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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume VI, Issue 9
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
September 27, 1997
Rock you like a Hurricane

Greetings and Welcome once again to Midnight Insanity's "Lingerie Night" special show!!! It's a long-standing tradition to get all decked out in as little as possible, and strut your stuff on the Art theatre stage for prizes, applause, and, of course, the loving adoration of drooling cast members. :-) We, of course, realize that the weather will start to cool off soon, so we've stacked up a ton of stuff for the *entire* month of October, just for your viewing pleasure. Details are below. You may also be interested to know that Midnight Insanity is *wanted*. We will likely be doing Special Performances during the week at various colleges, dance clubs and other venues. Stay tuned for more details!!! And now.

Tacky Horror

Yup, it's that time again!!! Next week, Midnight Insanity puts on something of a "switch night". Male and female cast members swap gender roles and perform on the stage like you've never seen before ... we'll be doing some of the oddest things you ever saw on stage, in ways you couldn't possibly imagine (and if you can, we *don't* want to know about it, okay?) Remember folks, this is a one-time event. No two Tacky Horror nights are *ever* alike, so this is not a show to miss!! On top of that, we're also featuring TERROR IN THE AISLES. That, of course, is a state secret, which no Midnight Insanity cast member will divulge the details of, without the proper ... er, persuasion. Be here to find out what it's all about!
Pimp and Hooker Night

Streetwalkers Unite!!! Midnight Insanity brings you, once again, Pimp and Hooker Night!!! If you've ever wanted to walk the boulevard in skimpy outfits, picking up strange men, or wanted to have your own collection of certain lovely ladies, now's the time to live that fantasy, on October 11th. We'll be here to assist you in any way that we can (yes, we mean *any* way). So put your outfit together and we'll be waiting with nifty prizes in hand for those with the best costume.

Monster Horror

The Rocky Horror Picture Show was the brainchild of one Richard O'Brien. He had this thought about melding 1950s Science-Fiction B-movies with a Rock-and- Roll Opera. The result, is what you see before you, having stood the time of 22 years of weirdoes just like you!!! Well, with Halloween just around the corner, Midnight Insanity brings you something new, Monster Horror!!! Come see your favorite Rocky characters morphed into monsters, ghouls and mythical demons for an evening of chilling horror! If that's not enough, we fully encourage you to join us by dressing up as your favorite monster!!! Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich do *not* count!!!

Weekend at Crim's

The last Saturday of *every* month is, of course, Lingerie Night. Next month, however, we wanted to add a little extra "oomph" to our traditional show. It has

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been a while since Mark Tomaino vacated the role of the Criminologist, but he'll be coming back for one special night, to properly exit from the role. What does that mean? Well ... didja ever see "Weekend at Bernie's"? Well, Midnight Insanity has our own special potion to reanimate the dead, and we're not afraid to use it!!! Of course, this brings us to.


Okay, so now we have some bad news. Midnight Insanity's advertised Halloween show, here at the Art, has been *cancelled*. Sorry sorry sorry, but it's the sort of thing we had no control over. We *will*, however, still be performing two venues on that evening. We'll be having our usual Friday night Rocky show at the Topanga Theatre in Woodland Hills (with that extra Halloween spin, of course), plus we'll also be playing to a huge audience in a theatre down in San Diego. We encourage you to join Midnight Insanity on the road, and will even find some discount tickets for your locals. :-) If you can't make it, fear not, Midnight Insanity hasn't bailed out on you. Nope, we'll be having our Halloween show on Saturday, November 1st. That's right, loaded up on gobs and gobs of candy, we'll be judging your costumes, trying to perform, and yes, eating even *more* candy. It's gonna be an interesting month ... can *you* survive???

Est. 1988

They say time flies when you're having fun, and Midnight Insanity would be exhibit ... er, 69. Yes, Midnight Insanity is only a handful of shows away from our 10th Birthday. Ten years of Rocky Horror decadence. Ten years of fishnets on stage. Ten years of harassing every virgin we could get our hands on (and even a few that we couldn't!) And yes, ten years of masturbation in the lobby (at no extra charge, we might add!!!) So, come join us for
the celebration of celebrations. Mark your calendars, call your friends, and yes, bring us a few virgins for Midnight Insanity's 10th Birthday Celebration!!! Our birthday, as always, is the third weekend in January (the 17th), and we'll be featuring ten years of Midnight Insanity alumni, plus guests from casts around the country. Don't miss it!!!

Don't Dream It...

Midnight Insanity is looking for *you*!!! With two theatres and a dozen some-odd performances in the next month (not to mention the 10th Birthday show around the corner!), we're looking to increase our firepower. That's right, more freakish weirdoes in strange costumes dancing the night away. Do you have a desire to be on stage? Do you like wearing spandex? (Yes, we need Trannies) Do you want a free turkey? Come see Midnight Insanity after the show, and we'll see if you've got what it takes to be part of the most World Famous cast in existence!

Over the Top

Prime Time is here and Tim Curry is ... er, not. Tim's new sitcom, "Over the Top" has been, postponed. Fear not, they've only pushed out the premiere date one month, so we *should* be seeing Tim's new show, on Tuesday, October 21, at 8:30pm on ABC (Channel 7). Cross yer fingers.

Closing Comments

Midnight Insanity would like to thank the Art Theatre Management and crew, for allowing us to perform here *every fucking week*; the Management and crew of the Woodland Hills theatre (Topanga), same reason; Denny's and Shorehouse Cafe, for feeding us, putting up with us, and allowing us to practice our aim; and, of course, you, our loving and faithful audience, who come to see us, *every fucking week*!!!
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