RockyCon '98 (Las Vegas) Pictures!!!

Angela Whitford
Carole Stueben
Carole Stueben in "Thriller" makeup
Charley Brown and Verity
Verity Witzeman (#1)
Verity Witzeman (#2)
Shock Treatment Cheerleaders
Cheryl and Ed
Christa and Bill
Debbie and Christa
Frankie and Bill
Jamie Keebler (#1)
Jamie Keebler (#2)
Jessica Feldman
Jessica and Bill
Karen Kenzie
Katy Harris
Lizzie Nell
Lori Timmermann
The Pink Invaders
Quad Princess
Shan-Shan Harding
Shan-Shan and Bill
Tera and Bill
Bill and Byron
Missy, Rocky and Tracy

"X-Files" Props:

Fox Mulder (FBI Badge)
Dana Scully (FBI Badge)
Dr. Scott (FBI Badge)

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