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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume VII, Issue 3
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
March 28, 1998

Winter's over, Spring is here, and while it's been sprinkling off and on all day, we're still hoping for some taut flesh in skimpy lingerie to grace our stage for the evening. Of course, Midnight Insanity looks forward to Lingerie Nights almost as much as you do!!! For all you virgins out there, this is Midnight Insanity's traditional show, which takes place on the last Saturday of every month. We'll let you slide this time, but we'll expect to see you properly dressed, next month. Oh, and bring your friends. :-)

Feelin' Groovy

Were you here last week?? If not, you missed a truly spectacular show!!! Last week was Midnight Insanity's first foray into the Psychadellic 60's. Yes, Midnight Insanity travelled through 30 years to bring you 60's night! The entire cast came dressed in the most outlandish costumes ... you should have seen Allan's pants! We had so much fun, we'll be sure to do it again, we're just not sure when. We'll also be having lots more Special Nights in the near future, so keep *do* keep an eye on those programs!!

Tacky Horror

Speaking of Special Shows, Tacky Horror ... also known as "Switch Night", is right around the corner (next week). This is our traditional "April Fool's Day" show where we swap roles for a night, and play out parts under most unusual circumstances!! It always produces a truly unique show, so be sure to be here and see Midnight Insanity as you've never seen them before. In
addition to being Tacky Horror, we'll remind you that it's also TIME WARP WEEKEND. This is the weekend where you lose an hour of sleep due to Daylight Savings Time (don't worry, you'll get it back in October). The loss of sleep sucks, but it's a darned good excuse to tell your parents why you're home so late. Take advantage of it while you can!!

New York, New York!

While were here, laughing our asses off at Tacky Horror, a small handful of Midnight Insanity cast members will be making the trek across the country to Rocky Horror's 23rd Annual Convention in New York City, New York!! While the majority of us can't afford to go, be assured that your home cast, Midnight Insanity, will be well represented. All in all, it will be a *very* full weekend!!!

Get Demented!!!!!

My children, the time has come. This week I got a post card from the one and only, DR. DEMENTO!!! Dr. Demento is very near and dear to us as he helped host our 18th Anniversary Rocky Horror Convention, "Age of Consent", back in August of 1993. He is also an avid player of "The Time Warp", which is where most people get their first taste of Rocky. Dr. Demento has been broadcasting some of the most hilarious songs ever written, for over 20 years now. While he's based in Culver City, his native area residents do NOT get to hear his broadcast, since no stations in the area carry his program. :-( KLSX (97.1 FM) has agreed to a one-week tryout of the Dr. Demento show TOMORROW, March 29th, from 8pm to 10pm. He's asking us to CALL,

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WRITE or FAX KLSX (attention Jack Silver) starting Monday, March 30, to ask them to carry the show EVERY WEEK. We need to flood them with calls and letters. IMPORTANT: Do not contact the station before the March 29th broadcast ... otherwise I guess it'd sound a bit hokey. Be sure to tune in tomorrow night, and contact the station at KLSX, 3580 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles CA, 90010. Phone (213) 383- 4222, FAX (213) 386-3649.

Creepy and Kooky

Mysterious and Spooky. Sound familiar? Yes, it's the Addams Family Theme!! News on the wire is that our beloved Tim Curry will be playing Gomez Addams in the "Addams Family Reunion" movie!!! According to the information we have, this movie will be released to the Fox Family Channel (cable) and on Fox Video, in the September/October timeframe.

Rookie Horror

Ooops, almost forgot ... yes, that show you've been waiting for, Rookie Horror, is coming up fast. We haven't set a firm date yet, but it will likely land in May. For those unfamiliar, if you've ever wanted to play a Rocky part, Midnight Insanity gives you the chance every hundred shows or so. We're essentially giving the show back to you, the audience, for a night! Sign up in the lobby for parts you'd like to play. We'll select a cast, give you a few weeks to prepare, then you're up!! More details, coming soon...

Mount the Stage

Now, if you're looking for a more "permanent" deal, Midnight Insanity is always looking for more Transylvanians, as well as stagehands, spotlight operators, and understudies in all roles. We are also actively seeking a Rocky. We also have
several parts open on our Friday night stage, at the Topanga Theatre in Woodland Hills. Now, we don't get paid (your applause is thanks enough!!), but you *do* get in for free, so I mean, if you're here anyway, why not?? Come see the cast after the show to sign up for a part!!


Time Warping in the aisles and screaming your lungs out HAS to work up an appetite. Midnight Insanity invites you to join us after the show at the Shorehouse Caf‚ in Seal Beach. We've been going to Shorehouse for over a year now, and they're more than interested in seating Rocky Horror audience members. Come see the cast after the show and we'll get you directions to the caf‚...so long as you don't have a table of twelve ordering water. :-(

Cosmo's Factory

It is with a heavy heart that we mourn the closing of one of the biggest Rocky Horror sites on the web. "Cosmos Factory" is closing, due to, well ... basically being too damned popular!! It's been eating up so much connect time, that the provider wants to charge more money for keeping it alive. Since it's owner can't truly afford to keep it open, Cosmo's Factory will close. If you haven't seen it, hop to it before it goes away: http://www.cosmosfactory.org.

Closing Comments

Midnight Insanity would like to thank the Art Theatre Management & Woodland Hills Theatre Management and crew, for allowing us to perform *every fucking week*; Denny's and Shorehouse Caf‚, for giving us a place to crash after the show; Bob, for all her work in line; and, of course, you, our loving and faithful audience, who come to see us, *every fucking week*!!!
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