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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume V, Issue 2
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
February 24, 1996
Double Your Pleasure

Greetings folks! It's February and we get two, count `em, *two* Lingerie Nights this month!!! That's twice as much flesh and flimsy "clothing" as a regular month! NO other Rocky show gives you that and all for the usual six bucks! That said, we hope you all had an enjoyable Valentine's Day, whether you were spending it with a loved one, someone you just met, or were just out shaking suspicious looking cars, parked in dark corners; whatever inflates your date. Anyway, welcome once again to Midnight Insanity's Traditional Lingerie Night!!!

Valentine's Day

Ah yes, the Valentine's Show. We had our Special Lingerie Night, and crowned another two people as Lingerie Contest Winners . . . will you be next? In addition, we had a Special themed "Trixie" for the evening, plus various additions throughout the show. We also had a Special Performance planned, but that got postponed till hopefully, tonight!

That New Performer Smell

Well, not exactly like a new car, but certainly a hell of a lot cheaper! Midnight Insanity has been adding new performers to
the stage as they are ready to go up. This month we were treated to a first performance (with Midnight Insanity, that is) from Steve, the Frank-N-Furter we picked up from our Rookie Night! Steve is also responsible for making us the "Rocky Muppets" from our 8th Birthday show last month, and also for throwing yet another cool party (which we'll get to in just a little bit). Steve did very well and we'll be seeing him again in the future. He even already has a Secret Admirer! We also got to see, Crystal on stage to try out for Janet. Crystal has been going to our show since mid-1993, just before our 18th Anniversary Convention, "Age of Consent". She has been a regularly performing Transylvanian and Betty Monroe and also recently got her tongue pierced. Okay, maybe you didn't need to know that, but it's too late now . . . Next month we will also be seeing Tracy try out the plaid bow-tie as he goes up for Brad!

Do It Again!

Yup, it happened again. Steve, that guy we just rambled on about as our latest "Frank" addition, held another party last Friday night. This one was to celebrate February birthdays including Crystal (the new "Janet" we just rambled on about), Jessica (who is also partly responsible for those adorable Rocky-Muppets), and Jackie (Miss February 1996). Much like the last, it

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was late night hours of music, games, and a host of other items we'll just not put down in print. We will tell you that we danced and sang to everything from Sesame Street and The Brady Bunch, through 80s music to Metallica. Talk about a diverse bunch. You really had to be there to get the full effect. Thanks again, Steve and we wait for #3!

Watch Verrrry Carefully...

As we move our Web site . . . yes, it's as inevitable as the changing of the tides (or the surf, I guess) as we had to move the Midnight Insanity Web Page from:
If you haven't been out there yet, go get on- line! There's tons of cool stuff (and I'm not just saying that because they're providing the full Transylvanian Tymes archive either!), pictures, bios, cast histories, pictures, 20th Anniversary information, pictures and links to other cool Rocky sites . . . and pictures!!! The Official Rocky Horror Picture Show Fan Club Web Site is also available at:
Again, lots of ultra cool pictures, cast information, Fan Club information, Rocky Horror history and all sorts of cool memorabilia and a whole list of *errors* in the film! Tons of fun, surfing the `net!

Star Watch

It's been a while since we kept track of our favorite stars, and this month's report is hardly complete. We *can* tell you that Tim Curry is featured in "Muppet Treasure Island" and on the new "Congo" pinball machine that just came out (he has
quite a few quotes in it). He also may be providing a voice in the Hunchback of Notredam, I'm not sure. Also, Susan Sarandon will be lending her voice to Tim Burton/Danny Elfman's latest effort, "James and the Giant Peach". She was also seen in an HBO Special about Gay and Lesbians portrayals on screen. I was also informed (though my memory on this one is a bit spotty) about The Rocky Horror Show starting up again (somewhere local) and starring Sandra Bernhardt? Sorry folks, that's what I remember, hope it's right!


Having nothing at all to do with Robert Urich or Warren Beatty, we are told that there will be a 21st Anniversary Convention for The Rocky Horror Picture Show, held in Las Vegas on the weekend of June 14th (which is a Friday). More details will be posted as we get them!

Closing Comments

We would like to thank all of our Lingerie Night contestants for participating in the show. We know it takes a lotta balls to get up here, though we still don't need to *see* them!!! As always, the Art Theatre management and staff for letting us perform here *every* fuckin' week. Joe, our ultra-cool waiter who comes down to see us on a regular basis. Kelly, for her years of effort as a Transylvanian and Janet fill-in person. Kelly has retired from Midnight Insanity. Also, for keeping our Diego smiling. :-) And last, but far from least (hey, there's over a hundred of you!) our loving, if demented audience who come to see us week after week.

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