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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume IV, Issue 10
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
October 28, 1995
Amazing, isn't it? Twenty Years of Rocky Horror! Twenty Years of ditching your parents, dressing up in lingerie and costumes, and Time Warping in the aisles! Twenty Years of hanging out at Denny's till all hours of the night (and rushing home when the sun started to come up). Your own cast, Midnight Insanity, comprises almost HALF of that! Putting up with L.A. has it's occasional perks, such as the 20th Anniversary to Rocky Horror, which was held in L.A. this past weekend. Let me tell you, it was nothing short of stunning. A celebration to be remembered . . . at least, for the next five years until the 25th. :-) Midnight Insanity participated in every possible way, from planning to production to partying (of course) . . . and we'll give you the full lowdown in just a moment (or, at least as much of it as we can remember). For now, onto tonight's show.


Halloween, our biggest show of the year! An entire night set aside to dress up in strange costumes and become little candy bandits . . . and for some strange and totally unknown reason, they all come down here! Well, tonight's THE night to be here and we have all sorts of goodies planned for you. Costume contests (with the usual nifty prizes!), an exclusive special
performance (straight from the 20th Anniversary, mind you), and, of course, lots and lots of candy. Not enough? Well, on top of all that it's also . . .

Time Warp Weekend!

Yes folks, it's that time again. Daylight Savings Time returns and this time, it pays us back that hour it owes us (it's about time!) So, on top of being Halloween, on the year of the 20th Anniversary, no less, it's also Time Warp Weekend. You therefore have NO excuse for not Time Warping. Also, with the extra hour you'll get tonight, what better use for it than to go to Denny's after the show? We expect to see you there (on good behavior)!

The Rocky Fan-Club Party

The 20th Anniversary was truly a weekend to remember. Friday night took us to the Roxy Theatre, the same theatre where "The Rocky Horror Show" once played. The same place where Tim Curry himself strutted in heels upon that stage. This was the Friday-Night party held by the Rocky Horror Fan Club (you ARE a member, right?) We were treated to special performances from casts around the country (including one from Midnight Insanity, that you'll see tonight!), a video clip from Susan Sarandon

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wishing us well at the 20th(!!!), the long- lost footage for the song, "Once in a While", a song cut out of the movie, special appearances by Richard O'Brien and Patricia Quinn(!!!) . . . who had Elbow-Sex on stage, just for us!!! There were auctions for VERY rare Rocky Merchandise, and many door prizes. Door prizes are boring, you say? Well one of these was the door prize of the century. It seems Richard O'Brien had gone and visited Planet Hollywood, presenting them with props from Rocky Horror. They, in turn, presented him with a Planet Hollywood denim jacket. He then signed the back of it and presented it to Sal Piro, who gave it away as a door prize. One of our own security, Connie, won it. Connie is off tonight but we hope to present the jacket for you all, in the near future.

The Master's Affair

Saturday took us all the way to the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood. There's nothing quite like strutting around in high heels on Hollywood Blvd. Saturday Night included, karaoke contests, performances from a Japanese Rocky-Horror-ish band, and costume contests. Several of Midnight Insanity's cast members were finalists and winners! Finalists included Kelly (Janet), Amanda (Magenta), Mandi (Columbia), Ben & Tim (Rocky), Gabriel, Carolee, Phillip & Jennifer (Transylvanian/Trixie). Winners included Jeff (Riff Raff), Julie (Magenta), Toby (Eddie), Keturah (Transylvanian), Curtis (Frank -- from our 18th Convention, "Age of Consent), Monique (Rocky, plays Trixie for us on occasion), and Byron (used to play Criminologist for us). The highlights of the evening, however, were performances from Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn (or,
should we say, Lady Patricia Stevens!), Barry Bostwick, Dori Hartley and Sal Piro! Also, Midnight Insanity was one of two acts that performed on Friday night, who were asked to perform again on Saturday night! Additionally, Midnight Insanity took part in the 20th Anniversary full performance of the movie, which also included dragging along our enormous collection of props!

The Home Front

As exciting as the 20th Anniversary was, life was certainly NOT boring here at the Art Theatre. The month of October opened with Tacky Horror (switch night), which was followed by Fetish Night / Punk Night. We also sacrificed our youngest virgin ever (10 *days* old), Erik Richard Houch. We were also featured on the Stephanie Miller Show (with Richard O'Brien and Patricia Quinn), and are featured in the VH-1 Rocky Horror Special (see TV Guide).

Closing Comments

We would also like to thank the Art Theatre management and staff for letting us perform here *every* week; 20th Century Fox for putting together a package worthy of Rocky's 20th Anniversary; everybody who put forth effort at the 20th Anniversary, including Jen who missed all of it because she was helping us with props; Indecent Exposure, for over a decade of Rocky Horror . . . we wish you a fond farewell; Jackie for all her help, support, patience and understanding; Joe, our ever-faithful ultra- cool waiter at Denny's . . . who rose above and beyond the call of duty during our Tacky Horror Night; and last, to all of you for making it down to do Halloween in style!!!

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