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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume IV, Issue 1
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
January 28, 1995
You again!!! Why just last week we fired off a special Transylvanian Tymes, documenting a mini-history of 7 years of Midnight Inanity, and here we are again! To be fair, what you read was a very coarse glance at the past 7 years, it would be hard to do it any great amount of justice without writing a small book. Still, the show was truly spectacular and we saw soooo many of you folks, come down JUST for our birthday. We apologize for the lack of party hats but we DID get some extra confetti in so you win some you lose some. Tonight marks the first official Lingerie Night of 1995 (remember, the last one was officially December 31 1994) so lets make it count! Remember once again, our Valentine's Day show, February 11th, 1995, is a special show, with special performances, and EVERYONE is to show up in Lingerie. If you don't show up in Lingerie . . . well, lets just say we hope you're wearing underwear.

Seventh Birthday!

No, we're not done harking about it yet, we put an awful lot of work into it and really, didn't have time for much else this past month. Yes indeed, our 7th Birthday was truly a show to see, with a custom medley-mix of favorite Rocky songs, including tons of new choreography, new costumes and a truly spectacular light
show. We utilized various different Rocky tunes, most of which had never been seen or heard inside Midnight Insanity's walls. If you really liked it that much (or for some life-or-death reason, missed it), you can see it again at the Beverly Hills mini-Convention on Sunday, February 12th . . . see Bev at the merchandise table in the lobby for details!


For all those people who just can't wait to age in the New Year!! January Birthdays include: Jeff (Pre-Show/Riff-Raff, 1/17), Kym (Magenta, 1/23) . . . who turns 21 this year!; and of course, Midnight Insanity, who turned seven last week (really?) February Birthdays! Well, the only ones we really know of are George Washington and Abraham Lincoln . . . sorry, this TT writer had a brain fart this month and never got around to asking for February Birthdays so this will be an exercise left to the reader (oh, dontcha just LOVE it when they do that???)

Star Watch

We've only one new sighting of your favorite Rocky stars this month, Williams/Bally has released a new pinball machine based on the movie, "The Shadow".

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Tim Curry is featured in the artwork of the game, as well as makes cameo appearances on the dot-matrix display. If you're into pinball, play the game (really, it's a pretty good game too!) and you're sure to find him. For you non-pinball buffs, start a game and shake the machine a little. Tim will appear on the display making funny faces and exclaiming, "Noooo, stop it! Noooo!!!" It's really all rather amusing, good for 50 cents anyway. As a recap, Mr. Curry is also scheduled to be appearing in Michael Crichton's new film, "Congo", which opens this summer, and will also be doing the voice over in an animated film called, "Penguin in the Pebble" . . . we do not know his character name, only that he plays the villain. "Little Women" is still playing and features Susan Sarandon, along with Winona Ryder (Heathers, Reality Bites) and Kirsten Dunst (Interview with the Vampire). Midnight Insanity? It appears an entire month DID go by without at least one of us invading the airwaves of your television set. You should be thankful (in the beggar's tray).

Change of Pace

Oh, and speaking of Pinball, I, Bill (Brad), will be absent next weekend. I am taking off for New York City, New York to play in a World Pinball Tournament. Yeah, it sounds a bit odd, but then there are people who flew to London to do Rocky Horror. Anyway, in my place next weekend (February 4th) will be Diego, who has graced our stage as the loveable Chuck-E-Cheese and as an endearing Dr. Scott. As Jen (Janet) is a bit on the tall side for Diego (heck, she's a little on the tall side for me), we have cast little Leisa in the role of Janet for the
evening, and placed Mandi in the role of Columbia. This is truly NOT a show to be missed. I'll have to live with the videotape myself.

Gung He Fat Choy

Huh? What does THAT mean? Well, since I was asked by someone, I figured I'd mention it here (that, and we celebrate everything from Christmas to St. Patrick's Day, so why not?) Next Tuesday, January 31, 1995 is Chinese New Year. "Gung He Fat Choy" is a common phrase said at Chinese New Year, which translated means, "Wish you good wealth". By the Chinese Zodiac, this past year was the year of the Dog, and we are now entering the year of the Pig. Oink! Oink!!

Special Thanks!!!

Midnight Insanity would like to thank everybody who came down to see our show last week, it felt really special to have you all here (oh, and you were soo LOUD too!!!) We'd like to once again thank everyone for their special efforts, Leisa for 101 moves of choreography, Mark for letting tear apart his house for rehearsals, Allan for countless hours mixing music, Big John's (Enforcer) Mom for costuming our Rocky, Art Theatre staff for letting us use the theatre when we needed to, and everyone in general, ridesharing, rehearsing and filling the rooms with smoke during nic-fits. Also, Joe & Krista, our ultra-cool staff at Denny's who come to our show, and all of you who've come down to see us all prancing around on stage half-naked again. :-) :-) :-) :-) <g>

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