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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume VI, Issue 1
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
January 25, 1997
One Step Closer

Can it really be *nine* years already??? Blazing a trail into the New Year, Midnight Insanity held it's 9th Birthday Show on January 18th, 1997, and we couldn't be more pleased. With almost 200 people in the house, that makes it our biggest show of the year (yeah, yeah, we realize it's January, but it was still huge), and some things are always better in larger groups. :-) We are touched, really very touched that so many of you would come down to see us *just* because it was our birthday and *just* because we had a Special Performance waiting for you, the "Rock and Roll Time Warp". Oh, and not to mention the legions of Midnight Insanity Alumni who joined us on stage, including Ed Santana (our *first* Frank on the Balboa Stage, way back in 1988), Dan Dye (our first Balboa Rocky!), Elmo (Riff-Raff), Leon (Pre-Show), Dave (our first Rocky, here at the Art), Cecilia (Props, Trixie), Erin (Balboa Lobby Rat), and, of course, long time favorite, Lance, who is still one of the best known Frank-N-Furters in Midnight Insanity history. We *do* hope you enjoyed the 9th Birthday Show as much as we did and if you somehow missed it, well, we'll be having our 10th Birthday Show, in approximately 51 shows . . . or, January 17th, 1998, for those of you with day-runners.
Historically Challenged

Whaddya mean you don't remember nine years of Midnight Insanity? Well, part of it probably has to do with our bi-theatre history. Midnight Insanity started at the Balboa Theatre, in Newport Beach, back on January 16th, 1988. It is often referred to as "The night we had all the parts covered by different people". That "tiny little baby cast" (as the Berkeley people, "Indecent Exposure" used to call us), has grown to become one of the best known casts across the nation and around the world (and you guys thought we were kidding about that "World Famous" stuff, huh?) In late-1991, Newport Beach finally managed to boot us out of Balboa, and left your favorite cast, homeless . . . a terrible, terrible thing. Luckily, we quickly found the Art Theatre here in Long Beach, and just two weeks ago, celebrated our 5th year performing at this theatre. Many thanks go to Mr. and Mrs. Linn (Theatre Owners), Roger (Theatre Manager), and the rest of the Art Theatre staff, for putting up with all our crap *every fucking week*.

People are Strange

Ya know, you gotta be really careful out there sometimes. There's weirdos just *everywhere*, wearing strange makeup,

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dressing in unusual costumes, and performing almost ritualistic dances known as "The Time Warp". Who are these people, and where do they come from? Well, hopefully you know who these people are by now (look around!), and as for where they come from, that will be *all over the world* (or at least all across the nation), come June 20th and 21st 1997. Yes, that's right, the 22nd Annual Rocky Horror Convention is coming to *your* back yard (figuratively speaking . . . unless we run out of hotel space) in just a few short months. Midnight Insanity is hosting this convention, and will be bringing the world to your doorstep. Details are in the lobby, on the Internet, and will soon be in the mail (get on the mailing list). You do *not* want to miss this!!!


Iowa??? What's out in Iowa? Well, apparently *something's* brewing . . . a few weeks ago, Jamie Greene, a 15-year old Rocky fanatic made the trek out to California, *just* to see the World Famous, Midnight Insanity. Can you imagine that? Folks out in Iowa know about us!!! Jamie presently performs "Brad Majors" in "The Time Warped Cast" and has taken many ideas back home with him, from props and costumes, all the way down to this newsletter! We wish Jamie and "The Time Warped Cast" lots of luck, and expect to see them all here for the Convention in June.

Touch of Death

For those of you who've been around for a while, you know Midnight Insanity has left in it's path a considerable quantity of
death and destruction, including things like Poorman's show, or the Stephanie Miller Show. However, up until December 31st, we'd never blown up a *building* before. Well, New Years' Eve was largely spent at Kristine's house in Dana Point, where, at the stroke of midnight, we watched as the Ramada Hotel in Las Vegas exploded and collapsed into a huge pile of rubble. Did we mention that this was the site of the 16th Anniversary Convention, back in 1991? Did we mention that Midnight Insanity performed there, putting on one of the best performances of the convention, as well as scooping up a costume contest prize or two? Yeah well, since we stayed there, it was only a matter of time before it came tumbling down, just like everything else we touch. Oh well, the curse continues . . .


Denny's is dead. Don't go there. Apparently, they got tired of cleaning up sugar-packet messes and folks showing up, but not ordering anything. We appreciate those who helped keep it going, while it lasted. Sorry, folks . . .

Closing Comments

Midnight insanity would like to thank the Art Theatre Management and crew, for allowing us to perform here *every fucking week*; the Management and crew of the Woodland Hills theatre, same reason; the cookie lady, for bringing us goodies every week; and as always, our audience (regulars know who you are!), who come to see us *every fucking week*, dance, sing, yell, and show up dressed for Lingerie Night!!!
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