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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume VI, Issue 3
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
March 29, 1997
Weekend of Insanity

The date draws nearer . . . the days count down. Midnight Insanity, your home cast, is hosting the 22nd annual Rocky Horror Picture Show Convention, right here in Long Beach (and Anaheim)!!! You'll get to see Special Performance after Special Performance like "Transylvanian Paradise" and "The Time Warp Zone" . . . and that's just what Midnight Insanity is bringing! The other casts have stuff up their sleeves, too! We'll also have Sal Piro (head of the Rocky Horror Fan Club), and a special showing (and performance!!!) of "Shock Treatment", the "Unofficial Sequel" to the Rocky Horror Picture Show (aka "The Continuing Adventures of Brad and Janet"). All of this and much much (much!) more, is scheduled for June 20th and 21st . . . just a few short months away! Further details will be available in the lobby. Save your pennies, `cause you won't wanna miss this!!!

Gettin' Tacky

Just one week away is Midnight Insanity's traditional "Tacky Horror" Night! For you newcomers, this is "switch night". Several of your favorite Rocky Horror performers will take off their costumes . . . and put on someone else's. Guys play girl parts, and the ladies will be performing the
men's roles. Lord knows what the Trannies have planned!!! As a bit of a teaser, Kristine (Trixie) will be playing Rocky, Fozzie (Spank the Bald Man) will be playing Trixie, and Becky (Pre-Show/Magenta) will be playing Frank-N-Furter. There's more to Becky's role, but well . . . ya gotta be here. The most we can tell you is . . . it'll be colorful!!!


You know, some people *never* learn. Despite Midnight Insanity's long (and glorious) history of shutting down shows or blowing up hotels, the folks down at the Drew Carey Show (Wednesday, 9:00pm, on ABC) went ahead and hired us anyway. That's right, your cast, Midnight Insanity, will be on The Drew Carey Show. Now, this is a bit unlike anything we've ever done before. We arrived at the Warner Bros. lot around 6:30pm (a full hour late, I might add), and didn't finish till almost 5:30am! I know, I know, those are pretty standard Rocky- hours, but you have to understand, this was a *Tuesday*! It's not that we're complaining, mind you . . . those people sure know how to take care of their extras! We were scooping up the free food like . . . well, you *know* what we're like. :-) You ever *seen* a slice of pizza about two feet long (yes, a *slice*!) And while we weren't chomping hungrily on everything in sight, we

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were busy acting like Rocky people (kind of a stretch, I know), and just filling in background to a scene that took almost 10 hours to shoot. Drew Carey plays Brad Majors in a t-shirt and boxers, Christa Miller (Kate) made a *fabulous* looking Janet, and Diedrich Bader . . . well, let's just say his butt got quite a bit of attention in that Frank outfit. Ask around, we might even have pictures. :-) And as for the curse? Well, The Drew Carey show was rated #11 last week and #17 overall for the season, so we doubt it's going away anytime soon. However, according to sources, we are told that the episode we're in is the Season Finale (we'll post the air-date as soon as we get it), so we'll just say we off'-ed them for the summer and leave it at that, okay? Hey, we have a reputation to keep up!!!

Late-Night *Triple* Feature

And speaking of folks who "never learn", Rocky Horror is about to hit the tube, *again*. This time, RHPS is scheduled to be broadcast, *uncut*, on Cinemax . . . on Saturday, April 19th. We're told it will be broadcast with "Flash Gordon" and "A Clockwork Orange", so at least we're in good company. Maybe we should start taking bets on when Cinemax will keel over. :-)

A Mega-Dose of Curry

Just how much Tim Curry can you take in a week, anyway? Well, for starters, the long-rumored "McHale's Navy" is due out on April 18th (www.mchalesnavy.com). Tim plays "Major Vladikov". In addition, reports tell us that Tim recently did a voice-over for a Purina Dog-Chow commercial . . . don't ask,
we don't know. Not enough? Well, unconfirmed rumors tell us that there will be a "Duckman" CD-ROM game, and that Tim *might* be a part of it. Cool, eh? Well, all of that, is nothing compared to this. What would you say to a little Tim, every week (well okay, a little *more* Tim, every week???) Well, we are told that Tim Curry will be starring in a new sitcom called "Over the Top". The show is presently being developed by ABC (who won't confirm a damn thing!) However, we know the pilot has been shot, and if we're lucky, they'll order a whole stack of episodes. The most we know is that Tim plays an out-of-work actor (think he can relate? :-)), and that it appears to be set in Pennsylvania. Hmmm, I wonder if *they'll* have a Rocky Horror crossover.

Closing Comments

Midnight insanity would like to thank the Art Theatre Management and crew, for allowing us to perform here *every fucking week*; the Management and crew of the Woodland Hills theatre (Topanga), same reason; The Drew Carey Show cast and crew, for being so nice and actually *paying* us to do Rocky :-); the cookie lady, for bringing us goodies every week *and*, for telling me about the Bugaloos . . . my God, that was cool!!!; Shorehouse Caf‚, for the grub; and as always, YOU, our audience, who come down to see us perform *every fucking week*, and can't wait till the Convention gets here!!!


"Minutus cantorum, minutus balorum,
minutus carborata descendum pantorum."
(A little song, a little dance,
a little seltzer down your pants.)
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