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Barry Bostwick at Rocky Horror's 15th Anniversary Convention

The 15th Anniversary was my first convention, and it was nothing short of incredible. It was held in Beverly Hills, CA, at the 20th Century Fox lot, Soundstage #14, on October 20, 1990. This convention featured the following stars: Tim Curry, Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn, Little Nell, Barry Bostwick and Meatloaf. This was my first big convention, and there was so much to take in. In addition to getting autographs, I was also performing as a Transylvanian. Parts of that weekend are still extremely foggy, just because so much was happening at once. In addition, video cameras were not highly common at the time, and it's not like they were allowed, anyway. So, the only footage I have of the 15th Anniversary was taken from the 20th Anniversary Rocky Horror LaserDisc. Here is what Barry said on stage at the 15th Anniversary:

    Now what I wanna know is, how many people out here actually play Brad Majors?


    Yeah right, yeah right, 2 percent, right? 2 percent.

    What is he, boring? What? What? What? Huh?

    Okay, wait a minute, all the people who play Brad Majors, I want you all to say (pause) along with me (puts on 'Brad' glasses) ... Dammit, Janet, WAIT! One, two, three, DAMMIT, JANET!!!

It's not much, but it's all I could find.

I did get to meet Barry, as well as get his autograph, and watch him plant a kiss on one of the Janets on-stage. :-)

Here's a picture of Barry at the 15th...

Barry at the 15th

If you have any more footage/pictures, please forward them!!

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