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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume IV, Issue 6
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
June 24, 1995

Warm sun, long days, no school . . . yup, feels like Summer all right. We'd like to congratulate all you folks for making it through yet another year of school (special congrats go to those who graduated). We'd also like to welcome back all you folks from out of state colleges (Christie, Stephanie) and also the folks returning from the run of the Renaissance Faire. We look forward to the months ahead, as Summer is always a popular time for Rocky (heck, when isn't it?); with the increasing heat, skimpy-clothing becomes more and more a necessity for survival (even if we like it year-round). Since Midnight Insanity always has our audience's best wishes in mind (really!), we fully encourage you to wear as little as you like, so long as you're comfortable! Lingerie Nights (like tonight!) are an extra plus!

Doctor `X'

Speaking of "Welcome Back", Midnight Insanity would like to extend a hearty one to our returning Frank-N-Furter, Daniel. Daniel has performed with us in the past and was part of our 18th Anniversary Convention, "Age of Consent". Sharing the role with him is our brand-new Frank, Chris, who gave a stunning second performance on stage this past month and shows a lot of promise for the future!.
Toga! Toga! Toga!

If you ever wanted to see members of Midnight Insanity in their sheets, you shoulda been here on June 3rd when Midnight Insanity brought forth a highly successful, "Toga Night!" With the entire cast dressed in Togas, and an appropriately themed Pre-Show, the only thing left is to add a Denny's Waiter . . . which we had in a full blown Toga (Hi Joe!) It's certainly one way to beat the heat! We hope you had fun with it, and will let you know we have more items ahead!

Old and New

Who can get enough of cute young girls in short skirts? Yes, we brought back a second performance of "Sister Act", for all you perverts who love seeing our Transylvanians in Catholic School-Girl outfits (yours truly, included). We were also were treated to an absolutely stunning first performance of "Trixie" from Carolee (Transylvanian). If you missed it, stick around, we'll be having her on stage again sometime soon. Last, Midnight Insanity brings forth it's first squad of "Shout Masters!" Loud, obnoxious people here to make you laugh. Listen carefully, these are the people to learn lines from . . . and be sure to let us know when you're ready to join them!

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A Bump in the Night

Who says you can't get too much Denny's? The exact explanation hasn't been obtained, all we know is Greg (security), along with his girlfriend Toni (Transylvanian), made a graceful left-turn out of the Denny's parking lot last Sunday Night, gracefully jumping the center divider (a large cement island), and blowing out the front passenger tire. Now had they been paying attention, they would have blown the front DRIVER side tire (as is appropriate with the movie). Anyway, not seen in a long, long time, the Midnight Insanity "Pit-Stop" crew appeared out of nowhere (okay, Denny's) and helped to change out the blown tire. We ask you to congratulate Greg on his excellent driving skills and also to encourage Toni to continue to wear her sunglasses at night.

Indecent Exposure!

Midnight Insanity has scheduled a second trip to see the Berkeley Cast, "Indecent Exposure". Right now the number of people going are limited to those who can afford air-fare, but if you want to see one of the best casts in Rocky Horror history (before they disband in October), you might want to organize a road-trip of your own. We will be up there on Saturday, July 22. Hope to see you there!


You could say the "sources" have dried up for the moment, I haven't heard anything new on our favorite stars . . . so, one last time. Tim Curry is in the new movie, Congo, which is now playing in theatres. The
critics hated it, I thought it was at least entertaining . . . the latest box office totals seemed to agree with me. Tim Curry plays a villian (always seems to) with a heavy Romanian accent, which he does very well with. I'd say it was worth at least $3.50 (though I managed to get in for free :-) )

20th Anniversary

A long time ago (~20 years), in a city not particularly far away, people began to show the Rocky Horror Picture Show on the Midnight Circuit and audience members began talking back to the screen, dressing up in costume and doing "The Time Warp (Imagine THAT!) Our preliminary information has not changed but we'll reprint it in case you missed it last month (shame on you). For now, we're told that the 20th Anniversary is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, October 21 and will be held in LOS ANGELES (lucky us, huh?) Save your pennies, you won't want to miss this!!!

Closing Comments

Midnight Insanity would like to congratulate Bev (Merchandising) on her new role as Cast Advisor; and to Diego and Kelly, on their one-year anniversary (from when they met). We would also like to thank the Art Theatre management and staff for letting us perform here *every* week; various members of the Montclair Rocky cast for being so *damn* cool; the folks down at Seal Beach Denny's, and Joe, our major-ultra- cool Denny's waiter who comes to our show; And, of course; our audience . . . demented as you are, we couldn't live without you (literally!)

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