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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume VII, Issue 6
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
June 27, 1998
Summer in the City

Yes!!!!!!!!!! Summer is finally here and we've seen literally dozens of friendly faces magically reappear in line, after so many months away. We've missed you all and we're glad you're back. Summertime is here, the temperature is rising, and clothing seems to get flimsier and flimsier. Not that we're complaining. Yes, of course, tonight is Midnight Insanity's traditional "Lingerie Night" (the last Saturday of every month), and we invite you all the join us on stage to show us what you've got!!


Speaking of special shows and theme nights, two weeks ago marked Midnight Insanity's first "Luau Night", which was a considerable amount of fun. Grass skirts (in rainbow colors no less!), coconut bras and all that nifty Hawaiian attire (plus lei's for everyone!!) made for a highly colorful night, and a most entertaining show. Shame on you, if you didn't make it, since we probably won't have another until sometime next year...


It's time for some fun-in-the-sun. Midnight Insanity invites you to a most unusual event. We'll be taking over Central Park on Sunday, June 28th (that's tomorrow!!!) to enjoy a little romp in the sun and enjoy some non-stormy weather for a change. The park is located next to the Huntington Beach Public Library, on Talbert Ave., between Gothard and Goldenwest.
Facing the library, you'll want to park to the far left, where all the trees are. Take the trail that follows the row of trees, and runs parallel to the parking lot. It's a fairly short walk to the restrooms, and on the left will be a stage area (of course!) with a lot bleacher-style seats. That's where we'll be!! There's a map on our webpage, and possibly on the back of the programs this evening. Failing that, we should have some signs posted (look for the big MI symbol). You'll want to bring your own food, drinks and, ummm, "playthings". Folks will start showing up around 11ish or so.

Bored on the 4th of July

If you were planning on joining us next Saturday on the 4th of July (and we know you were!), we're sorry to report that we won't be performing next week. The theatre will be closed and the rest of us will probably be somewhere else lighting off pyrotechnics, blowing stuff up, and possibly getting drunk (not necessarily in that order). We haven't quite picked our target location just yet, but if you wish to join us, contact a cast member, we'll try to let you know where we'll be...

Movin' on Up!

We *do* have a bit of sad news for you ... it seems our Frank-N-Furter, Chris, and his fiancee', Annette, have landed a primo job opportunity in the state of Arizona. Since the California <--> Arizona commute is a *bit* much, Chris has retired from the role of Frank-N-Furter. :-( Chris' last performance with us was Luau Night.

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Midnight Insanity will miss Chris and Annette, but we wish them lots of luck with their new business, and hope to see them at the Las Vegas convention, in October.

Oh, Rocky!!!

So ... who will fill Chris' high heels? Ironically enough, it's "Rocky" (yes, folks, that's his name), who comes to us from a cast in Arizona, along with his girlfriend, Missy, who has been performing as our Columbia for quite some time now. Both bring considerable talent and experience from the Tempe cast, and it shows!! Rocky has performed "Frank" and "Brad Majors" for us several times, and we welcome him to the stage as our Sweet Transvestite!!

Yay, Richard!!

Well folks, our favorite singing bald- guy-in-the-window is once again appearing on the silver screen. Richard O'Brien (Riff- Raff) will in the new Cinderella movie entitled "Ever After", which also features Drew Barrymore and Anjelica Houston. Richard's character is not given but he shouldn't be too hard to spot. :-) "Ever After" is scheduled for release on August 7th.

Show me God!

As for our other God, Tim Curry, he can't seem to get a break these days. Madness Reigns is on hold, and his new movie, "The Addams Family Reunion" will *not* be aired on the Fox Family Channel in September/October, as we previously mentioned. Instead, the new air date will be October ... 1999!!! For those of you who can't wait, we're also told it is being released on video (at Suncoast) in August.

Viva Las Vegas

As October inches closer, we look forward to partying-down in the city of
sinful pleasures, Las Vegas!! If you didn't know it by now, a Rocky Convention is taking place on October 9th & 10th in Las Vegas at the Four Queens Hotel (you knew it had to be there, didn't' you!!) Midnight Insanity will be a featured performer at this convention, and we are scheduled for several special performances. If you'd like to join us on stage at a *national convention*, let us know after the show. If you just wanna come down and party with us, feel free to do that, too!!! For info about RockyCon '98, contacting Megan Tabor: 702-434-8361.

Freaks On-Line

If you haven't been to the Midnight Insanity webpage in a while, you may wish to stop by again and sign our "Freakbook". It's a lot like a guestbook, it's just designed for folks like you. :-) We'd appreciate the comments of all your loyal folks who come to see us so damned often, and would love to hear from you on the `net. If you *haven't* been to see our webpage, then what are you waiting for??? We have dozens of pictures from the show, a calendar of special events, some cast bios, a Transylvanian Tymes Archive, and, well, a freakbook, but you already knew that. :-) The URL to the site, is at the end of this page...

Closing Comments

Midnight Insanity would like to thank the Art Theatre Management Management and crew, for allowing us to perform *every fucking week*; the Shorehouse Caf‚, for giving us a place to crash after the show; Chris and Annette, for all their hard work, we'll miss you!!; Bob, for buying all those costumes for Luau Night, and of course, for all her work in line; everybody who filled in last weekend and really made the show happen, even with a skeleton crew; and, of course, you, our loving and faithful audience, who come to see us, *every fucking week*!!!
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