The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume III, Issue 0
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
January 1, 1994

"Weeelcome back!!!" -- The Addams Family Pinball Game

Greetings and welcome to the first installment of Midnight Insanity 1994, and, a special issue of the newly refurbished Transylvanian Tymes. For those of you new to the bunch, the Transylvanian Tymes is the cast intermittent newspaper. We publish it whenever we like and frequently miss issue deadlines. This will be no different. Tentatively, however, we hope to publish an issue every month, generally speaking, on Lingerie Nights, the last Saturday of every month. We suggest you memorize that, there will be a test later. Tonight is something of an Honorary Lingerie Night, seeing as we were closed on Christmas Day (the last Saturday of last month) and what better way to ring in the New Year than in all your new nifty Christmas Lingerie? We all know that's what you asked for! One last comment or two before we get into the good stuff . . . I am Bill, commonly known as "Brad" or "Asshole" and I am your editor / author /
whatever. Don't ask, I was never an English Major. In any case, for those of you who date back far enough, I used to spend my Saturday evenings publishing the weekly programs. I did this for a number of years (starting before Show #130 and ending with Show #256, for those of you who keep track of that sort of thing). It was a lot of fun but extremely tiresome and with this cast, devilishly hard to keep accurate. All that and a lack of time made me give it up almost a year ago. The only other thing I've written for the cast recently were portions of the program for the 18th Convention Show, "Age of Consent". You'll forgive me if my writing skills are a little rusty. Also, it's not that any of the mitigating circumstances which caused me to stop writing in the first place have changed; more that I've missed shoving my drivel down your throats and decided that the best way to do that without roping myself into some ugly weekly entanglement was
to resurrect the Transylvanian Tymes. So, with History Lesson #1 out of the way, we move on to recent news

History Lesson #2: Midnight Insanity has been somewhat intermittent over the past few weeks. Trust us, it's been a bit weird for us too. First, Midnight Insanity held its 300th show, "The Rookie Horror Picture Show" -- a show given to the audience. Raffle numbers were handed out over a two-week period and cast members were drawn. The cast, fondly dubbed "Midnight Profanity" did astoundingly well, many of those cast members are now being considered for roles in Midnight Insanity. During this show, Midnight Insanity returned to the audience (and yes, we do know what those chairs feel like, no wonder you're all up to do The Time Warp!) where we rekindled our youth by throwing props, yelling lines and dancing in the aisles. It wasn't exactly a night off for us, but it meant that we

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didn't have to perform and it was certainly fun. Don't get any ideas, we still like performing our show. The next hiccup was the somewhat unexpected closure of the show on Christmas Day (we were told it was iffy so it was hard to tell). So, being the Rocky addicts that we are (that and having no social life), being given the night off twice in a month was a bit much. Many Midnight Insanity members spent the evening down at the Nuart Theatre in Santa Monica getting their usual Rocky fix. If we'd known earlier, we'd have invited you all along, unfortunately, circumstances did not permit. Also, Nuart is $7.50 (*choke*).

Midnight Insanity brought in the New Year by raising quite a ruckus down in Dana Point. While most of Midnight Insanity will probably plead the fifth when asked about their party activities, we will tell you that most people had an enjoyable evening, if not a slightly less enjoyable morning-after. We will note that video footage WAS taken, so you might get to see it, someday, like on the news in 20 years if any of us actually become famous. Okay, so rather than keep you totally in the
dark, some of the more mentionable party highlights included a jam session featuring "The Band With No-Name", formerly "Risk", formerly "Closing . . . ", formerly "Chaos Theory"; which consists of Richard and Axel of Pre- Show fame, and Mike the Guitarist, who has played Frank for us in the past. Many old cast stories were told to newcomers which was fitting considering the large number of ancient Midnight Insanity cast members (alumni, veterans) that showed up. We'd all like to thank our hosts for the evening, Kristine and Jeff who held the party in their new house. For those of you who didn't know, Kristine and Jeff are engaged, although no wedding date has been set (to the best of my knowledge).

Well, enough about the past, tonight Midnight Insanity returns to the stage and we're happy to see you all survived the New Year, hopefully better than we did. Keep in mind that we haven't performed in two weeks and many of us are probably still recovering from last night so we'll thank you for a bit of leeway in our performances.
And last, but not least, the future. We're only two weeks away from Midnight Insanity's SIXTH Birthday Show! Midnight Insanity has been working hard putting in long hours, even over the holiday season, preparing for a special performance you don't want to miss. The night promises to display every bit of Midnight Insanity's six years of experience, we hope you'll be there!

Okay, so I have all this space here at the end, so I'll just ramble a little more. This kind of publication isn't the easiest thing to do and you're all more than welcome to lend a helping hand. We'd still love to hear from you all, in the form of Fan Letters, Original Poems (about Rocky/Midnight Insanity), or a suggestion of things you'd like to see here. We will hopefully resume the cast member profiles in the next issue. Send suggestions to the P.O. Box listed in the program and address it to "Transylvanian Tymes Editor". Thanks!

Oh, and by the way . . . when is Lingerie Night? (didn't we warn you?) If you answer correctly, you can keep this for free!!!
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