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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume III, Issue 1
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
January 29, 1994
Greetings and welcome once again to the Art Theatre of Long Beach for Midnight Insanity's first Lingerie Night of 1994! (Oh, it's also Super Bowl Sunday, aren't you thrilled?) First and foremost, the headline quote. Yes, I'm quite the pinball freak and no, I won't be pelting you with a different quote from a different pinball game every month. This one just seemed to be appropriate. For those of you still don't entirely know what's going on, the Transylvanian Tymes is the cast intermittent newspaper. Expect to see one every Lingerie Night (one issue per month), assuming we stay on schedule. We're also mucking about with the format a bit, hope you like the new look. With that said, onto the news . . .

The biggest news of the month, of course, was Midnight Insanity's SIXTH Birthday Celebration! For those of you interested in M.I.'s view of the Earthquake, well, you can just skip on to the next section. For the moment, however, we're going to tell you about our sixth birthday before we get to the more mundane items like an Act of God. January 15th, 1994, Midnight Insanity broke more new ground (hey, this does kinda sound like an earthquake report, huh?) with an entirely new Time Warp, choreographed by Leisa (Columbia) with the help of the Transylvanian Squad. A lot of hours went
into the production and despite minor technical difficulties, the performance came off rather nicely. Other show highlights included Axel's Japanese-lipsync version of the rules and an impromptu performance of "Superheroes". No, it wasn't up to M.I.'s usual performance standards, but what do you expect with a two-second warning? Anyway, we hope you enjoyed the show, and if you missed it, shame on you! Better write it down in your appointment book now, M.I.'s 7th is scheduled for January 21, 1995!

At the same time we were celebrating our sixth year, a sad occurrence was happening at a nearby theatre (no, no, the Earthquake news is in the NEXT section, this is Rocky stuff). The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the South Bay Galleria (in Redondo Beach) was closing its doors after being open for almost 4 years. In the world of Rocky, we are always saddened by the closing of a theatre, all the same, we are very happy to see all the new faces and would like to welcome incoming folks from South Bay.

Earthquake!!! (happy now?) Nothing like a nice 6.6 temblor to start off a Monday morning. Midnight Insanity was shaken out of their beds, ran into the halls naked, and tied up phone lines like all stupid people do in an emergency. To be fair, a lot of us live safely behind the "Orange Curtain" and as soon as we knew the epicenter was

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up in the L.A. area, we decided that it was open season on the Orange County phone lines. For the most part, O.C. residents suffered little or no damage, aside from rattled nerves. Some L.A. residents suffered major damage. One person commented that his kitchen was 6 inches deep in broken glass and that a complex down the street, formerly two buildings separated by a hallway, now formed a nice triangular hallway since the two buildings were now leaning on each other. Another person commented on the sheer novelty of coming down to Rocky and being able to flush the toilet (she used it nine times while she was here). Who said Rocky was all about sex anyway? Oh yeah, it *IS* Lingerie Night, sorry. Also, Midnight Insanity would like to thank you all for the generous donations made last week. We are in the process of donating $25 to the American Red Cross. While it doesn't sound like much, remember that every bit helps and we sincerely appreciate your support.

Party Party Party! Midnight Insanity has been making a fairly decent habit of partying down in Dana Point. Rest assured, we have no plans on moving, but the new house is just so damn cozy, it's hard to stay away when a party is afoot. If you're interested in the details, after the New Year's party (see last issue), we bade Scotty E. a farewell as he packed up and headed for Kentucky, joining America's Armed Forces. For those of you who were present at the hair-cutting and thought that was depressing, we're quite sure it's a lot shorter now (read: bald). Last we heard, he's been in Basic Training for a couple of weeks. Don't worry though, he'll be back in
about three years. We also held a surprise birthday party for our own Riff-Raff, Jeff, who turned 23 this year. Leave it to Jeff, however, to take off for Venice on the day of his party, despite the protests made by Kristine who went through all the work of dragging the cast down to the house, just so we could sit around and say, "So . . . where's Jeff?" Now, if you've been paying attention, you'll remember that is IS a cozy house so we managed to amuse ourselves till they arrived. Anyway, make Jeff happy and ask him about his new Riff-Raff lighter.

Remember that next month comes the dreaded "Valentine's Day", the world's most sadistic holiday (general consensus), unless you happen to be one of the lucky few. We encourage you to come spend the weekend with us, February 12th when we will be featuring our own version of "Cupid", amongst other little surprises.

We still plan on resuming the cast member profiles in the future. Again, send suggestions to the P.O. Box listed in the program and address it to "Transylvanian Tymes Editor". Thanks!

Ah, my own private paragraph. Don't you just love being the editor? I'd like to thank Sarah for the lovely, lusty fan mail. Sarah and her friend Michelle (fondly known as S&M), travel all the way from San Diego to see us, talk about dedicated fans!!! Also, I'd like to proclaim John (ex-Sound Guy) as God-of-the-Month, as he provided me with all 93 episodes of "SOAP", which really made my month (and January NEEDED it!)

Didja know that if you use a bigger font that you don't have to write as much? Hey, I guess I *did* learn something in school after all. Till next month . . .
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