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The Transylvanian Tymes

Volume VI, Issue 12
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
December 27, 1997
Holiday Lingerie

Good Evening and Welcome, once again, to the Halls of Decadence at The Rocky Horror Picture Show!!! Midnight Insanity, your home cast, hopes you had a joyous holiday and that you got many neat presents. If any of such said presents are of the lingerie variety (and we hope they are!), we highly invite you to join us, once again, on stage for our traditional Lingerie Night!! Remember, Lingerie Night is the last Saturday of *every* month. If you missed it this month, start planning for January!

Santa Show

To those of you just recovering from the Holiday Season, Midnight Insanity's Xmas show was actually *last* Saturday ... tonight is more of an end-of-the-year celebration. Last week we had an abundance of slightly-twisted Christmas carols, chocolate covered cherries (thanks Mark!), Santa hats, little green bows, and the lovely T.C. decked out in a Festive Santa-style Trixie outfit. It's quite a refreshing change from your usual Mall- Santa's ... so we hope you didn't miss it. We also put bows on various anatomical portions of Beavis and Butthead, but that's another story entirely. We hope your Xmas was as enjoyable ... if not, we'll find a way to make up for it tonight.

Xmas Returns

The Holidays have a habit of bringing back to us a few old faces. Stephanie has returned to us from the "Land Down Under",
spending time in Australia, going to classes and infiltrating Aussie-MTV. This, of course, is all a part of Midnight Insanity's World Domination ... but you'll need to be here for the Birthday Show to see more. Stephanie's back just for a bit, before heading back to school (in Boston?), but as long as she's here, we'll enjoy her company ... especially the ladies (wink-wink, nudge- nudge). Returning also is Jen (Janet), who returns to us from Retail Hell (read: Christmas Shoppers). Enjoy her while you can, though, as Jen will be retiring in January ... but she WILL be here for the Birthday Show. Last, but not least, we have Allison, who joins us this evening for her first crack at Columbia on the Art Theatre stage. Allison comes to us from the Topanga Theatre in Woodland Hills (our Friday Night venue) and although she has only played Columbia a handful of times, puts on an impressive performance.

Birthday Show

Ah yes, the Birthday Show. You've heard about it for months on end, but it's not everyday that a cast turns 10 years old. Midnight Insanity has quite a reason to celebrate, since there are literally hundreds of casts who last a whole three weeks, and we've actually survived a theatre move (from the Balboa, here to the Art). Today, we even support TWO theatres, the Art and the Topanga Theatre. So, now we're down to the wire ... it's just a few short weeks until Midnight Insanity's 10th Birthday Celebration! This is a night of required attendance. Bring us presents in the form of your friends (especially Virgins) because we really want to pack the house. We have a

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Special Performance just for you, and lots of old cast members stopping by (in case you want to come visit some of your old favorites). If you want to show up in style, we suggest dressing up as the character of your choice. Failing that, anything skimpy will do (hope it gets warmer, though!) Anyway, Midnight Insanity's 10th Birthday Celebration takes place on Saturday, January 17th, 1998. Don't miss it!!!


Ten years you say? Well, if you're interested in a peek of what Midnight Insanity may have been like in the olden days, we DO have our Friday night show at the Topanga Theatre, in Woodland Hills. Here we have a crew of slightly-less- seasoned performers who work with far less glitzy props as we have here on the Saturday night stage. This, of course, is the roots to Rocky, the world of improvisation, and provides a stage for wilder imaginations.

Far and Away

In addition to the usual Friday night trek up to Woodland Hills, Midnight Insanity also infiltrated Redlands University this past month. Unfortunately, I was sick and couldn't make it, but I wanted to thank all the MI cast members who DID put forth the effort to drive all the way out to Redlands to put on a mid-week performance. Ah, such dedicated individuals.

We Want You!!!

Of course, that's really not new news ... but we're not talking Lingerie here. Midnight Insanity is looking for some high quality, slightly-twisted and fun-loving individuals to join us on stage. We're looking for a Rocky, a Criminologist, and several Transylvanians. Of course, it doesn't hurt to ask about other roles as well. If you've
had your heart set on mounting our stage ... well, come see us, and we'll see what we can do. Come see the cast after the show for further details.

Doom Runners

Okay, so he's been dissed by ABC (Over the Top), but that won't keep Tim Curry down!! Tim's latest project is a film called "Doom Runners" in which he plays the evil Dr. Kao. "Doom Runners" is a collaboration between Showtime and Nickelodeon, and is described by Tim as "kind of a Mad Max for kids". "Doom Runners" will be on Showtime on December 28th, and will play on Nickelodeon in 1998.

Alive and Kicking

We regret to inform you that a beloved cast member has had a quite un-jolly holiday season. Justin, who plays Frank on Friday nights, and does Security on Saturday nights, is recovering after a bout with a drunk, and a knife. The best information we have is that it involved a rather ugly misunderstanding, and Justin is lucky to have suffered relatively mild injuries. He is presently recovering at his Grandmother's house in Victorville, and his attacker is in jail. He says he misses you all, and hopes to return soon.

Closing Comments

Midnight Insanity would like to thank the Art Theatre Management and crew, for allowing us to perform here *every fucking week*; the Management and crew of the Woodland Hills theatre (Topanga), same reason; Redlands University, for allowing us to perform; Allison, for filling in as Columbia with us tonight; Denny's and Shorehouse Cafe, for giving us a place to crash after the show (and throw pointed objects); and, of course, you, our loving and faithful audience, who come to see us, *every fucking week*!!!
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