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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume V, Issue 12
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
December 28, 1996
Number Nine

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a bunch of freaks. They went out to see the same movie, *every fucking week*. Yes, it's true, it happens, in fact it's been happening for *nine* years. Well, almost. Midnight Insanity has been performing since January of 1988, and January 18, 1997, will be our Ninth Birthday show! Now, we won't be cheesy like most stores and say, "It's our birthday, but *you* get the presents". Oh, no. We fully expect you guys to bring us a truckload of virgins on that night (or any other night, for that matter). We'll be putting on a Special Performance, among other things so it will be one awesome night. See you there!!!

Comedy Central

D'oh!! A comedy? What were they thinking!!! Yes, if you've been channel surfing this month, you've no doubt run into Rocky Horror being played on Comedy Central. Trust us, we didn't know. In fact, we barely bumped into it by end of November. Nobody notified the Fan Club, or Lou Adler. Suffice it to say, the Rocky world did NOT know the movie had been sold to CC for the month of December. At least it's over (last showing will be on January 1, 1997), and we've been assured that it won't happen again. Rocky
belongs in a theatre, Dammit! Besides, "Comedy" Central is hardly the place for Rocky Horror. Friends once saw RHPS sitting in the Horror section of a video store, so they picked it up and moved it over to the Romance section. :-)

Turning Japanese

Last month we told you about the Japanese? Yes, the Japanese have been by to see *your* cast, the World Famous, Midnight Insanity! Yes, as we reported last time, a Japanese television crew, for a show called, of all things, "Time Warp", came down to do a story on your home cast, Midnight Insanity. They interviewed us, and videotaped the piles and piles (and piles) of Rocky Horror merchandise we'd accumulated over the years. If you're in Japan, look for us!

Xmas Returns

Say, does that Columbia look familiar? Yes, that's Leisa, who will be filling in this week once again as our Columbia. For all you newbies, Leisa has performed with us for several years, and retired in September. Tonight she is filling in for our usual Columbia, Jaimee, who is out of town for the holiday week (or so), but should be back with us, next week.

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Adios, Again

Unfortunately, we do have a bit of bad news. (Tiny) Tim gives us his farewell performance this evening in the role of Rocky. Tim plays in a band which is starting up, so he will be leaving us to pursue his musical interests. Midnight Insanity wishes him lots of luck and success . . . even if he's also taking his girlfriend Suzanne (Trannie/Props), with him.


Can't get enough of the dark? Love those foggy nights, some pounding music, and just enough light to give off that incredibly eerie effect? Vampiricus may be the place for you. Monday nights from 10pm to ~2am, in downtown Long Beach. Think of an Anne Rice novel, come to life . . . it's a lot like that. Why am I telling you this (again)? Well, a number of us will likely be showing up at Vampiricus this coming Monday, and we'd love to hang out with all of you so, feel free to drop by. Must have 21 and over ID (and a whopping $5) to enter.

Star Watch

Keep waiting, all you Tim Curry fans. Although Tim has finished "McHale's Navy", the movie's release date has been pushed back. :-( Originally scheduled for release on January 24th (only a month away), the date has been moved to, "sometime next Spring". Helpful, huh? Well, at least it's finished, and maybe it will actually make it out to the streets someday. If it helps you wait, Tom Arnold is also in it.

Catch "22"

Six months, give or take, till the day when the world will be at our doorstep. Midnight Insanity is hosting the 22nd Annual Rocky Horror Convention, here in Southern California. Numerous casts will be joining us from all around the country (and maybe around the world . . . it's early yet), along with Sal Piro, President of the Rocky Horror fan club (you've joined, right?) Details are forthcoming, but set aside the weekend of June 20th and 21st (yes, *two* days!), and start saving your pennies.

Double your Decadence

Frothing at the mouth? Need a bigger Rocky fix? You're in luck! Midnight Insanity also plays on Friday nights, up in Woodland Hills at the Topanga Theatre. Shows are delightfully different and insatiably inventive. So if you're looking for something different, take a drive (long drive, but hey!) up to Woodland Hills to see the Friday night show!

Closing Comments

Us weirdos, Midnight Insanity, would like to thank the Art Theatre Management and crew, for allowing us to perform here *every fucking week*; the management and crew of the Topanga Theatre; Tim and Suzanne, for all their help; Cynthia, our soon-to-be ex-waitress at the Los Alamitos Denny's; and as always, our audience, who have made 1996 one hell of a year. We look forward to seeing your faces (and other things) in 1997.
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