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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume IV, Issue 4
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
April 29, 1995

Greetings once again, this is Bill, your faithful narrator of this tome. I am speaking to you from across a vast distance as tonight I am far away, somewhere in the state of Arizona, you guessed it, playing pinball. My sincere apologies for missing a Lingerie Night, but I shall be back next week and will do what it takes to make up for my absence . . . so be creative. For reference to you newcomers, The Transylvanian Tymes is a monthly periodical which covers all sorts of interesting dirt in the Rocky Horror / Midnight Insanity world. If nothing else, it is an interesting and hopefully amusing read, we do hope you find at least some of the contents to be valuable information. With that said, let's move on, shall we?

Tacky Horror!!!

Well, first and foremost, you, the audience, truly outdid yourselves for our April Fool's show, Tacky Horror 1995. The large numbers of you in costumes, cross dressers, etc. was, well, astounding, second only to our Halloween show . . . big kudos (and other breakfast snacks) to our audience who dressed up. We, ourselves, had a considerable blast in performing our various other roles, as well as gaining quite
a bit of respect for our fellow cast members who go through that shit every week. I'll say here that I never did spend too much time taking apart the role of Magenta until now; and while I didn't get fucked up knees like last year from playing Columbia, I got a considerably different view of our favorite domestic, and was treated to a glimpse of the world through her particularly unique perspective. Kristine tells me that playing Brad was similarly eye-opening . . . funny how that happened that way.

Rocky Horror

The stage just keeps churning with individuals moving in and out of roles, week to week. Last month saw the return of Kristine on stage as Magenta, as well as Leisa, taking time out of her busy schedule to visit us as Columbia. We saw the first show with Diego and Kelly as our Brad and Janet! You'll see the second show tonight! Take some Dramamine if you get queasy, `cause it ain't over yet! Next month will include Mar-Tay's virgin performance as Brad Majors (May 20th), and the birth of a new Frank-N-Furter, Chris. Be here for the special performance on May 13th and his first show on May 20th! To round things out properly, Carolee will be performing her virgin performance as Trixie and Leisa will be joining us as Trixie for a night as well. That,

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and a stack of new Transylvanians (whose names we wrote down but I forgot to get so of the top of my head: Crystal, Robin, Vicki, Toni, Laura . . . damn, I guess I'll pay for that one later too!)

Look and Feel

Midnight Insanity has, in several ways, changed its look and feel (what did you think we were referring to anyway?) The theatre itself has gone through a lot of renovation, though they're not done yet! New carpeting and a better sound system are on the way. Additionally, we are now sporting fancy new colored print in our programs. No other cast will get you THAT! Last, we have brought to the stage our newest Pre-Show person, Joneigh, who took probably the most unique way to introduce himself, last Lingerie Night (see the tape). We hope you like the changes, we, of course, are always interested in your suggestions.


Several Midnight Insanity cast members took to the skies to visit the most beautiful city in America, San Francisco. There we spent several days driving to distant cities (Sacramento, Mountain View), riding roller coasters in the rain and arguing with Klingons (Great America theme park), getting stuck in elevators (don't ask), getting free breakfasts (for getting stuck in the elevator), shooting each other (Q-Zar!!) and breaking beds (no comment). We also got to visit one of our
sister casts, "Indecent Exposure", who perform regularly at the UC Berkeley theatre in, where else, Berkeley, California. We'd like to thank Monique for her time, patience, and resilience to physical abuse.

Fun in the Sun

As scary as it may seem, Midnight Insanity did attend Gabriel's Birthday Pool Party last Sunday. Several cast members were seen diving into freezing water and subsequently hanging out in the dying sunlight in order to regain a little heat. We're sure Gabriel's special punch-like drinks had nothing to do with it. Afterwards, we rented "Prescilla, Queen of the Desert", rather appropriate, wouldn't you say? I still remember that ping-pong scene . . .

Special Thanks!!!

Midnight Insanity would like to thank the Art Theatre staff for letting us perform here *every* week, and, for the new atmosphere. The folks down at Seal Beach Denny's, and Joe, our major-ultra-cool Denny's waiter who comes to our show. Indecent Exposure (Berkeley cast), for their hospitality. Everyone who helped out for the Oklahoma Relief Fund, Midnight Insanity donated a week's worth of begging to the cause, every bit helps! And, once again, all of you, our audience, who are all signing up to join the fan club, who come down to our show *every fucking week*, to dress in drag, scream your lungs out and masturbate in our lobby . . .
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