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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume V, Issue 3
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
March 30, 1996

Do you feel April fresh? Greetings and Welcome, once again, to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. We are your home cast here at the Art Theatre, the World Famous, Midnight insanity! We'd like to welcome back all you regulars, and sneer (playfully) at all you virgins!!! With the weather warming up, Midnight insanity has a few changes planned, which we'll get to in just a bit. Oh, and yes, we're certainly fresh, but it doesn't have a thing to do with April.

Kristine, Angel!

It had to happen. All good things must eventually come to an end, and tonight, we bid farewell to one of our cast founders, Kristine. Kristine, and a troupe of Laguna Beach High-Schoolers founded Midnight Insanity way back in January of 1988. They began performing Rocky at the famed Balboa Theatre in Newport Beach. Through the years, Kristine has taken part in just about every event in Midnight insanity's 8+ years. From the 15th Anniversary in Los Angeles (as part of the Pre-Show), through our own 18th Anniversary Convention (and AIDS benefit), to finally the 20th Anniversary last year. She oversaw the transition from the Balboa to our new home, here at the Art. She has spent countless hours choreographing some of the best
Special Performances the World of Rocky has ever seen. She has been everywhere that Midnight Insanity staked its claim in this world. Her presence will certainly be missed. Kristine spent the last couple years performing the role Trixie, but tonight she gives you her farewell performance, in her original role of Magenta.

Iz Next, Svimvear!!!

Yeah we know, it rained this week. As erratic as the weather has been, a warming trend shall be upon us. With that in mind, Midnight insanity has decided to spend a little time on the beach. Well, actually, most of us wouldn't be caught dead at the beach, or anywhere with an abundance of sunlight, so instead we thought we'd bring the beach to us! The last Saturday of the month is the time to wear skimpy clothing. Few things are skimpier than the, er, "clothing" you wear on the beach. So come on down dressed in your latest swimwear! No David Hasselhoff look-alikes, please!

Tacky, Honey...

Oh yes, it's here again! April Fools brings us perhaps the most foolish night on Midnight Insanity's stage! Next week is our Tacky Horror performance! Think of it as cross- dressing, taken to far beyond appropriate extremes. Sometimes called "switch night",

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Midnight Insanity cast members have swapped parts for the night and will be playing roles you've tried not to imagine!!! As always, we urge *you* to join in on the fun. Dig out some clothes of the opposite gender and cross-dress with us on this ludicrous night. And if that's not enough of an incentive, how about a Special Performance? Come down and find out who gets shot!!!


The mystery has been solved! To answer that age-old question of, "What the fuck is a Magentr?" Well, apparently, it is the plural version of Magenta. Midnight Insanity, in about a two-month span, brings to you no less than *SIX* different Magentr on our stage. That's right, this includes our regulars, Becky and Amanda, a guest performance from Kym, tonight's farewell performance from Kristine, an upcoming guest performance from Julie, and next week's "Tacky Horror" performance from none other than Tiiinyyyyyyy Tiiiiim!!! So is Magentr really the plural version of Magenta? I dunno, go ask Webster . . .

Viva Las Vegas!!!

Parties! Do those Rocky people do *anything* else? Well, this is that once-a- year bash (except for last year) where weirdos from all across the country come together and get even weirder. That's right, it's time for Rocky Horror's 21st Anniversary!!! And what a better place to hold it than the BlackJack capital of the world? The Las Vegas folks are hosting the 21st Anniversary Convention on the weekend of June 14th/15th. Midnight Insanity, of
course, will be attending. If you're interested, see the cast for details.

Taking the Fifth

Finally!!! This year, our own Susan Sarandon walked away a winner. A winner of an Oscar, something for which she's been nominated FOUR times before (1980's Atlantic City, 1991's Thelma and Louise, 1992's Lorenzo Oil, and 1994's The Client), and four times lost. The fifth time, 1995's Dead Man Walking, she finally won! This year, she takes the Oscar for Best Actress for her role as Sister Helen Prejean in, "Dead Man Walking". Mucho congratulations, Susan!

Closing Comments

We'd like to thank everybody who stood by us during a trying month; The theatre management and owners, for standing behind us and putting forth the extra effort to keep us afloat; Kristine, for all the effort she has put in over the years; Everybody who helped out with the "She's a Beauty" Special Performance, which finally made it to the stage for February's Lingerie Night; Joe, our ultra-cool "Waiter from Hell", who comes down to see us perform *every fucking week* . . . and puts up with us on Sundays to boot!; Julie (Happy Birthday!), our waitress at the Seal Beach Denny's, who we keep very busy with our after-the-show caffeine fits; and once again, our always faithful, extremely demented, loud, rude, obnoxious, they-can-take-my-Rocky--ticket-away- from-me-when-they-pry-it--out-of-my- cold--dead-hand, loving audience, who won't let anything come between them and their fishnets, Dammit (Janet)!

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