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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume III, Issue 9
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
September 24, 1994
Seasons Change

September is upon us, bringing with it, cooler days, longer nights, and an annoying little thing called school. Looking on the dark side, as long as you're there anyway, note that you're in a prime picking ground for dozens of new VIRGINs, many of which would make lovely entertainment pieces for our Pre-Show. We're looking forward to your future sacrifices.


As if any of you needed a reminder, the Rocky-est night of the year is just around the corner. We will, of course, be having that traditional Halloween show on Saturday, October 29th. In addition to it conveniently falling on Lingerie Night, we'll be having costume contests for your best (you know what we mean) Halloween costumes. We do suggest you arrive early for this one!

Luna Lovers

For those of you, fond of the silvery moon lofting in the heavens, we should note that our good friend, the Man in the Moon, was in particularly good form this past week. A Full Moon comes approximately once a month but according to ancient Chinese
calendars, the fullest moon of the year just passed on Tuesday, 9/20. Till next year . . .

Brush with Death?

A couple of our cast members had a brush with death this past weekend. Stories entail that on the way home from Rocky, their car swerved, hit the center divider, did a 360, rolled and hit a brick wall. Choose some or all of the above, what really happened, we're still not 100% sure. Suffice it to say, everybody survived and most have been released from hospitals. Whether or not this had anything to do with the full moon we don't know, but it might help to explain the 2 or 3 other cars who hit the downed vehicle AFTER everyone else got out. Ah, Darwinism at its best . . .


Thought that would get your attention . . . you've heard about it (several times) so now we'll get to it and shut up for another year. September Birthdays include Big John (Enforcer, 9/25), Bill (Brad, 9/30), and (in an official warning to the world at large), Leisa's (Columbia, 9/27) 21st birthday. We'd also like to wish a Happy Birthday to Meatloaf, who's birthday also

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falls on 9/27. Pending October Birthdays include Cecilia (Props, 10/4) and Jan (audience, 10/5).


Just how many true thespians there are in our cast is still unknown, but, a number of past and present Midnight Insanity cast members have been stretching beyond Rocky Horror and the safe confines of the Art Theatre; and are putting on a play. William Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" is now showing in the Dana Point area (waaaay South Orange County). The cast includes Kristine (Trixie), Axel (old-Pre-Show), Dave (old- Rocky), Victor (old-Fall Guy), Cecilia (Props) and Jaimes (old-Dr. Scott/Videographer). The play is now being shown at La Plaza Park in Dana Point Plaza. Showtimes include Sunday (tomorrow), 9/25 at 1pm as well as next Saturday and Sunday (10/1 & 10/2), also at 1pm. This is an outdoor affair (aaahhhh, sunlight!) and is set in a picnic- like atmosphere. Feel free to bring food, chairs, etc.

Star Watch

Hey, Nell fans, if you're gonna be in the New York area, you may want to check this one out: "You Should Be So Lucky", by Charles Busch, starring Charles Busch, Julie Halston, (Little) NELL CAMPBELL, Stephen Perlman. Runs 10/19 - 11/20 at "Primary Stages". Synopsis: "Drag diva Charles Busch has left his fabulous gowns behind for his first role in trousers. In his new work, he plays a gay electrolysist who has a
Cinderella-like knack for stumbling upon good fortune." . . . sounds interesting! Tim Curry has also been spotted, this time on late-night TV in an ABC "Midnight Movie" (does this guy do films at any other time?) The movie is called "Times Square", set in New York (popular place) and probably came out around 1978 or 1979. I managed to tape part of it but didn't get the beginning OR the ending. Since most video stores have long since forgotten about this flick, anyone who can supply me with a copy would earn my undying gratitude (and possibly a bottle of Vodka--movie tie-in, no I'm not a lush)!

Transexual, Transylvania!

For those of you wondering just what it's like on the moon drenched shores of Transexual, Transylvania, we'd like to direct you to the merchandise table where one fan has written "The Princess and the Mermaid", and tale about the Princess of Transexual, and makes for VERY interesting reading. The author, Laura, is the same woman who has created the Vampire T- Shirts, also available on the table.

Special Thanks!

Midnight Insanity especially thanks The Art Theatre management and crew; the Long Beach Police Department (really!) for all their help; Diego, for bowling FIVE strikes in a row and proving that you can save a dying score, 44, to end up at 178. and last, but certainly not least, you, our faithful, enduring audience, just because you're all a bunch of nuts, but we love you anyway.

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