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"I don't think there's any doubt about that..."107k
"Yes Janet, Ralph's a lucky guy."39k
"Everyone knows that Betty's a wonderful little cook"51k
"Why, Ralph himself, he'll be in line for a promotion in a year or two"60k
"Hey Janet ... Yes Brad ... I've got something to say..."114k
"I really love the skillful way..."193k
"Life's pretty cheap to that type..."43k
"We must have taken a wrong fork a few miles back..."51k
"Well I guess we'll just have to turn back..."37k
"We must have a blowout!!"18k
"Dammit, I knew I should have gotten that spare tire fixed"78k
"You just stay here and keep warm and I'll go for help..."43k
"Didn't we pass a castle back down the road a few miles ... maybe they have a telephone I could use?"136k
"There's no sense in both of us getting wet..."38k
"Hi, my name's Brad Majors..."48k
"This is my fiancee, Janet Weiss"37k
"It's probably some kind of hunting lodge for rich weirdos..."70k
"Say, do any of you guys know how to Madison??"70k
"For God's sake, keep a grip on yourself, Janet..."41k
"It's just a party, Janet..."40k
"Well we can't go anywhere till I get to a phone..."54k
"Just a moment Janet, we don't want to interfere with their celebration"83k
"They're probably foreigners with ways different than our own ... they may do some more, folk dancing"122k
"I'm here, there's nothing to worry about..."61k
"I'm glad we caught you at home, could we use your phone? We're both in a bit of a hurry"154k
"We'll just say where we are, then go back to the car ... we don't want to be any worry"162k
"Thank you very much..."18k
"It's alright Janet, we'll play along for now and pull out the aces when the time is right..."76k
"Hi, my name's Brad Majors ...and this is my fiancee, Janet Weiss"98k
"Brad Majors ... this is my fiancee, Janet Vice ... Weiss ... Weiss? Ahem..."117k
"Hospitality, all we wanted to do was use your telephone, Godammit, a reasonable request..."224k
"Oh Brad ... it's alright Janet"59k
"Don't worry Janet, we'll be away from here in the morning"68k
"You tricked me, I wouldn't have ... I've never-never, never"85k
"Like this? Like how, it's your fault, you're to blame. I thought it was the real thing!"136k
"Hey, Scotty!"35k
"I told you my car broke down, I was telling the truth"81k
"Great Scott!!"29k
"Just what exactly are you implying!!"47k
"Good, God!!"37k

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