvanian, Eric, has been, well, pretty much ordered a change of lifestyle by his parents, and Rocky Horror is just one of the casualties. A talented young boy, with lots of ideas and creativity, as-of-yet untapped. We'll miss him dearly, and will wait for the day he turns 18.

Better than Tits?

Midnight Insanity heartily welcomes back some of our lost brethren, Toby (our Eddie), and Kat (security). Toby and Kat had both been with us for many years, many performances, and many conventions, when they departed some months ago to work as bouncers at a topless bar. Hey, money talks. Apparently, not nearly enough as *both* have decided that Midnight Insanity is really where it's at, and have returned to us, in their former roles, much to our delight! Welcome back, boys!

Closing Comments

Midnight insanity would like to thank the Art Theatre Management and crew, for allowing us to perform here *every fucking week*; the management and crew of the Woodland Hills theatre; Groove Radio 103.1 for coming on down to join us tonight; Keturah, Suzanne and Eric, for being cool Trannys; Joe, our ultra-cool Sunday Denny's waiter; the crew at the new Los Alamitos Denny's, for all their efforts; and as always, our loving, faithful, and now dual-theatre, home audience (yes, this means you).
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