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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume V, Issue 4
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
April 27, 1996
Flame On!

The weather is warming up, daylight hours are getting longer, and some fool is running down the street with a lit torch in their hand (and you thought running with scissors was dangerous). You read that right. In only a couple of hours from now, and only a couple of miles away, the Olympic Torch Bearer will be passing through our city, right about the time we go to Denny's. Have they no respect for the tired and hungry, fishnet-wearing folks at The Rocky Horror Picture Show??? Well, given that we *are* the World Famous Midnight Insanity, and this *is* the place to be on Saturday Nights (especially Lingerie Nights!), I suppose we really can't blame them. We would say that all you hairspray fanatics should take extra caution on the way to Denny's.

April Showers

Yes, I suppose some showers *would* come in handy putting out that running torch. It was a fun month, with switch nights (which we'll get to in just a second), guest performances, and, of course, an awful lot of Time Warping (some of it not even our doing); all the usual going- ons here at the Art Theatre. Tonight is, of course, our favorite show-of-the-month, Lingerie
Night! We invite you to come mount the stage with us!

Tacky Horror

Did you miss it? Tell me you didn't! Tacky Horror typically only comes once a year, though we slipped in two last year. Our April Fool's joke on, I mean, for, you was where we don each other's costumes and swap roles on stage. As fun as it sounds, it's nothing quite like being there. Our opening Trixie number alone was worth the price of admission. Daniel (Transylvanian) put on such a stunning Trixie performance that we plan to bring him back; just as soon as we all get a chance to catch our breath. Brad and Janet were played by Amanda (thumbing her nose at political correctness) and Diego (a staple in *any* Tacky Horror performance!); we had a dual Riff-Raff set consisting of Mandi and Jen (Props); Tiny Tim performed as one of the scariest looking Magenta's we've had in quite a while; Chris was our sparkly disco- ball Columbia (can you be your own groupie?); Jen (Janet) performed as Eddie (I guess she does have those biker genes in her somewhere); Becky came in as the perennial Rocky Smurf; Suzanne rode the wheelchair of Dr. Scott; Steve performed as one of the sexiest Criminologists you could imagine . . . and Keturah blew us all away with one of the best first-time Frank performances we've

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seen in a long time (trust us, she's been rehearsing in her mind for years). Not to be outdone, the Trannie squad showed up in varying costumes from Snow White to a possessed Easter Bunny (I have pictures). It was a show not-to-be- missed, unless you were a virgin and came away far more confused than you were when you started. If you did miss it, well, it'll either be next year, or, the next time we feel like it.

Corporate Rock-y?

It never fails. People get all jazzed up about something, and someone else wants to make a pile of cash on it. In this case, it's on that mega-flop, "Showgirls". MGM/UA is feverishly attempting to turn it into the cult film of the 90s. The movies come complete with people who hand out props, give you cheat sheets, and have even attempted to hire Sal Piro!!! It is truly a sad thing to see them try to *manufacture* the pure magic of cult following to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Considering how badly they want "a piece of the Rocky Horror action", I would suggest that if any of you were to go to see Showgirls, politely inform them of how many times you've seen Rocky Horror, call yourself a cult-expert, and demand to be let in for free. We, Midnight Insanity, may have more to say about this, at a later date. Stay tuned . . .

Party On...

Another Party? Well, this one is no typical party. This is Rocky Horror's 21st Anniversary out in Las Vegas, Nevada. And just where else would you to hold it? Various
members of Midnight Insanity will be journeying out to Las Vegas on the weekend of June 14th/15th. If you're interested, see the cast for details.

Not to Fifty!?

Rocky Horror isn't the only one celebrating a birthday. Our favorite Sweet Transvestite, Tim Curry himself, turned 50 on April 19th. What has Tim been up to? The reports we have indicate that he's down in Mexico filming "McHales Navy", which is supposed to be released around August. He's also in a film called "Lovers Knot" which is supposed to be finished, but no release date has been set. Another movie, called "It's a Miserable Life" is also finished, but it stuck in legal turmoil (great, huh?) Last, he's supposed to be a voice in a new cartoon show for Disney this fall, about the Mighty Ducks Hockey team. Not bad for an old coot, eh? If you're on the Internet, subscribe to the Tim Curry mailing list! Send Email to "majordomo@usit.net" with the message text "subscribe timcurry-l <email address>".

Closing Comments

We'd like to thank the Art Theatre management for putting up for us *every fucking week*; Jeff, for his effort over the years as a cast Advisor; Allan, for taking on the roles as our new cast Advisor; Joe, our ultra-cool waiter who still comes to see us *every fucking week*; Julie, our cool waitress who puts up with us after the show at her Denny's; and as always, our faithful, demented, loving audience, who have come to see us for *eight* fucking years

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