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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume VII, Issue 8
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
August 29, 1998
Lazy Days of Summer

Been enjoyin' the lazy days of summer? Best do it while you can, as August is quickly coming to a close... Of course, you know what that means, right?? Lingerie Night!! Yes, it's time again for Midnight Insanity's traditional dress-up-in- your-skivvies-and-prance-around-on-stage-- show!! Will Jessica take home the trophy three months in a row?? It's up to YOU to give her some competition, so mount the stage and strut your stuff!!


So, if half-naked people running around isn't your idea of fun, well, you should really seek help. :-) But seriously, perhaps you should have been by last weekend when we had the first Midnight Insanity "Alien Night", complete with Klingons, green- skinned women, aliens with eyes on their toes, aliens with light-bulbs on their heads; and even some well dressed illegal aliens, like "Ed-a-la-hara", the gal in the traditional Chinese dress, and Bob, who looked enough like our favorite Pre-Show Canadian that it made his own girlfriend do a double-take!! It was definitely a fun night, but if you missed it, there's always...

Sexual Fetish Night

Bring out your perverts!! Next month, Midnight Insanity presents "Sexual Fetish Night" . on September 12th (that's two Saturday's from now). How do you do Sexual Fetish Night?? Well, first, find a way to, ummm, legally (you know, like in public)
represent your favorite sexual fetishes and then bring whatever accessories (including slaves) down to the show to hang out with the rest of us sexual degenerates. We'll be waiting for you...

RockyCon `98

Yup, it's only about six weeks away, the next Rocky Horror Convention is about to take place in the City of Sin itself: Las Vegas, Nevada!! Midnight Insanity will most *definitely* be crossing the boarder and taking this convention by storm, entering costume contests, putting on special performances, and participating in the movie performance. We've even submitted some photos for the "Denton High Year Book". The convention will be a weekend to remember, and given that it's not terribly far from here, we strongly encourage you to go. Besides, with us gone, you won't have anything to do here on Saturday night anyway. :-) The weekend of the convention is October 9th and 10th, so mark it on your calendar!! For additional information, you should call Megan Tabor at 702-434-8361. For information about the hotel (the Four Queens), call 1-800-634-6045. Rumor has it that the $51-a-night special room rate has filled up, but that may change, so call Megan for final details. Also being suggested is the "Binion's Horseshoe", which is located across the sidewalk from the Four Queens and has cheaper rates . call 1-800-937-6537 for more details. Oh, and one last thing, if you care to join us as a cast member, we're still looking for a few talented people ... see the cast after the show!!!

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House of Fog

Ever been in fog so damned thick that you could barely see in front of your face? Ever been in fog that basically stuck around forever and you had to feel around with your hands just to find the cheesy- poofs? Yeah, well, that was a lot like the atmosphere at a recent party thrown at Indy's house. Fog machines, black lights, lightning wheels, Weight Gain 4000, a couple of tents, and a hole in the backyard that nobody really knew just how deep it was. What was the reason for yet-another- party? Well, this one was a birthday party for Ed, Midnight Insanity regular and currently reigning "Truffle Shuffle" World Champion. Indy should also get an award for some of the coolest invitations. :-)


So like, what does VOLTRON have to do with the Rocky Horror Picture Show?? I'm glad you asked!! Word on the wire is that Sweet Transvestite, "Tim Curry" is lending his voice to "Voltron: The Third Dimension". Tim will be providing the voice for "Lotor", the villain (of course!!) Lotor is described as the "most dangerous inmate" at Bastille-12, the highest security lock-up. "Voltron: The Third Dimension" will premiere on Saturday, September 19th, at 11am on Channel 11 (FOX/KTTV). If you happen to be up that early on a Saturday morning, you can get your Tim-fix before coming down to our show, later that evening. :-)

Spice it Up!

Now, the "other" God of Rocky Horror, "Richard O'Brien" (aka the sexiest bald man in the world), also has his hand in a few projects. If you haven't seen it, "Ever After", the new Cinderella movie is simply excellent, and in addition to featuring the exquisite Drew Barrymore, it also stars our own Richard O'Brien as the evil "Pierre Le
Pieu". Although Richard "owns" Drew for part of the movie, "Ever After" is a PG-13 flick, so we never get to see anything truly interesting happen between them. :-( Ah well, in case you're interested, Richard also starred in "Spice World" as, who else? "Damien". Now if you've been reading the headlines, you know two Spice Girls are now pregnant. Coincidence?? Make you wonder, don't it??


For those of you who simply insist on staying out until the sun comes up, the cast *does* go to the Shorehouse Caf‚, after the show. If you care to join us there, we ask that you request a table on the left- side of the restaurant, as the cast room is now limited to cast only. Sorry `bout that but we're a poor bunch and simply can't cover the skipped checks left by some of your lesser life forms. Admittance into the cast room is cool, as soon as our bill is paid. See "Bob" as she is Queen of that domain.

Sex, lies...

In case you've been clamoring for a copy of Rocky Horror on video, we've learned that 20th Century Fox will be re-releasing the video on September 25th. This new version will include previously removed outtakes such as "Superheroes" (which you see every week here in the theatre), and Brad's deleted scene, "Once in a While".

Closing Comments

Midnight Insanity would like to thank the Art Theatre Management and crew, for allowing us to perform here *every fucking week*; the Shorehouse Caf‚, for feeding after the show; Indy, for throwing the "Ed's Birthday" party; and, of course, all of you, our loving and faithful audience, who come back to see us again and again (and again), *every fucking week*!!!
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