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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume III, Issue 3
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
March 26, 1994
Think you've seen it all? You ain't seen nuthin' yet! Since 1988, Midnight Insanity has strived to bring you the best in Rocky Horror entertainment. Tonight will be a deviant of that as the World Famous Midnight Insanity presents it's April Fool's joke to you: "Tacky Horror". "Tacky Horror" is more commonly referred to as "switch night", but there's nothing common about Midnight Insanity's version of it. Your favorite Midnight Insanity cast members will be performing in roles you may have never imagined them in, along with the ever present Transylvanian Squad joining us and paying their tribute to the Easter weekend celebration. So who will be doing which roles, you might ask? Sorry folks, this editor is not at liberty to say, we redirect you to the Programs for that information. Enjoy the show!

In addition to "Tacky Horror", it is also Time Warp Weekend! Yes, that wonderful time of the year when you have to figure out how to set your watch, VCR, microwave oven, etc, etc, etc. Tonight, we lose an hour so we hope you got your nap . . . or at least it's a good excuse to hand to your parents explaining why you're so late getting home. In keeping with tradition, EVERYBODY is required to do the Time Warp tonight, and that includes all you virgins!
Since this IS a newspaper, we thought we'd throw a little news into it. March brought both good and bad news to Midnight Insanity. First, the bad news. The bad news is, the price of Rocky has risen to $6.00 a ticket. Price hikes are no fun for anybody, but remember that even two years later, we're STILL $1.00 cheaper than when the Balboa closed ($7.00) and even cheaper still than the Nuart theatre in Santa Monica ($7.50!!) So, that's kind of bad news, but not as bad as it may seem (in other words, it could be worse!) The good news? The good news is that the Art Theatre management has now allowed the use of FIRE and WATER inside the theatre! As with all freedoms, there are some restrictions. WATER can be projected with the aid of a short-range squirt gun or water spray bottle. "Super-Soaker" style squirt guns are not allowed. Remember, it's a "rain" scene, not a hurricane. FIRE can only be produced from a bic-style lighter (ones that will go out should you drop them). No Zippo lighters or matches . . . and no flame throwers (sorry folks). In light of (no pun intended) the new freedoms, Midnight Insanity has made bic-style lighters available. You can pick them up where you normally get your prop bags. Lighters are a whopping 50 cents apiece (not bad, eh?) We will be adding squirt guns/spray bottles as soon as

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we can find a sizable quantity for a good price.

Aside from new props, we also have new faces. Last week we had special guest performances from LaVar (Criminologist) and Toby (Eddie). Both come to us from the Montclair theatre as well as the late South Bay theatre. LaVar plays Criminologist at the Montclair theatre and used to play Riff- Raff at the South Bay theatre. Rumor has it, he may join us on stage as Riff-Raff sometime in the near future. Toby plays Eddie, no matter where he is. The Art was no exception. No rumors have been heard about Toby but we anticipate an encore performance from him sometime in the future as well.

"Dang, lost another one" -- The WhiteWater PINBALL game. Yes, that quote has nothing to do with President Clinton. Unfortunately, it is in reference to the Santa Barbara RHPS which gave it's last performance on Friday, March 11th, sadly closing its doors after over a decade of doing Rocky.

M.I.'s extracurricular activities . . . since we had Saturday March 12th off due to Spike & Mike's, various M.I. members took advantage of the day off to do things we couldn't normally fit into a Saturday. A bunch of us took off for the traditional Disneyland trip, where we lazily spent the day looking for each other, having never actually met up at McDonald's across the street. If you're in the area though, stop off at McDonald's and tell the man behind the counter "We seek the one-eyed midget". It was a well deserved rest from life in general and Leisa managed to pick up a long-coveted "Tinkerbell" doll. Other cast
members are rumored to have gone as far as the San Diego Ken Theatre to see the Saturday Night RHPS there. Old habits die hard. Some habits never die. In addition, some M.I. cast members will be participating once again in the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. Sadly, the "Kissing Rope" has been closed down so you'll have to do without getting kisses from Kristine. Nonetheless, if you liked Lingerie Night, you'll absolutely love all those Faire wenches in their bodices!

Lisa, the cast's long-distance groupie, has decided to adorn her body forever with a tribute to both RHPS and M.I. Yes that's right, it's the second one in existence (that we know of), Lisa has gotten herself a new tattoo. It is a spider's web, located on her ankle, with dripping letters spelling out "R.H.P.S." on the top and "M.I." on the bottom. Flattering? Yes. Scary? Maybe. Lisa attended our "Age of Consent" 18th RHPS convention last August before she was whisked away to the far-off city of Dublin (an hour or so North of San Francisco) where she presently lives Rocky-less, save for the tattoo. Someday, hopefully, we'll see her again.

About the paper, yes, well, this issue IS a week late, and for that, we profusely apologize. The editor was heard saying: "It wasn't my fault!" Technical difficulties beyond our control (ie: the building in which we normally publish the Transylvanian Tymes being temporarily condemned) prevented timely publication of this issue. We hope this hasn't daunted your faith in M.I. or the T.T. and we will continue to strive to bring you the next issue on Saturday April 30th, 1994 at M.I.'s next Lingerie Night. (ALWAYS last Saturday of every month!)
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