The Janet Weiss Internet Shrine

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Welcome to the Janet Weiss Internet Shrine!

Okay, so this *really* isn't a Janet shrine, but like so many things, "it amused me" to do it this way. :-)

Honestly, though, I don't know of many Janet-specific pages, so if you happen to have one (or know of one), feel free to Email me at <>, and I'll see about adding a link to your page.

The reason for this separate page is simple, I wanted to have a place to show off Susan's autograph. :-)

I got this by writing to Susan's publicist. She said that Susan wasn't making any public apperances in the Los Angeles area, but that I could have this autographed photo for my collection. :-)

In January 1999, Susan left her footprints in the cement outside the Mann Chinese in Hollywood, California.

Unfortunately, none of our Rocky cast members have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame ... yet!!

Some interesting Janet Weiss/Susan Sarandon links:

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