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Barry Bostwick at Rocky Horror's 20th Anniversary Convention

Ever since the 15th Anniversary, I felt I had to see the 20th. Five long years I waited, and the 20th Anniversary came to town. The convention took place across two days, October 20th-21st. The Friday night party was held at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, and the Saturday night show was performed at the Pantages Theatre, also in Los Angeles.

By rights, the 20th Anniversary to Rocky Horror should have been nothing short of phenomenal. However, without the push of a video tape release (like the 15th), and the late announcements of dates and locations, the turnout was relatively poor ... at least compared to the 15th. The only stars who made it were Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn and Barry Bostwick, though Susan Sarandon *did* send along a video tape, wishing us a great 20th Anniversary, and even said, "Don't Dream It, Be It!" Go, Susan!

Richard and Pat attended both nights. Barry only made it to the Pantages.

In contrast to the 15th Anniversary, video cameras were allowed and footage was shot up by multiple fans. The following Barry Bostwick speech was taken from video footage shot by one of the convention-goers, and transcribed by me.

    Date: Oct 22 1995, 12:11-12:15am PST

    I have a few things I wanna say to you, and I actually wrote them down. I'm so happy to be here tonight, because it gives me the opportunity to talk to a lot of very loyal supporters of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I mean I think, 20 years ago ... my God, 20 years ago ... the time that you guys have put into making this movie what it is. I mean you guys ... the hours, the hours you have spent, you know, standing in lines, up to the Midnight shows. The time that you spent, preparing all of the rice and all of the squirt guns and the, toast and all that stuff, ya know. The creative energy that went into coming up with all these sort of witty retorts. You know, and all the clever, the very clever names that you've, uh, given to all the characters in the movie.


    Fuck you too, okay?

    (more cheers)

    20 years, weekend after weekend, my God you sang along with us every night, you mimiced us just so brilliantly ... didn't you? You guys, you've worked so hard. And I just wanna say one thing, from the bottom of my heart...

    (puts on Brad glasses amidst cheers)


    (more, more, more, cheers)

    You guys have pissed away 20 years of your life, yelling profanities at a movie screen for God sakes!!! What have you gotten back, huh? You have gotten *nothing* back, they are stripping your souls away!!! Taking your spirit and your money, dollar for dollar these people up here are rich for God sakes! And they're taking money from you, from your pockets. Dollar for dollar, you are pathetic. Pathetic, you *freaks*. You're a bunch of freaks, bunch of perverts, a bunch of uhhhhh ..... *bizzaros!* That's what you are, bizzaros!!!

    (chaos ensues)

    I say, get a life!
Ya really gotta love Barry, what a guy! I've included a few shots of Barry at the 20th, as well as some other related shots of the 20th that didn't seem to go anywhere else...

Barry at the 20th, Saturday Night at the Pantages

Barry, Richard and Pat
Barry, Richard and Patricia.

Barry at the 20th
Just Barry.

Friday night at the Roxy

Outside the Roxy
The wall outside the Roxy.

Convention Info
A close up of the convention info.

The 20th Anniversary LaserDisc Recording Crew

20th LaserDisc Cake
A cake, for the occasion...

20th LaserDisc Crew The recording crew, consisting of "Midnight Insanity" (Long Beach, Art Theatre), "Sins O' the Flesh" (Santa Monica, Nuart Theatre), and, of course, Sal Piro.

Here's a close-up of the 20th Anniversary LaserDisc Recording Crew, here. It's about 200K, but you can make out a lot of faces this way. :-)
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