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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume III, Issue 8
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
August 27, 1994
Time Warp?

In the past month or so, Midnight Insanity took you back to the 70's for the Disco Inferno Show, gave you a touch of the 80's with the return of the old Balboa cast for Balboa Reunion Night, and tonight, we bring you back to the 90's for Midnight Insanity's hallowed tradition, Lingerie Night!!

Disco Inferno IV

The fourth incarnation of Disco Night included scorching heat (a bad time for polyester . . . but then again, when isn't it?). We also had special performances from Deigo as Chuck E. Cheese doing Disco (really!) and an entirely female ensemble of the Village People, featuring Leisa, Mandi, Jen, Leda and Melissa. We'd like to tip our hat to those of you who came in 70's attire and reminded us of just how truly scary the 70's were.

18th Anniversary

August is kind of a special month for Midnight Insanity. A flashback to a year ago brings us back to Midnight Insanity's tribute to The Rocky Horror Picture Show as we held the 18th Annual RHPS Convention, "Age of Consent". Casts flew in from around
the country and joined us as we Time Warped the night away to Fan Club- supplied Tim Curry/Mealoaf/Susan Sarandon trailers to special performances from our various guest casts. In addition to the hordes of Rocky fans, the "Age of Consent" celebration also generated a $1000 donation to AIDS Project L.A. For info on the 19th, read on . . .

19th Anniversary

To the best of our knowledge, there are no local 19th Anniversary celebrations. The big one is being held in London this year, which is kind of a long drive by car. There were rumors of another Las Vegas convention, but plans appear to have fallen through. The closest we have come thus far was the Berkeley 19th Anniversary show last weekend. As more details are available, we'll be sure to let you know!


The month of August brings several birthdays (meaning of course that all their parents got real horny around the holidays near the end of the year). This month Midnight Insanity would like to wish a Happy Birthday to Mark T. (Criminologist), Toby (Eddie), Lance (Balboa Frank), Kimberly

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(Balboa Trixie) and Jen (Balboa Trannie/Magenta). In addition, we'd like to warn you of the upcoming birthdays in September (same set of horny people, just about a month later). Upcoming birthdays include Big John (Enforcer, 9/25), Bill (Brad, 9/30), and in particular, Leisa's (Columbia, 9/27) 21st birthday. We should also note that Leisa shares her birthday with none- other than her Eddie . . . the real one, Meatloaf, who was also born on 9/27.

Get a Life?

Midnight Insanity cast members do have something closely approximating a life outside of Rocky. Some such events include the Berkeley trip last weekend, where myself and ex-cast member Byron visited our long- distance groupie, Lisa, and toured around San Francisco. Other events include the "Much Ado About Nothing" Shakespeare play being put on by many cast members, most living in the southern portion of Orange County. Last, several cast members have gone off to see Tori Amos perform in Irvine this evening, bringing Shawna to our stage as our Magenta.

Star Watch

So what have the stars been doing lately? Our network of spies have discovered that Anne Rice has a new book coming out called "Taltos: Lives of the Mayfair Witches". Now while Anne Rice is not a star of Rocky Horror, the person narrating the book-on-tape most certainly is, Mr. Tim Curry himself. Look for it! Susan Sarandon's
most recent movie is, of course, the Client, which should still be in theatres. Meatloaf has recently been putting on performances in the southland. Reports from fans at the show say his performance was absolutely spectacular. Unfortunately his concert did NOT get rave reviews from the L.A. Times which basically said Meatloaf seemed tired and trying on stage. In any event, the fans had fun, and perhaps this will give us a better chance at getting him in the next Rocky Sequel.

Time Warp Again?

As early as February 1990 (that I know of), they've been chattering about another sequel to Rocky (not Shock Treatment). Recent news mentions that the sequel may be back on, presently titled "Time Warp II: Lost in the Time Warp". So far that's really all the information we have, except to say, "Don't hold your breath", we've heard it all before.

Special Thanks!

Midnight Insanity especially thanks The Art Theatre management and crew, for putting up with us, letting us perform here EVERY FUCKING WEEK; AND, for bowling with us. Also (once again), for getting us these comfy new chairs (we mean it this time!) Moonbean, for their couches, their hospitality and for staying open late, just for all of us. And last, but certainly not least, you, our faithful, enduring audience, for braving the heat to "Be It", in the theatre.

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