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Welcome to the Brad Majors Internet Shrine!

I started in The Rocky Horror Picture Show in July of 1989. By late 1990, I was playing Brad Majors. Not on an extremely regular basis or anything, so my exact start date is kinda hard to judge. By mid-1991, however, I was the regular performing Brad Majors for my home (and only) cast, Midnight Insanity (recently renamed to Long Beach Rocky Horror)

As Brad is my main character, and this is my Web page, I decided to dedicate a shrine to Barry Bostwick and Brad Majors. People love Richard O'Brien, they think Susan Sarandon, Patricia Quinn and Little Nell are sexy, and Tim Curry fans even have their own mailing list!

Yet, Brad Majors remains somewhat neglected. So, here's to you, Barry!!! There are numerous other Brad Majors/Barry Bostwick links (below), possibly better than this one. I'm going to call mine the "Shrine" anyway, mainly because I have the really cool torches. :-)

More recently, it has become a convenient home for the myriad of Rocky Horror Convention pictures that I have taken over the years. See below...

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