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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume VI, Issue 7
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
July 26, 1997
Beat the Heat

Okay, we got a real pressure cooker goin' here, lots of kids, not much for clothes, and lots of stuff to throw. Did we mention there was also a Sweet Transvestite involved? Well, you virgins will find *that* out, soon enough. For the moment, welcome once again to The Rocky Horror Picture Show here at the Art Theatre in Long Beach. We're your cast, Midnight Insanity, and we will be doing unspeakable things to you this evening (much like any other evening). Dontcha just love mild summers? For those of you who consistently get up past 2pm, the mornings have been delightfully overcast, which keeps the evil sun from frying the bejeezus out of everything, yet at the same time, maintaining these lovely comfortable evenings for such things like (surprise, surprise!), Lingerie Nights!!! Yes, it's that time again, Midnight Insanity invites YOU to climb up on stage and flaunt your stuff in your nighttime skivvies. Be sure to bring something a little less comfortable to wear in line, so that we don't scare the "normal" people out on the streets. :-)

Rookie Horror

Ahhh, the night you've all been waiting for. In seven little days, we'll be
having a Special Show, made up of average, everyday Rocky weirdoes who have a strong desire to attack the stage for the first time. We take you back to the early days of Rocky, when few really knew what they were doing, and even fewer had full costumes. Why come watch a bunch of people knock heads on stage? Well, given that this is our THIRD Rookie night, many of you audience members have come to antici...pate, this particular show, and have prepared properly. Thus, you'll see some really amazing performances from folks who've had only a week or so to plan for this sort of thing. Know also that we have a real habit of picking up new cast members from these shows. In particular, we scooped up Diego from our very first Rookie night.

Rocky Horror International

So ... does anybody remember waaaay back when we had our International Correspondent, Victor D. Infant‚? Yes, Victor was out in England, going to school, and thus began our "World Famous" status. Nowadays, the numbers are growing. Both Jaimee and Amanda have recently taken off for England (and other sundry parts of Europe), though I believe they are back now. Tonight we welcome back Shiera, who has spent damn close to a year overseas in various parts of Europe (though mostly in

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France). Last week we bade goodbye to Desiree, who is leaving for Germany, again for a freakin' year. :-( And, soon enough, Jan and Mariah will be taking off for Italy, though they'll be back in December. So like, what IS it about our show that makes people want to flee the country? Oh well, if you *do* decide to head out of the country, be sure and see Rocky, wherever you go, and report back to us!!!

Star Watch

So guess what, Tim Curry's new sitcom, "Over the Top" has now been moved to the 9:30pm slot on Tuesday nights (in the fall, of course), and tapings for these shows will begin very shortly. If you're interested in seeing a live taping of the show, and you're over 16, come see me (Bill). In addition to the usual Tim report, we are also told that Susan Sarandon will be in a new movie called "Stepmom", with Julia Roberts. The film is scheduled to begin shooting in September, but we've no idea when it'll actually be out...

Surfing in Style

Yes, Midnight Insanity jumps *another* hurdle, to make your net-surfing life that much easier. Instead of the old address, you can now reach Midnight Insanity's newly revamped website at:


Some parts of the site are still under construction, so be sure to wear a hard ... hat, while you surf! Convention photos are up, and other cool stuff should be coming real soon.
Ten Years...

Hey, it could be worse, we could be talking about that Christmas-in-July crapola that all the retail stores try to push on people in the middle of summer. However, we have something *far* more important to talk about. Your cast, Midnight Insanity, is turning 10 years old!!! That's right, our 10th Birthday celebration will be in January of 1998. We can't tell you what's going to happen, mainly because we haven't really figured that out yet. However, we *can* tell you that it will be an incredibly huge show, and a night of intense entertainment, and we just wanted you to pencil us in now. I mean, it's not everyday you get to celebrate 10 years of Rocky Horror decadence, now is it???

Shorehouse Caf‚

Unfortunately, the days of darkness have returned. Due to the behavior of various after-the-show guests, the Shorehouse Caf‚ will only be seating cast members. Sorry folks, it only takes one or two to screw it up for everybody else.

Closing Comments

Midnight insanity would like to thank the Art Theatre Management and crew, for allowing us to perform here *every fucking week*; the Management and crew of the Woodland Hills theatre (Topanga), same reason; Denny's and Shorehouse Caf‚, for putting up with us; and, of course, you, our loving and faithful audience, who come to see us, *every fucking week*!!!
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