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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume IV, Issue 7
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
July 29, 1995
In the Heat of the Night

Old man Winter is on serious vacation as the blistering heat turns days into infernos and even the nights are still sauna-weather. Luckily, Midnight Insanity has a solution. Tonight, is, of course, Lingerie Night, one of our more favored traditions. The less you wear, the cooler you are (though everyone else around you may get a little warmer). NEXT WEEK is our "Baywatch Beachwear Night". As David Hasselhoff is rumored to be a future Dr. Frank-N-Furter in an L.A. revival of the "Rocky Horror Show" (the play), we thought we would take an opportunity to encroach on a little of his turf ourselves! Come dressed in your favorite beachwear, extra points for "Baywatch" character accuracy!

Dress You Up

You asked, we listened, Midnight Insanity is hosting a truckload of theme nights to fill out the calendar through the end of October. That's right, we want to see YOU in costume! In addition to the "Baywatch" night (above), we will also have a "Labor Day Weekend" special night (Sept. 2), where we expect you to come dressed as ANY sort of labor-worker. Be creative and remember, this is still Rocky, so you'll get more points for more, ummm, "daring" costuming!!! September 9th will be our
"Sock Hop 50s Night" -- all you "Grease" fans will finally get to show your stuff! October is the Rocky month so we have theme nights on EVERY weekend. We will feature another "Tacky Horror" night, coupled with "Terror in the Aisles"; a "Fetish Night", possibly a "Friday the 13th Show" (on Friday, October 13th, of course), and as always, our very special Halloween Weekend Show. More on these as we get closer to October. If you don't have a costume ready yet, better hit those thrift stores now!!!

Shades of the 20th

Also in October will be the the 20th Anniversary to The Rocky Horror Picture Show! Hosted by 20th Century Fox we WILL be there, and you should be too! It's coming up in only a few short months (countdown: 84 days), and already we've seen an increase in cast participation! This past month we've had guests from several different casts around the country!!! We were paid a visit from the San Luis Obispo cast (who left us a lovely thank-you note on the Internet), had guest performances from Kjell (Eddie, at the Nuart -- "Sins of the Flesh"), and Monique (Trixie, from the Berkeley cast -- Indecent Exposure). We've also seen various cast members and audience from the Monclair theatre -- "The Denton Delinquients". Not to be outdone, Midnight Insanity has sent off several of it's

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own cast members to other theatres as well. Jeff, half of our crack Pre-Show team (the non-bulletproof one) has taken the weekend off to do a guest performance for the Berkeley cast, "Indecent Exposure" as "Riff Raff". Additionally, the rest of Midnight Insanity who went on a mini-cast-road-trip to the Montclair theatre last night. Two of our performers, Mandi (Columbia) and Jason (our Security, their Eddie) performed along with them last night. More of Midnight Insanity will be visiting Berkeley again this next month, and there is always the possibility of another visit to Montclair. See the cast if interested! The 20th Anniversary is scheduled for Saturday, October 21st. We are told that 20th Anniversary merchandise will soon be available at "Spencers" (thanks to our corporate spy, Diego . . . shhh!!!) Additional memorabilia may show up in and around the theatre in the upcoming months. Check Bev's table for the latest stuff!

Midnight Curry

If you'll all pull out of your Rocky- archives, the September 24th, 1994 edition of the Transylvanian Tymes, you'll recall that once-upon-a-time, I ran into a late night (Midnight) movie featuring our beloved Tim Curry. The movie is called "Times Square", set in New York (of course) and probably came out around 1978 or 1979. To make a long story short, my quest for a copy of this movie has ended. As I was unable to find it in ANY video store, a quick letter to KABC TV prompted them to REPLAY this movie, just for us! So, if you're a Tim Curry Fan (who isn't?) and you collect Tim Curry
Movies, set your VCRs for Channel 7, Tuesday, August 29th, at 12:05am (it's more than a month away, we'll remind you next month) . . . the movie is supposed to run approximately 2 hours. AND, if you have any other movies you want to see on TV, write to KABC TV (address is in the TV Guide) and ask them to show it in their Midnight Movie slot! I guess I owe myself a bottle of vodka . . .

Foiled Again...

A tentative re-opening date of August 1st for the famed Balboa Theatre (Midnight Insanity's original home) has fallen through. We are told that the sale of the theatre failed not two weeks before the Grand Re-Opening date and thus, the theatre is now back up for sale. Anybody got $550,000 to spare?

Closing Comments

Midnight Insanity would like to congratulate Bill (Brad, me) on his SIXTH Anniversary in Midnight Insanity, Leisa (Columbia) on her Fifth Anniversary in Midnight Insanity and John Downey (Midnight Insanity's ex-sound guy) as he is now the new sound guy that is touring with the band, "No Doubt!" I wonder if we were on his resume'? We would also like to thank the Art Theatre management and staff for letting us perform here *every* week; the folks down at Seal Beach Denny's (like Cara and Mauro), and Joe, our major-ultra-cool Denny's waiter who comes to our show; And, of course; our audience . . . demented as you are, we couldn't live without you (literally!)

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