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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume V, Issue 8
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
August 31, 1996

Just a minor . . . distribution problem last month. We *did* have the Transylvanian Tymes ready to go . . . really we did!!! But, well, we ran into some difficulties. First, they were forgotten, then they were at someone's house, then they were here, but I forgot to pass them out (bet you thought the power-outage was one of them, huh?) Given the "three strikes" rule, we decided to pack `em away and serve you all up a double- whammy this month, don't you feel special??

Lingerie Night

Geez, *HOT* enough for you out there??? Yes, August was just *blazing* away at the ol' mercury this month . . . except if you're in Northern California, where it's considerably cooler. Since we're not, we'll just have to find another way of dealing with the heat, right? And that just makes our traditional Lingerie Night show, even more attractive. Sure, dress in next-to- nothing, see if we care? Ventilate your clothing, make those incredibly strategic cutouts, go ahead! And be sure to come and strut your stuff on our stage. Of course, you don't really need an *excuse* to hang out in your skivvies, but we'll give you one just the same. At least here, if you're hot, you've got a damn good reason! :-)
Fairy Tail

If ever we had a need for Tinkerbell and her infamous closing-of-a-show wand, it would be at next week's show as we bid farewell to one of Midnight Insanity's all- time favorites. Next week will mark the farewell performance of our long-time Columbia, Leisa. Leisa started in our cast many, many years ago, in 1990 at the Balboa Theatre . . . just a few months before the 15th Anniversary. Her rise to fame was quick as she immediately took "Best Dressed Transylvanian" at the 15th Anniversary, getting perfect scores from all the judges, and making Tim Curry's mouth drop! The years that followed would lead her to becoming our Columbia, and gave her an opportunity to really shine. She has performed at literally *every* convention (in the US) since the 15th, and has one of the longest standing track records as a regular performer with Midnight Insanity. Her talents don't stop there, she has helped choreograph and direct both the main show (Transylvanians), as well as multiple Special Performances, some almost single-handedly (Madonna's "Like a Virgin" and Little Nell's "Fever"). From Midget Transylvanian to Rap-Star Columbia, Leisa has always been a stellar performer, and someone who even six years later, is still doing Midnight Insanity caliber performances. She will be greatly missed, and we hope you will make a special

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stop here, next week, to come and see her Leisa's final performance.

Something Different

We're you here last week? Yeah, I know, I should talk, but then, things wouldn't quite have been the same. Last week marked a most unusual show, and I have to say, I really wish I could have been here to see it. Features from the last show had Leisa doing her final Trixie for us, which had Jamie filling in the role of Columbia, her virgin performance on our stage. Mark B. filled in LaVar's shoes as Riff Raff (a Handyman). Steve performed as Dr. Frank- N-Furter which freed Chris to perform Brad Majors in my absence . . . and an impressive performance, or so I'm told (haven't seen the video just yet). Fear not, all your regulars will be returning tonight, but you may see more of these alternative performers, in the future.

Mayor Asshole

Yes, you read that right, and no, it doesn't have a thing to do with the city of Long Beach (see below for *that* story). It *does*, however, have to do with a new show called "Spin City", starting this fall on ABC (Channel 7 for you channel-surfers), and featuring none other than Barry Bostwick as the Mayor, and Michael J. Fox as the Deputy Mayor. As far as we know, this is a *regular* weekly role, not like Tim Curry's part in Earth 2, where he got killed off. :-( No wonder that series died! :-) "Spin City" is scheduled to air on Tuesdays from 9:30pm till 10:00pm.
Tolerance March

A day of tolerance . . . yes, well, apparently some dipshit council-member in the city of Long Beach thinks Gays are "less than people" and "shouldn't be given the right to marry", in fact, he feels gays deserve "no rights at all". Nice guy, huh? Unfortunately, I am not the best person to ask about these sorts of things. There are definitely those who are better equipped to answer any questions (including knowing the name of the aforementioned council- shithead); and while I can't speak for M.I. as a whole, I can tell you that Diego and I did go down to take part in the march, and there we saw Leda (former Transylvanian and still favorite lesbian), as well as several audience members (Jan, Mariah), some who were only visiting from Tennessee (Julie- Anna)! Given that Rocky Horror is traditionally made up from the outcasts of society, we appreciate the masses standing up to protect the rights of any individual are infringed upon. We would also encourage you let us know should other such events arise.

Closing Comments

Midnight insanity would like to thank the Art Theatre Management and crew, for allowing us to perform here *every fucking week*; Joe, our ultra-cool Denny's waiter who still comes down to see us *every fucking week*; the crew at the new Los Alamitos Denny's, for giving us a new Saturday night place to crash; everybody who comes down for my birthday next month (Sept. 28th!!) and as always, you, our yelling, dancing, screaming, and virgin- catching audience
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