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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume III, Issue 7
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
July 30, 1994
From out of the primordial chaos from which all things arose, we present to you the return of the ancestors of Rocky, the legends of Midnight Insanity, and the dregs of Denny's. Tonight we bring you the old Balboa cast, on stage together for the first time in many years. Performers you've only heard about you will see here tonight, possibly for the last time, ever. Keep in mind that most have not performed in several years, and some have never performed with each other before. Much like the olden days of Rocky, chance was a pretty big factor in the evening's performance, and so it will be tonight.

Tonight's performance will feature an absolutely star-studded cast, beginning with Lance in the role of Dr. Frank-N- Furter, a performance that's been described as legendary. "All Hail, Queen Lance!" Kimberly, Lance and Kristine will all be doing parts of Pre-Show. In addition, Kimberly will also be performing Trixie (as Midnight Insanity's first Trixie, this seemed only fitting), and after a quick costume change, she will also do Janet, a role she also did for several years. Kristine and Elmo return as one of M.I.'s favorite Riff and Magenta pair "Elmo-Sex!", with our disco-ball, Leisa, rounding out the three as Columbia; and Robert returning as her Eddie. As Rocky Horror, we have Dave, our Jolly Green Giant of Rockys. We also mark the return of Jaimes as Dr. Scott (long-time cast videographer, writer of the
infamous "Dr. Scott" letters, and Penguinologist) and Kevin, the never-present Criminologist. I, of course, will be your Brad for the evening, my apologies to all the "Garfield" fans out there. We've also resurrected Transylvanians Wendy (choreographed our Time Warp with Kristine in 1988), Victor (ex- Foreign Correspondent), Diana (Kimi Wong) and Travis (Tiny Tim). As a special treat, we also present to you the "Virgin in White", Alysia X.

We'd like to take this opportunity to mention that this week marks Leisa's 4- year anniversary with Midnight Insanity, and this month marks both Bill and Diana's 5- year anniversary with Midnight Insanity (has it been THAT long?) For reference, Midnight Insanity is presently 6 1/2 years old.

Tonight is also Lingerie Night! Lingerie Night is always the last Saturday of every month and is your opportunity to join us on stage, slink around in sexy lingerie, turn everybody on and then leave them cold, and, in general, participate to your, umm . . . heart's content.

Time Warp with us into back into the 70s where Rocky was born as Saturday Night Fever returns to the Art Theatre of Long Beach!! Get out your platform shoes and your polyester clothes and dance the night away with us as Midnight Insanity once again presents the DISCO INFERNO SHOW. Burn-Baby-Burn at the Art Theatre on DISCO NIGHT IV, August 13th 1994.

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General cast news: Richard and Axel have taken a leave of absence, thrusting Kristine back on stage as our Pre-Show leader. Joined by Lance and Elmo, we've given you a little pre-taste of the Balboa days, but also mixed in a little touch of today's flavors with Jeff and Shawn. Auditions are still being taken, when we literally get ill, we'll know we've found the right people! See Kristine.

Starkly against Balboa, or actually Rocky tradition in general, Midnight Insanity has abandoned Denny's. Six years spent bouncing back and forth between Denny's (read: getting kicked out every few months), we've held a record at the Seal Beach Denny's on PCH. Recent weeks, however, have found the cast lounging after the show at "Moonbean", the new coffee-house across the street (my, how convenient!) So after the show, come visit with us at Moonbean, grab a cup of java, and forget all about how Denny's stole our logo (yes, we had it first!)

Last week marked the last performance for Julie, a long-time Midnight Insanity Magenta. Julie began with us as a Transylvanian in the Balboa days and moved on to become one of the most startling looking Magentas we've ever had on our stage. She is immortalized by the several scenes she performed with us in the Fox-TV RHPS production late last year. Julie is departing Southern California for the wine country with her fiancee', Jamin.

A quick update on extra-circular activities, Kristine has finally opened her store, the "EDBD" down in San Clemente. We encourage you to stop in and take a peek. It's a long ride so we recommend a large group to keep you company while you
pass the many drones on the 5 freeway. The cast continues to bowl with our top bowlers being Roger (the manager?!) for the guys, and Cari for the girls. Oddly enough, neither are official cast members.

Being out of the country is probably as extra-circular as you can get, I took three weeks off to visit China, the land of my forefathers. It was a fascinating tour into the country I'd heard so much about, and the sights I saw made much of the lore that much more real. I did send off a postcard but it appears that what should have taken six days to arrive ended up taking around 10 to 12 days. To be brief, China is hot, crowded and entirely devoid of pinball games. There is also NO Rocky to speak of. There were quite a few discos as well as a generous handful of karaoke bars. All in all, a worthwhile trip, but it's good to be back.

Special Thanks to: The Art Theatre management and crew, for putting up with us and letting us perform here EVERY FUCKING WEEK; AND, for getting us these comfy new chairs! Denny's, for years and years of service, we'll probably still visit on holidays. Moonbean, for giving us a new home with a decent lighting scheme (ie: not blinding). The "tree people" (you know who you are), for keeping up a very important Balboa tradition (ie: fucking with the locals). Everybody who contributed to the performance tonight, including those who dragged themselves on stage one last time, and those who donated costumes and supported the show. And last, but certainly not least, you, our faithful, enduring audience who make Rocky worthwhile at all . . . especially if you're in lingerie!

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