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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume VI, Issue 8
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
August 30, 1997
Blister in the Sun

In as much as we can't stand the daytime heat, it *does* make for nearly perfect evening weather for Midnight Insanity's traditional Lingerie Night!!! Yes, tonight is our last Lingerie Night of the summer, before things start to get chilly and we start looking for alternate things to wear . . . like, say, a Halloween costume, perhaps?! :-) Yup, there's always something goin' on down at the Rocky Horror Picture Show. More on that in a minute. Given that tonight is our last Lingerie Night of the summer, we hope you dressed up, and if you didn't, we advise you to improvise (the cast may improvise your attire *for* you, so don't say you weren't warned!!!) Join us up on stage and strut your stuff for those eminently cool "nifty" prizes that we always provide to you (ie: the finger). :-)

Rookie Horror

They came, they saw, the burned up the stage (so much so, we had to repaint it last week). Midnight Insanity's audience is the coolest in the land (we know you know that, but it's neat to see it in print, isn't it!?), and they mounted the stage and put on one of our now famous Rookie Horror performances. For those of you newbies out there, every so often (usually every hundredth show or so), we give the show
back to YOU. Largely untrained audience members pick roles and perform the show, much like any beginning Rocky Horror cast would. Our show included many Midnight Insanity regulars, like multiple Lingerie Night winner, Fay, as Trixie, Jennifer as Magenta, Heather as Columbia, and also Lingerie Night winner, Jim, as Rocky (who just departed us for Notre Dame . . . so much for recruiting. . . :-(). On the other hand, Fay has recently joined cast, and she sometimes plays Trixie on Friday nights. Need a map to Topanga? :-)


Speaking of Topanga, and Friday nights, didja happen to notice that Halloween falls on a Friday this year? Yup, we're *already* counting down the weeks and as usual, October will be our "Special Show" month . . . details will be forthcoming. In addition, for Halloween in particular, we will be doing something entirely different this year. Midnight Insanity will be performing in TWO theatres at once! We'll have our regular Friday night show at Topanga (celebrating our 1-year Anniversary at that theatre, I might add!!!), plus as an added bonus, we'll have a Halloween show here at the Art, for all you regulars. We'll also be having our regular Saturday night shows on October 25th (Lingerie Night) as well as November 1st.

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Over the Top

Tim Curry, as you should know by now, has a new TV sitcom called "Over the Top". Just a rumor, you say? Not true, Midnight Insanity went up to Hollywood and sat in on an actual taping of "Over the Top" this month. Tim Curry plays an out-of-work actor named Simon Ferguson. He is presently staying with his ex-wife (Annie Potts), in her New York hotel with her two kids. In this particular episode, Tim Curry, er, Simon, helps Annie's son by directing his school play "Jack and the Beanstalk". This was actually only the second episode of the series (the pilot episode, apparently, had to be reshot), and we're told that there are 13 episodes already ordered. Overall, Tim and Annie seemed most at ease with each other on stage, and you wouldn't know that this was only their second episode, given how comfortable they seemed in their roles. Tim, was absolutely wonderful, though it remains to be seen how well the show will do. The shoot itself ran till almost midnight (it was supposed to let out at 10pm), but the cast still came up to the front and signed autographs for us adoring fans. Ask Blake about his Rocky Horror Picture Show fan club card, now autographed by Tim Curry. "Over the Top" is scheduled to air every Tuesday night on ABC (Channel 7), at 8:30pm . the first episode is scheduled to air on September 23rd.

Yay Richard!!!

Late breaking news . Tim ain't the only one with new things on the horizon. Our very own Richard O'Brien (aka God), will be appearing in a new movie: "Dark City". Alex
Proyas, the acclaimed director/writer of "The Crow", brings his unique visual style to this futuristic thriller. The movie also stars William Hurt and Rufus Sewell. Unfortunately, this movie is not scheduled to open until January 9th, 1998.


Once upon a time, Midnight Insanity was known as a "little baby cast" (specifically, by the now-retired Berkeley Theatre cast, "Indecent Exposure") Well, more than half-a-decade later, this "little baby cast" has now performed over 500 shows, hosted two National Rocky Horror Conventions, and performed at numerous theatres and venues (including Cal State Northridge, this past Tuesday). On January 17, 1998, Midnight Insanity turns 10 years old. Midnight Insanity alumni, all sorts of Rocky folk will be here. Mark your calendars (and bring us presents!!!), this will most definitely be a night to remember.

Closing Comments

Midnight insanity would like to thank the Art Theatre Management and crew, for allowing us to perform here *every fucking week*; the Management and crew of the Woodland Hills theatre (Topanga), same reason; Denny's and Shorehouse Caf‚, for feeding us, putting up with us, and allowing us to practice our aim; Tim Curry, Annie Potts, Audiences Unlimited, and the whole "Over the Top" crew, for being so cool to us; Cal State Northridge, for inviting us up to perform for them; and, of course, you, our loving and faithful audience, who come to see us, *every fucking week*!!!
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