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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume IV, Issue 8
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
August 26, 1995
Endless Summer

It would be nice, wouldn't it? Well, it would for me if I had the Summer off, but such is not the case. Still, it's been a great summer and it's ain't over till . . . well, till after our picnic at least (see below). We bid good-bye to those of you returning to school and hope you enjoy one last Lingerie Night before we return to the land of (ugh) homework.

Top of the Ninth

If you're lucky enough to have a few weeks of Summer left, well then listen up because we have a couple of special shows right around the corner. Next week is Labor Day Weekend, and we fully expect to see you in some sort of labor-worker costume. Be creative, and remember that this is Rocky Horror, so sex appeal is ALWAYS important! The following weekend (September 9th) is our "Sock Hop 50s Night". Just recently added by popular demand will be "Early 80s Night", which lands on September 23rd. Also, we're told Anne Rice will be doing a book signing for "Memnoch, the Devil" at the South Coast Plaza Mall in Costa Mesa on Saturday, September 9th. She'll be in front of Rizzoli's Bookstore. No time has been given yet, so keep an eye in the newspapers near the date and get there early to start a line!!! Thanks to Laura for the info.
You're Lookin' at an Ace!

Tonight marks a particularly special show for one of our hardest working cast members. By the calendar it was a little over three short months ago that he graced our stage for the very first time, yet now it seems like an eternity has passed. We are, of course, speaking of Chris, our new Frank. Tonight's show is his 10th performance with Midnight Insanity (if you count the "Phantom of the Paradise" intro, you get 11, or an `Ace' in Blackjack, get it?) For someone who has JUST made it into the double-digits, Chris has made outstanding progress in his role and he continues to show steady improvement with each and every show. We see a very bright future for Chris as Dr. Frank-N-Furter and are proud to add him to the crown jewels of Midnight Insanity. Congrats, Chris!!!

Park It!!!

It's here, ROCKYSTOCK weekend is upon us. Midnight Insanity invites YOU to come invade Mile Square Park with us, tomorrow, Sunday, at 3pm. Mile Square Park is located in Fountain Valley. Additional flyers are in the programs and additional information will be given during Pre-Show. This is a huge inter-cast Rocky event as we have also invited other casts

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and their audiences to join us!!! Come by and visit with the folks who have kept Rocky alive and helped us make it to the 20th Anniversary (more info on that when we get it!) See you there!!!

On the Dock of the Bay

It happened again . . . a few members of Midnight Insanity ducked out for a weekend in the Bay Area, Northern California, San Francisco / Berkeley. We descended upon one of the most beautiful cities in the world, saw the memorial tree for Jerry Garcia, done up only as those on Haight-Ashbury could; ate too much chocolate (Ghirardelli Square, where else?); hung out on Pier 39 (the Dock of the Bay, if you will), swung by Castro Street (where everyone is filled with . . . `gaiety'); and visited one last time (at least for me), our friends in the Berkeley Theatre cast, Indecent Exposure. If you have ANY opportunity to visit Northern California, may we suggest you not miss this excellent cast before they retire in October of this year? See Bill (Brad) for more details.

Fits you to a `T'

Have you seen the really cool "Midnight Insanity" shirts everyone's been wearing? Do you want to be one of the "Cool" people? Part of the "In Crowd"? One of the "Socia"s (or whatever that word was they used in the 50s)? Okay, even if you didn't, do you want to get worried stares from your teacher (well, more than usual, we mean)? Midnight Insanity is producing
another run of the latest Midnight Insanity / Rocky Horror T-Shirts. This will likely be the last batch of this particular design so if you want one, get your order in now! We also have plans for a special 20th Anniversary T-shirt, due out hopefully by late-September. If you're leaving for school, get in touch with the cast and we'll mail one out to you!

Tim Curry -- THIS WEEK!

Just a quick reminder that a VERY hard-to-find Tim Curry movie will be on THIS WEEK!!! The movie is called "Times Square", set in New York (of course) and probably came out around 1980. Tim isn't the main focus of this movie, but he still has quite a good-sized part. Set your VCRs for Channel 7, Wednesday, August 30th, at 12:05am (this means late-late Tuesday/early-early Wednesday!!!) . . . the movie is supposed to run approximately 2 hours. Note that this movie is only being run on local broadcast, so feel free to taunt your out-of-state (or out-of-L.A.-broadcast-area) friends. :-)

Closing Comments

We would also like to thank the Art Theatre management and staff for letting us perform here *every* week -- AND, for the fabulous `trailer' work; the folks down at Seal Beach Denny's (like Cara and Mauro), and Joe, our major-ultra-cool Denny's waiter who comes to our show; and the entire cast of demented individuals who regularly show up here week after week for no discernible reason (or at least, nothing the cops could get out of us anyway . . .)

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