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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume III, Issue 2
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
February 26, 1994
Welcome to the third issue of the Transylvanian Tymes, the cast's not-so- intermittent newspaper. The Transylvanian Tymes is published on a monthly basis with a new issue coming out every Lingerie Night. You'll always know because Lingerie Night is ALWAYS the last Saturday of every month. This particular Lingerie Night, we should note, is a special one. It was just two years ago that M.I. held its first Lingerie Night, on Valentine's Day, 1992. The night was a roaring success, and that's putting it mildly. Lingerie Night was definitely here to stay. With the exception of Valentine's Day last year, and being closed on Christmas of this year, every month has marked a spectacular show of you, the audience, displaying your raw talent and strutting your stuff on our stage. Tonight also marks our 25th Lingerie Night and we'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for joining us on stage and bringing down the house.

February proved itself to be a most interesting month for Midnight Insanity. As Rocky Horror was once described as an "Ever-growing, ever-changing, orgas--or rather, organic life-form", Midnight Insanity has followed suit. Starting with our special Valentine's Day show, which featured an M.I. virgin performance from Mandi in the role of Columbia. Mandi used to perform Columbia with a cast in Ohio before coming out to California and joining Midnight Insanity as a Transylvanian. Never one to sit still, Leisa
took on more than just the stage that night prancing around as our resident Cupid and shooting her arrows as she saw fit. She was assisted by her two cherubs Chip and Tony who made it their business to add their special little touch to various scenes in that night's performance. It was one of the most hilarious night's in recent M.I. history and if you weren't here, we certainly hope you were getting some, because it's really the only excuse for missing it!

In addition, we have had Becky on stage twice in the past month, once as a fill-in Magenta and another as a guest Trixie. Becky used to perform with us as a Magenta and has recently been performing with the Nuart cast. She, however, has been getting M.I. homesick and plans to perform with us again on a more regular basis, stay tuned for details.

And speaking of Magenta, Kristine donned the maid's dress, grabbed her feather duster and joined us on stage again, the first time in over a year in her original role of Magenta. Kristine has been performing Magenta for over six years having won the costume contest in the 14th Anniversary in Chicago and also performed some scenes as Magenta in the 20th Century Fox 15th Anniversary. Most recently she has been performing Trixie for us on a regular basis, extending her creative muse in costuming and choreography. Although she also performed some scenes in

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the Fox RHPS-TV show, this is the first full Magenta performance she has given us in a long time.

Last, but not least, we have Howard, our newest Rocky Horror. Nicknamed "Harvey" in earlier programs, Howard has been performing for us solidly for the entire month. He originally came to us as a member of the "Rookie Horror Picture Show", performing Rocky for his first time. He was quickly cast as a part-time Rocky and has recently been placed into a full-time position. Howard is, by and large, one of the most impressive looking Rockys we have had. Unfortunately, Howard will be needing some time off in the near future and would like a partner to switch off with so if you're interested in flexing your muscles on stage, do come and see the cast. We'll strip you down and check you out and if you pass, we might even interview you for the part!

And now, a look towards the future, next week we'll have yet another Rookie- turned-cast-member on stage. Cherilin, one of the brightest stars on that stage will be giving us her first performance with a full M.I. crew in the role of Janet Weiss. If you liked her performance on the 300th show, don't miss this one!

Non-Rocky News: Elmo & Victor have finally published the first issue of their magazine: "Big Ink & Staples". It is described as "A funny, irreverent, informative, cynical, vaguely holistic experiment in self-publishing for these turbulent times." Each article is radically different from the others. It's no wonder as there are so many writers including Elmo, Victor (Fall-Guy), Richard (Pre-Show), Leon (Ex-Pre-Show), Cherilin (Janet-to-be) [E.C.]
and Matt & Erin (old cast). The magazine should be widely available in all of Orange County in the next few weeks but is presently available from the Upchurch Brown bookstore in Laguna Beach and the Collector's Gallery in the Anti-Mall of Costa Mesa. As a teaser we'll mention that there's an interview with an old cast member, Josh (Ex-Transylvanian): the man who cried "Anarchy" during the Laguna Beach fires. Truly the last real punk. See Victor if you would like to write for the next issue.

A bit of real Rocky news, Tim Curry will be in a new movie called "The Shadow" with Alec Baldwin. Barry Bostwick was recently in a made-for-TV movie called "Once in a Lifetime" with Lindsay Wanger. And, of course, Meatloaf charts another single, "Rock & Roll Dreams Come Through" (as listed on the charts). His second single from "Bat Out of Hell II: Back to Hell".

In closing we should note that March will be an odd month for us too. We'll be closed on March 12th due to Spike & Mike's Sick-and-Twisted Festival of Animation. This is an 18-and-over only event so bring your driver's license or a decent form of I.D. proving that you're at least 18 (you know what we mean). With that in mind, know that next week, March 5th is your last opportunity to get your Rocky "fix" until we come back. And we DO expect to see you all back here on March 19th. Though if you can't wait till nightfall to see us, you can join us at the next Paintball fest in the daytime (yikes!) on Saturday, March 19th. See Richard (Pre- Show) for details.

What do you get when you blow up Barney? You get Barney Rubble! . . . Bye!
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